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Hi, lovely template! However, I really want to add sidebar to my homepage, and I know it requires some extensive coding. Could you help my go through it? and I think someone has requested the same before too~

Thank you so much!

I purchased the theme a couple of years ago; I see in my dashboard that there is an update to the theme. Is this update available through my dashboard or via Is there anything unique or special about this update that we need to know about? Thanks for your help!

It seems the automatic update breaks the theme…Wordpress seems to have another theme called Golden and if you auto-update though the Dashboard it will replace this them (by GuuThemes) with the other theme of the same name. DON’T AUTO UPDATE!

DO NOT UPDATE THROUGH WORDPRESS!! This theme shows an update in Wordpress, but it is for one that is called Golden, but isn’t the theme found here. It will totally screw up your website.

I see the comments about the auto update. Is there an update to the Golden theme or is this for another theme of the same name?

Anyone have recommendations on how to recover from broken site resulting from auto-update?

Whats happened to the theme?

I did the auto update and now the theme is gone. Does anyone have a solution for this? Is there any way to get the old site back with the way we had it customized?

I dont own the theme but for people who have updated and have a broken site. Have you guys tried contacting the company hosting your site? They usually make daily backups so it should be pretty easy for them to restore your site to a specified date. Good luck!

You’ve got a major problem. Wordpress is not reading the correct theme for updates. When you accept a theme update for this Golden theme, it actually updates with the WRONG THEME! Here’s the theme it updates from:

Thank god for backups! I don’t know whether this is something that’s occurring on my installation of Golden or if others are having the same problem, but I would imagine I’m not the only once, since it seems that it’s Wordpress that us causing the mismatch.

11 days – no reply?