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Hi there, is this template still in development ? i own a license and need to know what to do …

i want to upgrade to a wider template … 620 is too thick !


Hello, ok for the width, that’s what i’ve done / will do. Thanks.

But what about the support ? The problem is not the price but the compliancy with next wp update … my blog contains more than 200 pages to maintain … it’s better to anticipate …

any idea of the end of support ?

I’ll be keeping the theme compatible with wordpress updates in the future.

Thanks !

I like your theme on desktop view. But can you make mobile theme like this one? http://m.baomoi.com . I like it thumbnail list on mobile view. If yes, I will buy the theme. Thanks you so much.

Hi there, thanks for the interest in my theme. I will be keeping the mobile layout as is for the time being.

All the best!

Hi, does gonzo support Simplified Chinese out of the box?

Hi there, I’m not 100% sure what Simplified Chinese is exactly, forgive my ignorance. I’ve had some users translate the theme to Japanese and other Asian character type languages and they didn’t raise any issues regarding the translation. But ultimately I can’t give any guarantees.

Do you have any updates forthcoming? It’s been a long time since your last update, meanwhile WordPress and plugins keep updating, which can leave the theme behind…

Hi there, well to be fair the theme is running well with the current version of Wordpress and very few problems are cropping up with plugin compatibility. As the saying goes – if it ain’t broke why fix it!


if i want to create 2 post type like 1) City 2) Airport

A) is it possible post type City have a criteria for review different from post type Airport ? like City will have 3 criteria rating : Safety, Clean, Public Transportation and Airport will have : Lounge, Customer Service, Luxury ?

B) is it possible for users to create a different review for each criteria i put on City / Airport post type ? like, if City have topic TOKYO, user who visit Tokyo page, will able to add different story and add different rating for criteria Safety, Clean, Public Transportation ?

C) If i have Topic/post call TOKYO on post type City, is it possible in that TOKYO page, i put lot of information and show all summary rating from all criteria i set (Safety, Clean, Public Transportation), and when i try to access one of criteria like Safety it will go to page that show all rating and review for Safety in Tokyo ?

Thanks, i hope it clear enough :)

Hi there, apologies for the delay replying to this. Regarding your enquiries:

A : yes that’s totally possible, the review criteria are setup on each review so they can be anything you want on a post by post basis.

B) I’m not sure I understand 100% – but if you mean can some random visitor alter the review criteria? No, only users who have enough permission can alter the reviews

C : Again, I’m not sure I’m understanding correctly. But if you mean – can you hyperlink the specific review criteria and then view it as a normal wordpress taxonomy? then, no – that’s not a feature of the theme – criteria are not in the taxonomy system.

Great work! Just added to my collection. Thank you.

Glad you like it :)

Hi Ollie ,Does this theme work with the latest wpress version 4.8.X and the rss aggregrator

How long before you can reply . I am waiting to buy the product However just getting concerned @ support and response time

Hi there, apologies for the delay. The theme is working fine with the latest version of wordpress and the rss aggregator. Hope that helps.

Pre-sale question: Does this theme work on PHP 5.5+? My host doesn’t have PHP 7 unless I upgrade and pay more. :(

Hi there, I’m pretty sure it works ok on all versions of php or I would have heard about it by now. If it doesn’t I’ll either correct the issue or give a refund.

Can I upgrade WP to the 4.9 version ?

Yes, I just tested it and everything is working in WP4.9

ok many thanks

My meta descriptions seems to be the same for all pages despite teh fact that individual pages have different ones. When i check the code on header.php i get this

<meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo('description');?>">

I am using Yoast SEO and for all the pages I write a different description, however when i look at the source code I see that there are 2 meta descriptions. One is the same on every page and further down where the Yoast SEO plugin in activate the properer one.

Can you please let me know how can i fix this conflict?


Hi there, Yoast and other plugins used to override the meta tags. Looks like this isn’t the case and I’ll update soon to correct it. For now you can simply delete that line you pasted from header.php and to eliminate the conflict.

Great work on this topic !! The brilliant theme – perfect, exactly what I was looking for and the plugins that were added really rounded things up. I will use it on http://hoamaitour.com – Thanks for making a great job with this topic!

Hello, I would like to ask a support question (how to convert a slideshow to a regular gallery) but we seem to have lost the purchase code for our copy of Gonzo. Is there anywhere within the website where we can find it? Thanks, Dora

I posted something for support a few days ago on your support site and I still haven’t gotten an answer on my problem back.

hi. does this theme works with WP 4.9.8. Ask for a clinet who want to update his homepage.

thx for reply