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Really nice, just a couple of pre-purchase questions if it isn’t too much trouble.

Can comments be enabled on portfolio items?

Does Golden support child themes?

Thanks, Alex

Have just spoken to the author of the Theme Framework, and he mentions that he has had no problems with Child Themes.

That’s good news, thanks for the update.

After purchase would you be able to provide the minor code mods to enable portfolio comments? I assume it would be to the portfolio php template.

Also I noticed the slider image on the home page is left aligned on larger screens. Is it possible to center?


Yes I can point you in the direction of enabling quotes on the portfolio items.

I think for the Slider you would need to edit the flexslider.js file, as it seems to put a float: left; in there??

Many thanks

Great Theme. Cheers.

how can i do “ClientLogos” with link to own sites and add title before like “services”, “work” etc.


Will look at making links to sites from the logos more user friendly in a future update ;)

Hi RealFikus,

Version 1.1 is now available to download, which enables links on your client logos.

Many thanks

Ok ! But i already do it. Now i needed random items from Projects, Services and Team Member on Home Page.

thanks for the good work on golden but I have some questions

I want to use shortcode for pricing_table on a table with only 2 columns. When I made the changes to the shortcode.php file to allow for 2 columns and half the page and saved, it completely shut down my site. I was able to change the file back to the way it was and the site came back up. Am I missing something in the code…

here is the change I made

function pricing_table_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) { return ‘

    ’ . do_shortcode($content) . ‘
’; }

add_shortcode( ‘pricing_table’, ‘pricing_table_shortcode’ );

function pricing_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) { }

extract( shortcode_atts( array(
     'column' => '2',
     'title' => 'Title',
     'price' => '',
     'per' => '',
     'button_url' => '',
     'button_text' => 'Sign Up'
 ), $atts ) );
if($column == '2') {
    $column_size = 'half';
if($column == '3') {
    $column_size = 'third';
if($column =='4') {
    $column_size = 'fourth';
if($column =='5') {
    $column_size = 'fifth';
$pricing_content ='';
$pricing_content .= '
  • '; $pricing_content .= ' '; $pricing_content .= '
    '. $title. ' '; $pricing_content .= ' '. $price .''; if($per !='') { $pricing_content .=' '. $per .' '; } $pricing_content .= ' '; $pricing_content .= ' '; $pricing_content .= ''. $content. ''; $pricing_content .= ''. $button_text .''; $pricing_content .= ' '; $pricing_content .= '
  • ';
    return $pricing_content;

    add_shortcode( ‘pricing’, ‘pricing_shortcode’ );

    the em are where I made changes

    Hi jbponline,

    It looks like what you are doing is correct. I would say just check, and double-check your code though. When you start tinkering with PHP, just a missing comma (,) can be enough to give you an error ;)

    Many thanks

    thanks I found the error, we missed defining half in the stylesheet, and we missed a bracket on the php page.

    Great stuff. Glad you got things fixed.

    thanks again


    I have purchased your theme and am in the process of customizing now. Where are the short code options on the pages/posts etc? For tabs accordians etc – they are not there…....????


    All the shortcodes available, and how to use them, can be found in the documentation. You can copy and paste the examples across from there if that gives you a head-start.

    Many thanks

    Oh right,

    Now I feel silly.

    I am accustomed to seeing a shortcode menu in the actual design window of the pages and posts.

    Thanks for quick response.


    I really need my portfolio posts to be portrait – not landscape.

    Is there a method to make this happen?

    Please let me know. I assumed there is as I had seen a previous comment about this from Noliver701.

    Please let me know


    Hi krabiimaging,

    You would need to look at editing the file functions.php, there you will see the crop dimensions for the images used throughout the theme. You can have a play around with the figures to find something more suitable for yourself.

    Many thanks

    Hi – Thanks for the quick answer,

    I changed line 117 of the function.php to this…...

    add_image_size(‘feature-image’, 940, 1430, true); // Large Portfolio Thumbnail (appears on Single Portfolio page)

    My portfolio images are still being cropped to 960 X 728 however.

    I’m sorry – can you advise further?


    Would you like to open a ticket across at the Support Forum, I can then take a good look for you.

    Many thanks

    Hi – pre-sales question…

    What font is used for “THE STEAMER MONGOLIA” section?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Tessa,

    The font is Oswald. It’s a Google Web Font. There are a few hundred Web Fonts to choose from in the Theme Options panel.

    Many thanks

    Thanks! Also – can you easily change link and button colours?

    You can indeed via the Theme Options panel.

    Many thanks

    Hi !! You theme looks amazing. But why when I activate the theme I have blue and violet links ? And some icons of a plugin have an aditionnal border they don’t have on the original version. And last for now, when I choose a background it don’t shows up :/ Maybe because sometimes when I want tu update the settings I get an “error” message.. I may have done something wrong but it’s kind of weird. A little help may be perfect ! To make the basic setup after this I can do it myself.

    Thanks ! This theme rocks !

    Hi ! Sorry I’m late I had a lot of work. I’m going to open a ticker on the support website ! Thanks !

