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I just bought this today and was so excited! Except I have tried many times to install the theme, and i get as far as choosing the theme in my dashboard, but then it shuts down my whole website when I activate it. Could there have been something wrong with my download. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

Hi Claudia,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Have never heard of this before?!? Could you possibly try re-downloading the theme, then following the steps in the documentation again, the files may have been corrupted in someway.

Many thanks


have to say your theme is looking nice. One question tho: Can the background texture be changed easily, or does it recuire a lot of work? What a bout a full bg picture?

Br. Okko

Hi osorma,

Yes very easy to add patterns of your own. You would just need to drop them into the img/bg/ folder of the theme, and then you will see it available in the Theme Options.

I do not have a screenshot of the patterns, but if you view this link -

This is where the patterns come from that are used in the theme.

Many thanks

Thanks guuthemes. That´s all for now. You´ve been great!

Hey no problem.

Bye for now!

Thank, i’d like to have an information first of buying the theme. 1) How many photos can i put into a PORTFOLIO SINGLE PROJECT WITH GALLERY ?

2)Photos must be cropped at a predifoned dimension , or i can put on the site photos of any dimensions ?

3) How it works with photo in vertical ? For this photo i must create a crop in horizontal ?

4) Under menu Portfolio can i put any kind of portfolio or ony in a fixed way. es. If i use PORTFOLIO SINGLE PROJECT WITH GALLERY each portfolio of the section must be created in that way ?

I hope anything iis clear…thanks !!!

Hey there,

1 – You can put as many items as you want into the Gallery

2 – The images you upload will automatically be cropped to fit into the desired areas, just make sure they are large enough to fill the available space.

3 – The Portfolio images are set to be in Landscape mode, but I’m sure you should be fine uploading in Portrait also.

4 – In the Theme admin, you can choose what type of Portfolio item you would like to show (Single Image, Gallery/Slideshow or Video) when you add a new Portfolio item.

Hope that clear things up a little for you?

Many thanks

Great theme! And great admin section.

Hey there I removed the code referencing the image mask from flexslider.css and from style.css and I even removed the mask.png file from our FTP and the mask it still showing! Any idea what else I can remove?

Also, I should let you know the mask does not display very nice on Chrome browsers. it shows a lot of weird artifacts and you can see clear edges to the mask over the image.

Sorry, your tip did work for the dust and scratches filter but what we were after was the opacity layer that is fading the images!

Just figured it out. Thank you for all your help!

Is there the option to have sidebars on pages besides just blog posts?

Hi y0y0y0,

Yes, you can easily create a new page, then choose – Page (Sidebar) from the Template dropdown options.

Many thanks

Hi there, First off, amazing theme!

I have just noticed one problem so far. The red button/rectangle in the quotes section (behind the authors name) doesn’t seem to be displaying at all in Firefox, but it does work in chrome and safari. The same goes for the about us page where you can set the certain skill and the percentage.

Do you know if there is currently a fix for this?

Thanks heaps!

Hi geniegroupau,

There is a simple fix for this (before version 1.1 is rolled out), please see the post with ‘troymoth’ above. This details what you need to do.

Many thanks

Perfect, thanks! :)

Hey folks-

Slight problem. On the portfolio page, I noticed that when selecting a Project Type as Photography, that item on the portfolio page gets all kinds of messed up. I can select every other Project Type except Photography, and it works fine, but when I select Photography, it gets weird. The alignment gets all jacked up, the image stretches, and then comes back down in size on page load… It’s very strange. As soon as you remove the Photography Project Type, however, it goes back to normal. I’ve tried deleting the original Photography Project Type, and replacing it, but it happened again. Help? :D Thanks!

edit I changed the slug for the Photography Project Type to photos instead of photography, and everything started working again. Might want to take a look at that bug if you’re able to recreate it. Thanks!

Very strange?!?

Have tried to replicate on both my local & live copies of Golden (plus a brand new install on my local also) and was unable to replicate this.

Glad you got things working for yourself though ;)

Many thanks


I hesitate to buy this theme.

I was wondering if the header images are automatic converted to black and white??? And the title in the header pictures, can I adjust these via the theme?

Hi Marvin,

The header images are not automatically converted, no. The images on the preview site were tweaked to b&w in Photoshop (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate).

The title for each header picture can easily be changed when you add a new page.

You have a custom field ‘Strapline’ when you add a new page, and you just enter the strapline that you want -

ie; So who are Golden? or What is it that we do?

Many thanks

Hello, I’ve purchased the theme (very nice BTW) but am having a problem with the logo size. I emailed you about this but have not heard back.

The problem is that when I upload a logo, it appears at a fraction of the size. Is there a way to make it so that it just appears at the size I’ve uploaded?

Also wondering if it’s possible to turn off the blur effect on hover.


Hi Dani,

Have just seen your Ticket pop up!!


Hi there, sorry to be a pest, but nobody has responded to my support ticket yet.

100% sure I answered you support ticket last week. Will double-check.

Many thanks

the pictures don’t move in IE? Why is that?

Which version of IE? And which pictures? The Slider I’m guessing?

