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Hi Guys .. The Online Builder Files were Fixed

1. Images are now editable 2. When clicking save there is no Error. 3. Added 2 new layouts ( 17 Email Templates )

NB / Use the builder with firefox to a better performance.

More Layouts are coming .. Thank you so much

it looks like you fixed some things. BUT, still lots of problems. For example. The template number 17 says Not Found

The requested URL /envato/gomail/873a55f67/layout17/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

template number 13, still cant click edit to change the image at the top. I am using firefox. Still nothing., Also, when you drag the blocks over for social share, it doesnt work and gives you a different block. Also template 14, when you click social links under the banner to change the image, nothing happens. I stopped there because I was able to find those problems within 60 seconds. You obviously didnt go through and check everything on the templates. You should not be selling on here.

That’s it thanks for reporting the issues .. just report as much as you can.

we are updating the builder since we launch it.. so you can blame us if we wasn’t here helping and updating stuff.

This week we try to add a looot of more layouts so getting the builder working perfectly is very important.

New update

an update is now available in your Downloads page. -

If you need assistance please send a message here.

Thank you

Please share Litmus rendering results for more transparency on compatibility. Thanks.

Hi , we will add it to item description soon. Thanks

Please Send Me An Offline version of the Builder

Still Waiting

Never experienced such a cheat in 4 years of envato.

It does not contain the builder as advertised How can I get a refund?

This author will steal from you and then lie to you about it. He says he’ll give you a refund to buy a little silence, but that refund will never come. When you post comments that he doesn’t like they will mysteriously disappear – and he’ll lie and say that he didn’t delete it. The author offered a refund, but well over a week has past and I still don’t have it. You’ll find it more satisfying to take a $20 out of your wallet and light it on fire than you will if you spend it on this theme. This guy is a total scammer and thief. The builder doesn’t work, and what is there seems to be a total ripoff of Sendgrid’s builder anyway.

The editor is not working as it should be.

REFUND please!!!

Any support?

Hi, I just purchased this and realized that it does not contain the builder as advertised, the builder is hosted on your site. I bought it in order to put the builder into my site but I cannot do that. How can I get a refund?

Hi there,

Am I doing something wrong or is this the most buggiest thing going?

- I change the background colour of a container and it changes the button colours - I set a background image for one container and it changes the one above - I deleted a space block and that threw the design all over the place - I type in a hex colour and it wont change the colour, I actually have to use the pippet

That’s just a few, if this plugin actually functioned correctly it would be great.

Could you please tell me what is going on please?

Many thanks,


Hi, I seeing that Kbuilder offline is included but in the package I see only a 1kb html page with the online link. Where can download the Kbuilder offline to use it?

4 days, still no support or reply? very much disappointed with the service and broken promise. I need to give a 1 star rating or claim refund

i purchased your product months ago and was told I’d receive the builder but it was never sent. can you please send that to me. sent a message via contact just now w my email thank you

kbuilder can work in localhost?