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Greetings. My website is not getting full width even setting up the bakery composer. I have not found a setting in Theme Options either. Can you help me?


To create a full width page, you have to select “Wide” for the Layout setting under GoGreen Options -> Page on the page edit screen.

However, the full width layout is only available for pages, you couldn’t set the full width layout for a single post and portfolio.

Also, you can choose the full width layout for blog page and archive pages under Theme Options -> Blog, choose “Wide” for the Page Layout setting.

Hope this helps!

Untitled Bro, can y tell me where this pop up’ s code , ty

I’m sorry for the delayed response!

That is a function called “gogreen_woocommerce_dropdown_menu”, you will find it in “inc/class-woocommerce-template.php”.

I bought the regular wpbakery license but the activate option does not appear, I sent a message to bakery support and they answered the following:

The issue is because the product license tab at your end is disabled by the theme author using vc_set_as_theme. You can get in touch with the theme author and get rid of the above code from the theme to get it back. Once done, you can then activate the plugin license.

Could you help me solve the problem?

You can add custom function below to functions.php in your child theme to enable the activation option:

function flora_enable_updater(){
add_action( 'vc_before_init', 'flora_enable_updater', 100 );

Hi, For some reason the row containing the second tab element on my homepage is overlapping the above row(s) on mobile device. Please see the screenshots at https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoBAVIWWn-_nfpkwqw0msSihMX4 I did not have this issue before. Only changes on my site were plugin updates. F.e. I have updated WooCommerce 3.6.1 but did fall back on version 3.5.8 because of some issues. The database however is still running on WC 3.6.1. What could be the problem for this displaying issue on mobile device?

This is not a WooCommerce related issue, but looks like a bug of the Tabs element on mobile device.

Thank you for reporting this issue, we will fix it in the next update.

Thank you

You are welcome :)

Hi i loved this theme, its avalaible in spanish or is there a way to translate it? also the colors are costumizable?

This theme includes POT file that allows you to translate the theme into other languages. You will find the instructions on how to translate the theme in the documentation.

Of course, you can easily choose any colors for the theme in the Theme Options -> Color Scheme.

Hola, tengo problemas con el editor de WPbakery, ya que al momento de editar y guardar no se guarda los cambios en el Backend y Frontend, tampoco puedo cargar y cambiar las imágenes. En este momento tengo instalado Wordpress version 5.2.1. Podria indicarme cual puede ser el problema?


Please ensure that you’ve updated the theme and all bundled plugins to the minimum versions as below:
GoGreen Theme: 1.3.4
Wyde Core: 3.7.8
WPBakery Page Builder: 5.6
Slider Revolution:

Also, it might be a cache issue. If you have a cache plugin, you may need to purge the caches after you update your pages and posts.

If it still doesn’t work, you may need to send us your web address so I can take a look. If it requires login credentials, you can send a private message in the contact form on the page below: https://themeforest.net/user/wyde#contact

Hi, Why does the Menu point to pages ending in /#title instead of /title? How can I resolve this? thank you

It sounds like you’re using a One Page site. You may need to disable the One Page Site in Theme Options -> Page to make it work normally like other multi pages site.

I am interested in this theme, but I need some additional feature like buddy press integration and app for this is it possible.

We’re sorry but the BuddyPress plugin is not included in the plugins support list. When using that plugin with this theme it will display default styles that might not fit the theme design and we couldn’t confirm that it will work properly with this theme.

Hello! I have a pre-sale question. In looking at your demo theme for GoGreen, I notice that in the page types, a template for “Delivery” is included, and that on that page, the template includes looking up zip codes for delivery. So my two-fold question is this:

1. Does this feature require an additional plug-in or is this feature included right in the theme itself?

2. For our farm, we need to be able to have customers choose which location (e.g. which farmers market or drop-off site) they would like to pick up their order. Would the “delivery” functionality cover this use case?

Thank you so much!


Thank you for your interest in the GoGreen theme!

Actually, this theme doesn’t have special template for delivery, the delivery functionality is based on WooCommerce plugin. The content on the “Delivery” page is just to show the information about your delivery service including FAQs.

However, the button “CHECK OUR DELIVERY AREAS” on that page is just dummy data, you may need to set a link so it might bring you to the “Market” page to see all market locations on Google Maps, or the “Cart” page to look up zip codes for delivery.

Anyway, here are my answers to your questions:

1. The delivery feature is included in the WooCommerce plugin. With this plugin, you can choose different shipping methods (e.g. delivery, local pickup) for different areas/zones. You can find more details here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/setting-up-shipping-zones/

2. By default, WooCommerce plugin includes only one location (local pickup), it doesn’t allow customers to choose which location they would like to pick up their order. You will need to install a premium extension called “Local Pickup Plus” ( https://woocommerce.com/products/local-pickup-plus/ ) to achieve this.

Thank you so much for such a thorough and complete response. It’s super-helpful. And thank you for creating such a beautiful theme. :)

You are welcome :)

Hi, It looks like there is a displaying issue with the QTY button of the (WooCommerce) products on my website (www.beleef-smaak.nl) depending on the webbrowser that is being used. See screenshots at https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoBAVIWWn-_ngRbc1SR9vftb_3Qg With Safari the +/- is being displayed on the right side of the button. With Mozilla you only see a line and with Explorer there is no +/- functionality at all. Could this be an issue with the Go Green theme?


Thank you for the web address and screenshots you provided!

On the Firefox, the increment/decrement buttons (+/-) should be on the right side of the input field as seen on your Safari. If you are using Firefox on virtual PC, it might not work correctly as a native app. Try installing Firefox for Mac to see exactly how it works. If you would like to try Firefox for Windows, you may need to check it on a PC to see exactly how it works.

