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Hi folks,

Version 1.1 of Golden is now available to download.

This fixes issues with the contact form, firefox issues, adds support for both blog and page sidebars and more…

Many thanks

I have installed Version 1.1 and the Firefox issues are still there. There is no vintage effect on the buttons and header titles etc.

Using Firefox Version 19

Hi sliilvia,

The Firefox issues were not with the vintage effect on buttons etc.. These are using image-mask in the CSS, which is not currently supported by Firefox.

So they are not errors as such, just not supported in all browsers, but they fallback to the standard buttons fine.

Many thanks

Apologies for that. It was a mistake on my part. Amazing theme and really easy to work with. Thanks for your prompt support too!

No problem.

Thanks for the great feedback too.

Many thanks

Hi Guys,

Do you have any advice/best practices for updating it to 1.1? ;)

Thanks for your support!

Hi ByPixel,

Via FTP if you can, and backup your existing ‘golden’ folder before you do any updates. The remove the ‘golden’ folder from /wp-content/themes/ and upload the latest version.

Many thanks

@ ByPixel I just copied over all the existing files via FTP, then selected save option in the theme menu. However I haven’t made any modification to the theme so there were no conflict issues. Hope that helps!

Thanks sliilvia for the tips for ByPixel.

thanks ;)

Thanks! I see you still have issues with Firefox, so I’ll wait their reply/fix first. ;)

Hi ByPixel,

Please see my reply above to sliilvia.

Many thanks

@ ByPixel It was my mistake, the theme is great.


Please can you tell me where to remove the “old film” mask from the featured image on different pages. I have found where to remove it from the flexslider css but cant seem to find where to remove it from featured images of individual pages.

Please can you help?

Thanks so much

Ah yes sorry, find the CSS for the .feature-caption, and try removing -

background-color: rgba(227, 224, 218, .4);

Many thanks

That worked!

Thanks as always.

Cool, glad things are ok.

Many thanks

Wanted to say that the documentation on this theme is fantastic. I’m a hardcore noob, and have been able to set it up on my own! (Still not anywhere near done though, but it’s a work in progress) I see you have an update now and I have no idea as to how to install the update. I see @siilvia’s instruction but that doesn’t make much sense to someone like me. :/ Anymore detailed instructions on updating?


In what respect, and where?

Many thanks

on this page specifically, I would prefer the videos not be so large. It’s just a standard page, not a post. Thanks!

Hi there,

What you could do via the Columns Shortcodes is place those 2 videos side by side (1 in each column), that could work quite well, and of course they would be much smaller in size? Just a though? ;)

Many thanks


I am interested to purchase this theme. I would like to make sure if this theme allows me to change the background colour/patterns?

Please confirm.

Thank you.

Hey there,

It does indeed, very easily via the Theme Options panel. I think there around 50+ background patterns to choose from.

Many thanks

Also can I change the colour of the footer?

Thank you.

Hi Ultrahip,

You can yes, just open up style.css and find the following -

#footer-global[role="contentinfo"] { color: #fff; width: 100%; padding: 30px 0 20px 0; background: #333; }

Just change the background color to whatever you like.

Many thanks

hi there,

i’m missing some typography effects on my website. - When i try to edit the Styling Options (for example the background image) i receive an ERROR message.

I’ve updated to version 1.1, but there is no difference.

please advise.

Dude, i’ve purchased this theme and your support forum doesn’t work. I’ve opened a ticket on the ticksy forum a week ago, but no response.

I suggest that you investigate my problem anyhow, because there is no way i can open a ticket on your support forum.

Thank you in advance.

- support forum is working now – I’ve submitted my ticket.

Hi bureaucanard,

Was it a problem at their end? How was it resolved?


Just a suggestion for a future release. Can we get an email address & Phone number addition to the team member Details Section? I know I could add it in the blurb, but a nice and tidy icon of a phone and email would be nice.

Duly noted, sounds like a good idea ;)

Many thanks

Hi there, We’re experiencing a recurring problem with the portfolio function of the theme. When ‘Slideshow’ is enabled and a series of images are uploaded, then one of the images is selected as the featured image, this image no longer shows up in the slideshow. Any idea why this might be happening?

Hi DenimUmbrella,

Yes this is a minor bug I spotted also. Let me look at a workaround.

In the meantime you could try adding your Featured Image first, then adding images to your slideshow.

Many thanks for your purchase, and support.

Is there a way to add social media icons on the top? Also phone number and e-mail?



You need to edit flexslider.css found in /assets/css.

There you need to remove the following lines from .flex-caption -

background-color: rgba(227, 224, 218, .4); -webkit-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); -o-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); -moz-mask-image: url(../img/mask.png); mask-image: url(../img/mask.png);

Many thanks

ok working perfect! thank you!

No problem ;)


Is there a way to make the search function search portfolio posts? At the moment it only searches blog posts from what I can see.


Hi krabiimaging,

The theme currently searches on just blog posts, will update this in version 1.2.

In the meantime if you open a ticket across at the support forum, I can give you tweaked code you would need.

Many thanks

It was requested that I rip out the title layover on the featured images. Where is this found? Thanks!

Hi skylinegroup,

Well starting with the page.php file (and you will find it in a few others) – you need to remove the following code -

<div class="feature-caption"> <h1 class="feature-title"><span><?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'gt_page_strapline', true) ?></span></h1> </div>

Many thanks


Hi guuthemes, a quick question for you :)

Lets say my portfolio list of items becomes very large (100+), obviously the ‘all’ filter isn’t going to be great as it will try to render 100 items on the page at once.

Please can you tell me a way to either:

a: Limit the number of items that ‘All’ displays


b: make the portfolio paginate when it reaches a max number of items

How do you handle this in your theme please?

Many thanks

Hi sliilvia,

Yes you do have a point, this is something I would like to take a further look at in a future update.

many thanks

Just curious how to change the logo image size. I’ve hunted in the stylesheet with no luck . It scales it to 160px × 48px but I’d like to make it larger. Any help is appreciated!

Hi Antiqology,

The image is set to be responsive so it scales nicely when you resize your browser. You can remove this by editing style.css and removing -

#logo img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; }

You could then place the above code into your Media Queries at the bottom of style.css to it still fits when you scale down to Mobile size.

Many thanks

1 – How can we add social icons to the top of all pages? 2 – At this page you can see there is only a left arrow and this is the first product. How can we keep arrows in all the projects ? It makes no sense remove the arrow, the user should have the ability to choose if he wants see the next or the last projetc.

Thank you!

Hi rgoldoni,

The best route I would suggest is using a plugin like this -

This should help you achieve what you require.

Many thanks again

Yes it may help!! Thank you again!

Of course, you may need to have a play with the styling but it should get you up and running quite quickly.

Many thanks

Hi folks,

Just a quick heads-up.

We are removing the ‘Twitter Widget’ from the theme in the next version, due to the fact that Twitter have now changed to the new 1.1 API, which makes us unable to provide it with the theme (Thanks Twitter)!!

Many thanks for your understanding.