    Hello, I opened a ticket more than 3 days ago and it’s said you’ll try to answer in 48 hour. So it’s just a little UP to know if you have a way for me to get it work..

    Taking a look this morning guigro, I do like to take weekends off from time to time ;)

    Many thanks

    I sent a private message to you a while back but no response, going to try here. I’d like to know if I can use custom fields to modify the Feature Caption (background image and headline) per blog post. I’m noticing way too much real estate is being lost and if I could customize the black and white picture to match the blog post content, that may make it better.

    Please respond

    Hi Guuthemes, I’m about to buy this theme, just 1 quick question, does the theme (especially font for Heading) supports other language? I would like to use this theme for a website in Vietnamese. P Thanks.

    Hi there,

    The theme is translation ready, with the relevant .po/.mo files, so I see no reason why you could not translate to Vietnamese.

    Many thanks

    I really like the way the theme looks right now. Are the black&white background pictures included? If not can I use them?

    Hi secondview,

    The background images are not included in the download. But you can find a link to where they are at the bottom of the Item Details page. They are all Creative Commons licensed so you are free to use them.


    In response to my earlier post, I was able to successfully replace the the “blog” featured page header and caption to be specific to the blog post so that the real-estate matches the content …example here –

    To accomplish this, you need to modify the “single.php” file, specially the “row” div.

    Start at the “row” DIV< and then have this

    <?php if (get_post_meta($id)) { echo '<img class="attachment-page-feature=image wp-post-image" width="2000" height="464" src="'; echo get_post_meta($id, 'hero-image', true); echo '" />'; echo '<div class="feature-caption">'; echo '</div>'; } ?>

    Once you make this your Row DIV, you can now utilize a custom field (I used “hero-image” ) and then put an image URL (2000px by 464) to be the feature post image for blog posts.

    The great thing about this is, you can use both the feature image for creating thumbnails, and also this hero image.

    Nice work buddy!!

    It’s a great option if folks do want to use a less generic image in each post header.

    Many thanks

    additional comment entered by accident


    Thank you for your theme. It’s great and beautiful ! I’ve a question : How add social icons in the homepage. It’s important for me. Ok you can find them in the contact page, but it’s too restrictive.

    Thank you

    Hi aymerix,

    Many thanks for the purchase, and kind words.

    You could try duplicating the code found in template-contact.php, and placing it into your template-homepage.php file?

    Have a play around.

    Many thanks

    OK, Thank you. I’ve prefered another way (you can see it in my temporary website) :

    Ah ok, looks great!!

    Many thanks


    Another question please : I want adding a picture gallery in a PORTFOLIO page. But, with the WP default gallery, it doesn’t work : When I click on a thumbs, no full size image appear.

    Can you help me ?

    Hi aymerix,

    You can add a gallery/slideshow by default to each single Portfolio item (you can choose between Image, Slideshow, and Video), how are you doing it?



    Thanks for all the help so far – I seem to be having another issue though – I am seeing two of the back to top arrows when scrolling. Can this function be disabled completely and the arrows removed?

    Hi KingLennie,

    Hmm very odd?!?

    If you want to remove it you need to edit footer.php. Find the code for the back to top link (from lines 44 to 48) and remove it.

    Many thanks


    Hi sorry I’m no wizard when it comes to web building but I know what i would like from the finished product and I really like your design and was wondering it’s possible to have people sign up for news letters by submitting their emails on this one too? Couldn’t see it in the description as an option. Also is it possible to sell items on this one and add a cart and payment etc? Thank you very much for your help!

    Hi desacre,

    You could possibly look at WordPress plugins for the functionality you are looking for, it would be much easier for yourself.

    Have you had a look over at -


    No problem ;)

    I’d like to purchase this and use for a music site but I have a question first.

    Is it possible to have multiple portfolio pages with separate filters?

    For example a Music portfolio filtered by music type. Then an venue portfolio filtered by another attribute. Finally an Artist portfolio sorted by genre.

    So the home page menu would look like: Home, About Us, Music, Venue, Artist, Contact Us.

    Also is it possible to insert video and audio into posts?

    Ok, just purchased this great theme. :) Do you have the PSD’s for this so we can use them for any customization please?

    Hi sliivia,

    Many thanks for the purchase ;)

    Unfortunately I do not have the psd files with this one :( With this particular theme, I designed pretty much 90% of it in the browser, so no (finished) psd files actually exist.

    Sorry about that.

    Clicking “Launch Project” goes no where. Is this because it’s expected to link to the actual site?

    Hi ruka,

    Yes that button is used to link to a live site if you have one.


    Thanks for the quick reply. I just tried to set up your theme, and the documentation is good however the styling looks nothing like your site.

    none of the fonts and styling are applied like your demo, the social media icons don’t look correct and the buttons etc are not visible.

    I used your demo XML and settings:

    Can you assist?

    Hi sliilvia,

    All looks good to me?!


    If you check my ticket you’ll see what the problem is. I had to copy your source options.css from your demo site in order to get it working. Also the email contact from doesn’t work correctly.

    Very strange?? Taking a look at your ticket now.

    Many thanks