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Is it possible to link the image in the Meet The Team? I am trying to play with the code but cant get to the right one.

Thanks in advance

Hi KingLennie,

Where are you linking too? Is this from the Homepage images?


Thanks – I would be linking to an external URL on a couple. And internally on another. It would be just the homepage team images.

Hmm this would need quite a lot of customisation. Will add this into the next version (1.1) of Golden.


Can you add the option to add a URL to the home page company logos section please?

Noted. Will look at this in the next update.


Hi sliivia,

Version 1.1 is now available which allows you to input URLs for your client logos.

Many thanks

Could you also give us an ETA for the next release with fixes to the Firefox issues please? Many thanks and a great theme!

ETA is early next week. Will update on here once accepted.

Many thanks

1.1 now available which fixes the FF issues.

Many thanks

Is it possible for shortcodes to be processed through the Home Settings in the Layout Manager? In some of the descriptors I’m looking to use some of the column shortcodes but it doesn’t look like they get processed in that area. Any advice?

Hi fawkstrot,

You would need to make some small tweaks to the php in template-home.php.

Where you have for example -

<?php echo $data['text_contact_us_title']; ?>

You would need to tweak this slightly to something like -

<?php echo do_shortcode(stripslashes($data['text_contact_us_title'])); ?>

To allow shortcodes to be processed in that area.

Hope that helps?

Many thanks

I’m using the video embed shortcodes in a blog post, and they’re showing up incorrectly. They’re looking like this…

Untitled 3

Even when I copy/paste the embed codes from your documentation they’re being cropped. What do I need to do to correct this so they show up full width and scale correctly.

Hi Joey,

Please could you open a ticket across at the support forum, and we can look for a fix for this.

Many thanks

Hi Joey,

Could you open a ticket across at the Support Forum, and we can look at a fix for this.

Many thanks

Hello !

Needed for random portfolio and team items on home page. Where and how in code i can do that. Very need it. Think it’s be a useful option. Thanks.

Hi RealFikus,

Will look at this possibly in a future update.

Many thanks

Hi there, we’re considering purchasing your theme and wondered if it would be possible to easily incorporate the Revolution Slider for Wordpress ( in place of the header image in the GOLDEN theme? And even use other versions of the same slider in place of the headers images on other pages?



Have answered to your previous post.

Many thanks

Hi there, just purchased the theme as it looks beautiful in the preview. Having some trouble, however:

1. The text title seems to ignore case and size for some reason—any ideas?

2. How would I replace the current slider with the Revolution Slider? All I need to know is which code accounts for the current slider’s activity so that I can replace it with the shortcode for the Revolution Slider (from CodeCanyon)

Thanks a lot :)

Hi DenimUmbrella,

Thanks for the purchase, and kind words.

The heading font-size is currently controlled from style.css (making this changeable from the theme options in version 1.1) you can find the css on line 396 of style.css.

The homepage slider code is found in – template-home.php you would need to remove the code from lines 17 to 51.

Many thanks ;)

Hi I have just purchased the theme, but when I try to upload the theme’s zip file it gives me an error,

Hi desacre,

Please take a look at this great article, it should get you up and running in no time -

Many thanks

Good evening-

Upon entering my Google Analytics code, it shows up in the footer on my site. It actually displays at the very bottom of the page. Would like to remove that from visibility. Thanks!

Ok got ya. You are meant to enter the full Javascript code into that box, as advised by the Google Analytics site.


Ah got it. Thank you sir! Have a great day.

No problemo!! Have a good one too ;)

Is it possible to set up multiple portfolio pages or sub-portfolio pages?

The Situation I have a few projects that consist of multiple videos. I’d like to feature one project item on the main portfolio page, that when clicked, goes to a “sub-portfolio” page that displays all the videos in the one project.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

So like a Gallery of video items?

This would take quite a bit of customisation to achieve. The code that currently controls the image gallery/slideshow can be found in theme-functions.php. With a little work this could be made possible.

Many thanks


could you advise me on how to change the speed of the slides in Flexslider? Thanks!

Hi again,

Yes. For example: Portfolio page’s sidebar – only some text; Blog page’s sidebar – categories, archives etc.

