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Pre-sale question. I have a client that wants to be able to put the blog page on the home page but keep the slider. Is this possible at all? Is there a blog page template that I could copy the slider code from the home template to the blog page template and just make the blog page the static home page? Or, are the only options is the featured blog posts showing on the home page with the slider? If so, how many featured blog posts are allowed on the home page? Thanks!

Hi onealki,

You would need to do custom code modifications to the theme to achieve this.

Many thanks

Just checking in on support. Your support terms say that support in the forums are open daily and questions are answered within a day or two. There are a couple of questions on there (mine included) that haven’t been replied to for several days. Just wondering if there is a better way to reach support? Tying to get up and running. Just need a little help getting the download to look like the preview site. Thanks in advance!

It’s been a week now, and no response. The package isn’t quite 100% ready to use out of the box/download. Average response times on the forums seems to be at least 7 days, some much longer. Just be advised, if you are looking for this to function like the demo without much work or having little experience with Wordpress, I’d look for something else. I ended up having to get a buddy to help me get this going. It’s a great looking theme, just very little support. Too bad, as it’s rated one of the top WP themes… Or was.


Recent change in support staff. So my apologies there. Taking a look through support questions now.

Many thanks

Hi I removed

-webkit-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); -o-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); -moz-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); mask-image: url(../img/mask.png);

from my style.css but it is still showing on my about page:


I also want to remove the skewed banner.

Please help! thanks W

The old film effect…

Hi sorteddesign,

Can you jump across to our support forum, and I’ll gladly help fix this up for you.

Many thanks


I’ve just bought the theme. It looks good, but I can not install it. every time they ask me to try to upload again using wordpress. I think the problem is the version. My WordPress is 4.2.2 and the theme till 4.1. can you help me as soon as possible? The customer is waiting.



Can you please pop across to the support forum and I’ll be more than happy to look into this for you.

Many thanks

After updating to WordPress 4.2.2, the Theme options and widgets are missing from admin. Any ideas for fixing this issue? Thanks

Snudio, It can take up to 48 hours (as stated on the homepage), I’ll take a look today.

Can you please answer me today,as this is the third day without any progress on this?


I have been answering your questions in a prompt manner on the support forum, I asked for login details for your admin so I could take a look further. You replied, asking for my email address? You do not need this to set me up as a user.

See you back at the support forum!

Many thanks

Hi. Pre sale questions. I am able to add a Pricing and FAQ options to the menu? Also I want to know how can I add Paypal payment option to the pricing ? How easy to install this theme bc I dont have any knowledge about it, Regards, Jozsef

HI. Thanks your answer. One more quick question. Is there a Visual Composer in it, or I have to buy seperate? I’m totally no programmer guy but I’m in a hurry with this site. Regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

You do have to purchase Visual Composer separately. Please be aware though. Golden has not been tested with Visual Composer so I cannot say with 100% certainty that Golden will work with Visual Composer. Maybe a good idea to speak with the author of Visual Composer first?

Many thanks

Hi. I will. Thanks. I have to put work as soon as possible this site, so I have to try to find the fastest solution. regards.



Have answered your earlier post.

Many thanks

Thank for your answer.

Hi! I’m just wondering why I have to wait an answer at least 66 hours to be answered? I don’t like to speak to a deaf phone. Please answer my questions in the relevant support forum. Regards.


Have answered your most recent enquiry.

Many thanks

I dont think that fair left your customers without support 166 hours ago and counting.


I apologise for the delay here. Let me see to your post right away.

Many thanks

Hi there, I have just purchased the theme and the demo content is not coming out and I have followed the steps in the files.

Absolutely no support in 2 days

I require a refund of the funds or I will log an issue with Paypal to reverse if this is not done

Im trying to leave info on your forum but its impossible. I need assistance urgently with demo content as the demo content has not uploaded correctly.

I require a refund of the funds or I will log an issue with Paypal to reverse if this is not done

Hi. I have a pre-order question. Is it possible using the plugin Events Calendar Pro and the style will look like the theme or doesn’t exist any customized design? And second: can I use two portfolio-assets at the home screen? For example, I have a gallery of events and a gallery of references?

Thnx for answering. Vanessa

We bought this theme and want to put a custom slider on the front page…Is this possible? http://www.elixirliquidtherapy.com/


When i remove lines 17-51 and replace with revolution code i get numerous syntax errors, please help


oohloo Purchased

Does it support a sticky header? It’s a long way from the bottom of the pages to the top so want to add that functionality. Wondering if that’s built-in or if I’ll have to get a dev to do that for me.

I am having a little trouble with the Golden theme. I have changed the size of the Text Logo, and I have it checked to use a text logo, but nothing with either the font or size changes. It says the same no matter what I do. Do you have any suggestions?

Also, when I try to change, like say the color of footer links, it does nothing there as well.

Hello? Are you going to support this product?

I asked for support on this item (Golden Theme) quite some time ago. At least a week ago. I still haven’t received any response. Is there a reason for this? Please let me know because I am having issues. None of the styling options are working.

I am having trouble trying to add the pages to my homepage of the golden theme, I have been trying to do this all day. I want it like your theme, for all pages to show on home page.

Hi, is this theme still alive? Last update is from Feb’13?

Good morning! Is this theme compatible with woocommerce? Thank You in advance…


I want to ask you if that is possible to make the Golden Theme in Multi-language.

It looks very nice for our Redesign.

Best Thanks