It has been tested down to IE8.


Hello again, I am not sure if anyone else is having this issue and whether it is a code or a server thing but I am not receiving any of the emails that are being sent via the contact form. I have double checked and the email address is correctly setup in the theme setup.

If you could advise me on anything that would be great.

Thanks again.

Hey geniegroupau,

Thanks for your purchase, and support.

This can on very rare occasions be an issue with your server setup. Sometimes the filters they have in place, can be more than over zealous.

First thing I would do is speak to your Hosting company and mention what is happening. See what they say, and if problems still exist then please open a ticket across at the support forum.

Many thanks

I have a similar question to marvingierveld – I understand that the images in your sample sight are B/W, but the source code for the images reveals an image that does not have the funny “old film” filter effect on it. Is that part of the theme? It is the only thing stopping me from purchasing the theme….....

Please let me know.

Hey there.

The filter effect used on some of the images (ie; Slider) can easily be removed, for example in flexslider.css you would just remove the following lines -

-webkit-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); -o-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); -moz-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); mask-image: url(../img/mask.png);

This removes the image mask/old film effect.

Many thanks


I love your theme, beautifully coded and I am satisfied with it so far.

I had a question about the services. I am having some issues with the service icons (icon font) showing up with the shortcodes, for example the desktop and laptop ones will not show up.

I also wanted to know if it is possible for me to add a logo intstead of font for example a wordpress logo where the icon font would be.

Thank you

Hi Ana,

Many thanks for the comments.

The Golden theme is currently using version 2 of FontAwesome, hence why you are not seeing some of the new icons they added in version 3.

Version 3 will be added to the next update (1.1) of Golden.

You could possibly try adding the relevant code to the icon field to find an image that you have uploaded.

ie; <img src="" />

Have not tested, but it may work.

Many thanks

Nope that does not work. Thanks though.

I am also having issues with the contact form. There are currently no filters in place according to my host.

I have identified the problem, my email is not being saved in the options panel and the email is being returned for error for not having a to address.

Hi Ana,

Have tested on quite a few different setups of Golden, and I received the email fine, will take a look again though.

Many thanks

I solved it the same as the user below. I manually typed my email address in the form.php file.

I seemed to have fixed the contact form email issue. In my case it seems like the form.php file is not populating the TO email address from the theme options. I manually typed in my email address into the php file so it looked like this: $to = “”;

and it works perfectly. This may only be a server issue on my side but I thought I would share this anyway.

Hi genie,

Were you testing this on a local install?

Many thanks

Hi there, no it was on a live server hosted by

Ok, I’ll keep a lookout for this again.

Many thanks

before purchasing is there an option to have the sidebar on the left side?

Hi Brockkk,

The sidebar is currently on the right, will add the option for it to be on either side in version (1.1).

Many thanks

Hi there,

This theme looks lovely! Thinking of purchasing but I have two questions:

1. Is the home page customisable or is the layout fixed as per in the demo? 2. What font did you guys use for the golden logo?


Francois Wessels

Hi franwess,

1 – The homepage is customisable, yes. You can re-order, or remove/add items via a Drag and Drop system in the Theme Options panel.

2 – I think the font was Pacifico? It’s a Google Web Font.

Many thanks

Is it possible to change the social icons? I have tried overwriting through my FTP and it doesn’t work. What modifications in the code need to be made? Thanks in advance


The icons you could take cues from the icons that are already included, for sizing etc..

You would need to make quite a few mods to the code.

Firstly you would need to look at functions.options.php in the admin/functions folder. There you will see the code for displaying the fields in the Theme Options -

$of_options[] = array( "name" => __('Google +', 'golden'), "desc" => __('Enter your Google + Profile URL <br />(ie;', 'golden'), "id" => "text_googleplus_profile", "std" => "", "type" => "text");

Replicate this code, and change accordingly for your new icons.

Then to display them on your site, you need to edit template-contact.php. There you will see the following code -

<?php } if ($data["text_googleplus_profile"]){ ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $data['text_googleplus_profile']; ?>" class="googleplus-link" title="View Google + Profile"></a></li>

Again replicate this, and change accordingly to display your new social icons.

Hope this helps


That is what I was trying to find – thanks. Can this process also be replicated for the team page? And the icons changed there as well?

It is a little different for the icons on the Team Member page, as they are added via custom fields in the Custom Post Type (CPT) – Team.

Have a look at the code for the CPT though, and have a play around with the code ;)

Hey Guys, Just noticed the Portfolio filters are not working on our site: Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be great!


Hi Troy,

I looked at your URL just now. You are missing a js file (selectnav)?? This is what is causing issues. Did you take it out? If not, do you want to try downloading the theme again, and extracting that file from your new download. Your original may have been corrupted in some way.

Many thanks

I am having an issue uploading the theme. When I try to install from inside WP I get the question Are you sure youwant to do this? and then the text “try again”. I have isolated the zip files and uploaded on ly the one with style sheet in it, but still failure.

Hi there,

Have you seen this article –

If not have you tried uploading the theme folder via FTP?

Many thanks