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Awesome theme! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time but might just have to wait for the WP version. Are you planning on releasing Wordpress version anytime soon? Thanks!

Hi alentum,

Thanks for the comments.

No plans on a WP version just yet. Sometime in the New Year.


Hey alentum,

WP version is now available!!

Many thanks

Beautiful! Really liked! Good Luck with the Sales! ;)

Thanks for the comments ;)

Beautiful theme and look kind of retro! Are you able to give me the link of the photos used in the demo so I can obtain the permission from the author itself?

Hey, apologies in the late reply, just returning from the festive break!! ;)

You can find the link at the bottom of the theme profile page.

Many thanks

Awesome work. I’d buy a Wordpress version.

cool :) Please add a Slider on Portfolio Details and remove the Blur effect on the Navigation :P

There is already a Slider on the Portfolio details (Gallery) on the preview site. Will look at an option to switch off the blur effect on the nav.


Hi CreativeRain,

WP version is now available.

Many thanks

Forgive my ignorance. I’ve only ever used Wordpress. Where can I use this template?

Hi mjlara,

With the HTML template you can use it anywhere. You will need some knowledge of HTML & CSS to get it working to your requirements, hence why most people opt for the WordPress versions, which work ‘out of the box’ so to speak.

Many thanks

Thanks for your quick reply. Do you have a release date for your Wordpress version?

Hi mjlara,

The WordPress version is now available.

Many thanks

Great, great template. I was wondering for the menu, is there a way that the drop down can be set as a horizontal style rather it being stacked? I tried altering the style sheet to display the menu inline but it’s still showing as a stacked vertical drop-down. Thank you. :)

Hi createkdesigns,

Have you tried adding a Float to the nav items?


I did, but on the hover state when the drop down comes it still displays as a regular dropdown, I see in the custom.js that it’s telling the submenu to add class hover and even tried adding in $(this).css(“display”,”inline”); but still was still showing up as a regular dropdown. I was just hoping there was an easy alternative way to have the submenu display inline, but still have been coming up unsuccessful.

Thank you so very much for your help.

Any update on turning off the blur effect on the nav? Also would you consider including the PSDs for modification?

Hi taiyo,

To switch off the blur effect just remove -

#header-navigation[role="navigation"] li.fade a { color: transparent; text-shadow: 0 0 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, .4); } #header-navigation[role="navigation"] li.fade a { color: #333\9; }

from style.css

In regards to the .psd files, there are only incomplete psd files, as I designed the majority of the site ‘in browser’, so no complete .psd files actually exist.

Many thanks

Hi folks,

Some good, no great news from GuuThemes, is that we are bringing on a dedicated, and absolutely awesome support team member from the 1st of June (they also provide support for many of ThemeForest’s top authors), so I can concentrate solely on new themes, bug fixes, and updates.

We hope this will enable us to bring you not only great looking, easy to use themes, but also AAA support.

Again, many thanks for your purchase, and support!!




Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce a new support team member to the GuuThemes family – Mel (you can see her awesome profile here. Mel has worked with many of ThemeForest’s top authors, and as you can see from her testimonials provides the very best in support services.

We understand that support in the past, on a few occasions had been lacking, so we wanted to fix this, hence bringing on board a dedicated support member like Mel.

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Many thanks for your time, and support



Will Woocommerce work with it?

Hi belgajules,

Woocommerce has not been tested with the theme, so I could not give a definite answer on that.


Hello out there!

I am brand new to blogging but loved this theme so much I just had to have it. I have downloaded the file but have no idea how to install it and if it works in blogger at all. Can anyone walk me through the process. Also, I am working from a Windows computer and some of the files will not open.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you

Hey Amanda!

This is Mel, the support staff for guuthemes, and I would like to invite you over to our brand new dedicated support forum, where it’s not only much more organized and easier for us to keep track of your request, but it will also allow you to post your login details privately and securely in case we need to check out the issue you’re having in your backend.

So if I may lead you towards our new home of the support: http://guuthemes.com

I hope to see you there :)

Cheers, Mel – guuthemes support

Great work, wondering if you have the PSD file for the site. I would like to edit before making changes to the html and css.

thanks, Jay

Hi, the package that comes with the All Files and Documentation package you can download from themeforest includes everything there is :)

All the best,
Mel – guuthemes support

Hi – great template! Is there a way to remove the washed out effect on the main slider images? I looked through custom.js, but couldn’t see anything.


Hi webmade,

Pop across to the support forum and I’ll gladly show you how.

Many thanks

Hi – tried to register and confirm my purchase code (received in purchase email from Envato) – says it’s invalid – any help?


Hmm strange?!? Have had other people register fine today.

In the meantime. If you open flexslider.css in your /css folder and look for -


and remove -

background-color: rgba(227, 224, 218, .4);

Many thanks

Can you let us know what image settings you used to achieve the look of the washed out, black and white photos? I can’t tell if the images are black and white or sepia under the filter or what other adjustments were made to the photos. Thanks for any help!

Like niemie7 I would like to know what effects have been applied to the photos so I can then duplicate the effect and maintain a consistent appearance.

Like niemie7 I would like to know what effects have been applied to the photos so I can then duplicate the effect and maintain a consistent appearance.