Discussion on Goldish - Jewelry Store WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Goldish - Jewelry Store WooCommerce Theme

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1. Hello, I have a question please, Does this theme support Polylang? I want my site to be in 3 languages. 2. Your theme was created in 2021 and why are you getting low sales rate? (728) sales. thanks <3

Thanks for answer, So it is impossible to use PolyLang on this topic? :( I really like your theme it is very light, But I have purchased a PolyLang license

Can you give me access to the demo? To see how it works and then buy? thanks

We don’t provide admin demo access. You may have to change some scripts to make the theme compatible with PolyLang. The theme supports only WPML


My purchase code is already in use, can you fix it please ? I can’t deregister it from my old dev site where its in use​. Sorry but this is the only way to contact you, hoping to have an answer from you..​

I have sent an email to support@parkofideas.com and raised a ticket. request to Deregister to activate on New Website.

​Best regards​

Hi. Answered in ticket system. You just need to send a ticket. No need to duplicate by mail and post a comment . The maximum response time is one business day, but we try to respond faster. Also consider different time zones. When you have a day, we can have a night​

Thank You for your quick response.

Happy new year ;)

Is it possible to add a pro section ?

I would like to show a product page only to my professional cudtomers.

Is it possible or do you recommand me a plugin who will allowed it ?


Search the Internet for code snippet or a third-party plugin for organizing access to WooCommerce products. For example https://kayart.dev/how-to-hide-products-for-non-authorized-users-in-woocommerce/


zaoules Purchased

Hello, Your theme is amazing, Thank you for this cool theme


zaoules Purchased

Hello Goldish I’m unable to add cross-sell product in mini cart please help. I also want to do some more customization in mini cart like want to add gift card option but when adding some code mini cart will stop working. Please help me. Thank you

Hi! Please open a ticket here https://parkofideas.ticksy.com/

There is no tabs and add to card button on the product page? Can you tell me if there is a reason for that error?

Please open a ticket here https://parkofideas.ticksy.com/ and give us more details. Our support team will help you.


My purchase code is already in use, can you fix it please ? I can’t deregister it from my old dev site where its in use​. Sorry but this is the only way to contact you, hoping to have an answer from you..​

​Best regards​

Please send the purchase code to support@parkofideas.com

Thanks for your feedback. I sent a mail

why your elementor extention plugin disable the option to set a new elementor template for posts?

There are no such restrictions in the theme. You can create a post in any template. Most likely you have local problem. Perhaps this is due to third-party plugins. Please open a ticket here https://parkofideas.ticksy.com/ and give us more details. Our support team will help you.

Does slider revolution license come with this theme?

The theme includes a licensed version of the plugin for use in themes. The plugin is updated when the theme is updated.

Hello i want to change .c-product-grid__item .woocommerce-loop-product__title { font-weight: 300; font-size: var(—font-size); /* text-transform: var(—text-transform); */ – this part disable line-height: 1.25; letter-spacing: 0.015em; margin: 10px 0 0 0;

I want to disable font transformation on H2 but from elementor tool is this ignored, Is there a way to change it directly in wordpress, or i need to change actual css file? thank you

Hi! Please create your support ticket here: https://parkofideas.ticksy.com/

ncia Purchased

Hello. I’m writing here because it’s a simple question. For the GOLDISH theme, there is a page called Brand, how can I edit this page? You cannot edit the page in the element. I look forward to your kind reply.

If you need more detailed information on setting up brand-related navigation, create a ticket here https://parkofideas.ticksy.com/

ncia Purchased

Do I need a professional version of Elementor? In my element version, editing is not possible on the left edit screen.

The theme works with the Free version of the Elementor. We answer you in the ticket system

If i create website for client can i move lisence to another domain?

Ok nice, it’s possible to steach slider widget from demo 1 to full width?

Yes. You can remove the 1920px limit for the entire site.

Can we also have the option of Ajax based shop filters?

This is not provided in the theme. You will have to install third-party plugins.

Please consider Ajax load for filters. It would be so awesome. I am loving this theme.

Can you please deregister my purchase code? I updated the theme manually and then the registering was gone

Write to us by e-mail and tell us your purchase code. support@parkofideas.com

Hello, if I buy the regular license for this template can I make any changes that I want (also in the code)? I will use this template for my ecommerce store. Thank you in advance for your response.

Hi! We answered you by mail

Do you consider adding a clothing template?

The Goldfish theme is often bought to create a clothing store, because it is suitable in style not only for jewelry, but also for clothes too.

yes, but there is a lot of work to be done to obtain that result.. I estimate around 20mandays to make a nice clothing store starting from your theme.

Please explain how the cost of creating a clothing store differs from a jewelry store based on our theme, if in all cases you will fill the site with your content and replace the site’s photos with your own?

Hi , please could you help me to explain how to change my home images? I got your demo and i choose home 6 , but Im tryng to change those big buckground pics but dont find it .. could you please help me?

Please submit a support ticket here: https://parkofideas.ticksy.com/

Hello! I think your theme is beautiful. Is the Grouped product page built natively into the theme itself? Or does it require a third party/paid plugin to unlock that product choice function? I’d love to use pretty much that exact item grouping as shown in the demo, for “customizing” layers of necklaces (like in the demo). Essentially it allows customers to add all the necklace “layers” from one product screen? Thanks so much.

Thank you for informing us about the inaccuracy in the description. We fixed it. Of course layout is responsive. All images (except for patterns and icons) are just used for preview purpose only. You need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. We will inform you of the source of these photos so that you can purchase the rights to use them.

Thanks for the clarification. So that means the demo imports photo placeholders instead of the demo photos, correct? (If so, that is good as it is easier to visualize our own content)

You will have a choice during demo import, either get a local copy of the site with all photos, or replace all photos with placeholder during import.

Can you please add support to use non-Google font libraries, like this one from fonts.coollabs.io? Thank you!

Noted. Does the Google Fonts API code get disabled/removed if I upload my own fonts?

Great. Thanks for the help!

Will help me with code css ?

I would like to get alls (images., content boxes, videos, maps…) with rounded corner: 5px.

Do you give this kinds of helps in customers supports ?

Kinds Regards Raphael

Hi! Please note that Item support does not include services to modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page and shown on the demo site. But you can add rounding to the necessary elements yourself using the CSS attribute “border-radius”. How to do this you can find out in these video: https://youtu.be/XBiC9J2ukvs https://youtu.be/LgBKBTEaF40

Hello. Can we please have Language Selection option and Currency Switch Option? I was comparing your theme with other themes. Your theme is clean and looks amazing. If you can add those two features I will buy it.

Hi! To do this, use third-party plugins. The theme is compatible with the WPML plugin for creating multilingual websites. And for multicurrency, you can use any plugin. Switches are added to the header using plugin shortcodes. For these purposes, the theme has the appropriate fields in the header.


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