Thanks again!


Is that not how the theme is already? You have cats,archives etc on Blog Pages, and a small section of text on the Single Portfolio pages?

Apologies if i’m not understanding you :(

Many thanks

That’s fine, English is not my native language so maybe that’s why :) Just noticed my mistake, I meant the About page, not Portfolio. I would like the sidebar with a small section of text be on the About page. When I create the About page in the admin panel and in Page attributes section choose Page (Sidebar) template, the sidebar on the About page has the same info as on Blog page, and I want them to be different. Hope it makes sense :)

Thanks again

Hi there. Thanks for your previous help. At the moment, we’re having problems with the contact form. We’ve added the address, as required, to the theme’s contact options and it’s populated on the Contact page, however the form doesn’t seem to be sending any email, or at least it isn’t reaching us.

Any suggestions? Thanks :)

Hi there,

Have you checked your Spam folders? Just in case it is getting dropped into there?

Many thanks

@ DenimUmbrella. i think there’s an issue where your chosen email address doesn’t get copied across into the php. I guess it’s a theme problem. I’ve commented on an open ticket about ti but no response on the authors forum yet.

I’ve looked into it and my server logs say:

Thu Feb 14 08:35:04 2013 [client] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: data in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 48, referer:

I hard coded the email in as you suggested and it worked, however the theme should insert the email correctly into form.php.

Can you please fix this?

Hi sliilvia,

This has happened in a few cases. Looking at a solution today for everyone.

Many thanks

Hi sliilvia,

Have hopefully found a solution that affects some users email. Will be submitting version (1.1) of Golden to TF today. In the meantime if you want to open a ticket across at the Support Forum I can give you the amended code to try out.

Many thanks

Hi there. I am just get starting after downloading the them. Everything seems to be working, but when I go to the “Theme Options” to make adjustments nothing works. I can view the options, but I cannot save anything and there is some very strange formatting. For instance when trying to upload a logo I have an “upload” option but when I click it nothing happens. Any ideas about what is going on? Have I not installed it correctly?

Hi imbibreno,

Have you tried downloading a copy again?

Many thanks

I redownloaded and installed and I continue to have the same problem. I also noticed an error on the “manage themes” page that states that the “stylesheet is missing.” I suspect this is why I am having the problem.

Hi there,

Have you read this very helpful article regarding missing stylesheet -

Many thanks

Hi – recently purchased this theme and really enjoying it – two questions: 1) How do I move the text label that overlays the slider images to the left of centre? 2) How can I get the bounding boxes in the text sections on the home page to be the same depth (ie the bottom to align) instead of running to the full length of the linked page (I’m referring to the services and people boxes particularly) tried finding a setting to restrict box height but can’t find it! Many thanks / JP

Hi idealmilk,

Many thanks for your purchase, and support. Glad you’re enjoying the theme.

Open up a ticket across at the Support Forum, and I can walk you through these there.

Many thanks

Would enjoy it more if I could get the box length issue sorted out and get the site up within deadline =) Ticket was submitted a day ago.

I have been trying and trying to get help with this contact form. Please can you help. It does not work.

Please help!

Hi krabiimaging,

Have hopefully found a solution that affects some users email. Will be submitting version (1.1) of Golden to TF today. In the meantime if you want to open a ticket across at the Support Forum I can give you the amended code to try out.

Many thanks

Hi – that’s great news.

I have a ticket open there already though – replied to by Marc.

Can you give me the amended code there on the open ticket?

By the way – I have tried this on three different emails and never works.



I will indeed.

Many thanks

Hi folks,

Quick update – Version 1.1 of Golden is coming tomorrow.

This fixes a few bugs, and adds some features requested by users.

Many thanks

Hi! I’m having problems uploading the theme and keep receiving a new page saying
“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

This is not referenced in the popular article ‘my wordpress theme is not working’ so I’m unsure what the problem might be.

Hey buddy,

Are you all rocking now?

Many thanks

Nevermind! :) Using an FTP client solved my weird issue after all, so all is right in the world again. You will more than likely be hearing a lot from me… sorry in advance. :D

Ah cool,

Glad you’re now rocking!!!

Many thanks