With the Internet Explorer, the number field doesn’t include +/- buttons so it appears just a simple text field. You will find exactly how it works on those browsers here: https://css-tricks.com/numeric-inputs-a-comparison-of-browser-defaults/

Please don’t worry, I just tried it with my iMac and PC, your site is working properly with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer on my end.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your response. It did help (me stop worrying) :-)

You are welcome :)

i didn’t find woocommerce setting to setup my info and add new product

Please ensure that you have installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin already. You can find the instructions here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/

I am not able to add testimonial to from admin panel

it doesnt shows up the option to add content

can i have ur email id so that i can send login credential

Please ensure that you have updated the theme and all bundled plugins. Please check out the changelog here: https://themeforest.net/item/gogreen-organic-food-farm-market-business-wordpress-theme/16966736#item-description__changelog

If all are up-to-date but the testimonials editor still doesn’t show up, there may be plugin conflicts on your site. Try to deactivate the third party plugins to see if it works.

However, if this couldn’t fix the problem, you may need to send me your site login credentials so I can check it for you. You can send a private message in the contact form on our profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/wyde#contact

Problemas de instalación, ya intente todas las recomendaciones

Buenos días, adquirí el producto, en realidad me gusta mucho, pero he tenido problemas en la instalación, he intentado de todo, la versión de wordpress que utilizo es la 5.2.2 y mi versión de php es la 7.3, los parámetros los coloque como recomiendan en el documento guía, pero al final cuando coloco la versión demo, no carga ni media, ni config los pasos los llevo como recomiendan. 1. Instalo el tema gogreen.zip y lo activo. 2. Instalo los plugin Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder y Wyde Core. y activo lo que recomiendan en bloque. 3. Instalo el plugin DEMO gogreen-demo-content y lo activo 4.voy a opciones del tema, selecciono Main Demo y comienza a cargar.

El problema es que no carga ni el Media, ni el Settings

Ya cambie los parametros:
  • max_execution_time = 300
  • memoria_limit = 128M
  • post_max_size = 32M
  • upload_max_filesize = 32M
  • max_input_vars = 5000

It can take several minutes to import Media. However, some web hosting plans give you too little control and are very limited. Even you have increased the PHP limits already but it might not be able to complete the importing process. You may need to skip the Media option then select only Settings to import theme settings.

Anyway, if you would like you can send me your WordPress admin login so I can check it for you. You can send a private message in the contact form on our profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/wyde#contact

Hi i am getting this error can you please help me how to resolve this

Your theme (GoGreen) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:

Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version. If you copied over a template file to change something, then you will need to copy the new version of the template and apply your changes again.

That is just a warning message. If you are using the latest update of the GoGreen theme (1.3.4), you can normally use it with the latest update of WooCommerce plugin.

The new template files will be updated in the next update of the theme.

Hi, does your GoGreen Wordpress theme come with layered PSDs?

We are sorry but the PSDs are not included in the theme and not available to download. However, this theme comes with demo content and you will receive everything including images from the demo site.

Is there a support area or site for the themes ?

Here is the support page for this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/gogreen-organic-food-farm-market-business-wordpress-theme/16966736/support

You can also post your questions on the comments page: https://themeforest.net/item/gogreen-organic-food-farm-market-business-wordpress-theme/16966736/comments

However, if you would like to send a private message, you can send it through the contact form on our profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/wyde#contact

gogreen/woocommerce/cart/cart-shipping.php version 3.5.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.6.0, gogreen/woocommerce/cart/cart-totals.php, gogreen/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version 3.5.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.7.0,

how do i solve this can you please update the theme with latest woocomerce

It is just a warning message, you can normally use the theme with the latest version of WooCommerce. However, we will update those templates in the next version of the theme. Thank you for reporting this issue.


zlacy Purchased

Hello, just have a question. Revolution slider appears to have caused errors on my site and needs to be updated. When will you release the next version or do I need to purchase from Themepunch directly now? Thanks!


Wyde Author

The Slider Revolution plugin is included in the theme, you don’t need to purchase it.

If you are using the latest update of the theme (1.3.4) that comes with Slider Revolution plugin, you can normally use it with the latest version of WordPress, you don’t need to update it.

However, if you would like to update that plugin, here are the instructions:

If you are using the latest update of the GoGreen theme (1.3.4) and would like to update the Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version. You will need to delete it from your Plugins section first. Then you will see a notification to install a new one so you will get the latest version of it.

If not, you will need to update the theme. Then you will see a notification message to update all bundled plugins so you will have the latest update of Slider Revolution plugin too.


Glonet Purchased


I installed your theme with woocommerce with no problem. My only problem is that i can’t translate “view cart” and “check out”. I changed it with Loco Translate but nothing happens. Can you help me out please?


Wyde Author


If only 2 words (View Cart and Check Out) haven’t been changed but other words have been translated correctly. That means it is a WooCommerce fragments cache issue. You will need to remove all products from your cart first, then add them again. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to close your browser and re-open it.

However, if nothing has been translated. Please ensure that you have translated the theme correctly. Here are the instructions on how to translate the theme:

1. Navigate to Loco Translate -> Themes, select your current theme. If you are using a child theme, you have to translate the GoGreen Child theme instead of the GoGreen theme.

2. Click “New language” to add your current language on your website. Please do not choose “Edit template” because your changes will be lost when you update the theme.

3. In “2. Choose a location”, select “Other: languages/loco/themes/gogreen-<locale>.po”.

4. Find the word and add a translation, then save changes.

Is there any way to order team members when using the team members element? I can’t seem to find a way of doing this.


Wyde Author

We are sorry but the product support is only available for users who have purchased our theme. Please contact us from the account that purchased the GoGreen theme to make sure you’re currently in the correct product page that corresponds to what you have purchased.