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Hi, first of all congratulations for a great theme, I just have a quick question, lately I’ve chechik all the SEO and the theme suddenly starts changing the titles of the entries in (h1) causing me problems in the optimitation, how can i fix it?

Can you open a ticket on my support site? Please screenshot the webmaster tools pages and attach them to the ticket.


I’m just realizing that my support has expired and I can’t afford another one for now, I would try to fix it myself, thanks anyway.

Ok, I’m genuinely curious as to what is going on here so message me through my profile page if you want.


enessff Purchased

i have just 2 blog style. i want other modules or blog styles. please help me.

Hi there, all support has been moved to Ticksy. Please open a ticket and I’ll get back to you shortly:


Hi there, i have been using Gonzo for more than 3 years and i love it!

My website is about hotels in Havana (Cuba) and is in Spanish.

I’m having problems with “related articles/posts” (in my website i have translated that for “Hoteles Relacionados” (related hotels).

As you can see at the botton of this example http://www.hoteleshabana.com/hotel-saratoga-la-habana-vieja-la-habana-cuba/ , just below the review, i write carefully the “tags” for every article (hotel).

This is another example http://www.hoteleshabana.com/hotel-vedado-vedado-la-habana-cuba/ It is an article (hotel) with different tags, added in categories, but showing the same related articles.

In fact if you check any article (hotel), all show the same “related articles”, the 4 most recent articles (hotels).

What am i doing wrong? how can i manage the related posts?

Best Regards

Hi there, sure I’ll take a look at that. Can you open a ticket on my support system please:


Hello Ollie,

Great theme. Just one question. When i’m on a category page i have “Browsing the “Name of the category” Category” This message appears before the display of my posts. Any ideas how I can remove that ? Thanks.

Thanks :)

There’s an easy tweak for that. Just open a ticket on my support site and I’ll respond when I am back at work tomorrow morning:



It doesn’t look like you allow for stacking 2 sets of module a on top of each other? There’s no clear-fix after module-a in the styling?

I want to be able to have 4 module-a layouts on the home page… How can I add a clear-fix between them?

Looks like you showed someone else having similar issue how to fix this a while ago using <br class="clear" />

I think that it would be a lot more user friendly if you made an option for a “last” in the modules… just like you do for the columns. Build in the clearfix to the “last” option and there won’t be any issues.


Fair enough point. I’ll add an automatic clearfix to every second module a in the next update. Cheers :)


kim9988 Purchased

Hi Ollie, I’m having mobile view responsiveness issue on my site. It looks perfect on any PC or laptop browsers, but it looks weird on iPad and iPhone 6, I need to zoom out to get the full website view. Here’s my site – http://binaryreviewspot.com/

I want to make it look like your site – http://www.olliemccarthy.com/themes/gonzo/

Can you please check what’s the reason causing the issue? Thanks.

Hi there, I just spotted your ticket on my support site. We can take it from there. Cheers :)

Hi. I have purchased this theme but my purchase code does not work on your website? Please can you let me know asap what the problem is. thanks, Ben.

Hi Ollie. I have tried contacting you on your profile page here at Themeforest as you requested. The problem I have is for some reason my purchase code does not work on your website? I have contacted ThemeForest who told me its an issue you need to resolve with your website. Please can you help, so I can ask the questions I need answering. Many Thanks, Ben.

Hi Ollie. I am setting up a review site with this theme and wondered if it is possible to let users of the site post reviews? Is there a way to use additional plugins to do this? I know I can post reviews myself but need to find a way for others to post without looking into my admin. Let me know please. thanks, Ben.

Hi there, I replied to your email. We can take things from there.

Hi there,

I bought your theme, and got a purchase code. Yet, if I add a ticket at your system it says that the purchase code is invalid. Strange, I tried over and over again.

I need to ask you several urgent questions for the development of our website.

Plse respond how I can contact you without using the ticket system, which is likely to malfunction….

Hi there, apologies about the ticketing system – we can continue support via email for now. Cheers! :)

Hi, facebook like counts still 0, regardless we have added facebook API key and secret. Could you advice how to fix ? It’s on wordpress 4.6.

Hi there, I got your email – we can take things from there. Thanks :)

Hi, i have a problem with post. When i open post in the header line theme write a post description. Example check this: http://cukrom.hu/a-haleves-vedi-a-cukorbetegek-latasat-2/

How can i hide this? Thanks! :)

Hi there, I know what’s going on there – please send me a message from the contact form on my profile page and I’ll send on the fix for it:


Hi..While submitting a support ticket against our recent purchase, it shows the purchase code is invalid..We have deleted the space at the end..Please help..Thanks and Regards..

Hi there, for the time being I am providing support via email. You can contact me through the contact form on my profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/olliemccarthy

Hi..From where to get the Gallery to Slideshow plugin as it is not included in the package..Thanks and Regards..

Hi there, please send me a message through my profile page and I’ll provide support via email: https://themeforest.net/user/olliemccarthy

Hi..Will do the same..Thank you..

Hello Ollie,

I wanted to add the Views Count to every single post. I tried using some plugins but they just don’t look nice with Gonzo’s special design. Please take a look at the screenshot below and let me know if I could make it look like that.

Thank you for your time.


Hi there, for some reason that link is not loading for me right now. Anyway, if I understand you correctly – you want to style a 3rd party plugin to better fit the design of the theme?

Hi..We are desperately waiting for your response to our email..Kindly look into it..Thanks and Regards..

Hi there, apologies for the delay – the ticketing system is up and running again – we can take things from there.

Thanks a lot..

Hi Ollie,

I am trying to create a very simple pop up for my site, to keep to the same site style. All I want it an email sign up pop up, so users can subscribe to my website. Please can you recommend any simple plugins I can use for this? Unless you already have one designed for the theme? I hope you can help.



Hi there, I got your email and replied just now.

I’ve installed Gonzo in combination with the plugin Directory Pro. On the archive page of the directories I get this error: “Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).prettyPhoto is not a function”, this error comes from script.js of Gonzo.

When disabling this specific function in script.js, the same error message shows for the next function, which is flexSlider.

I’m not sure why this happens. Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?

Hi Ollie,

You’re right, you can’t see a purchased badge because I’m only implementing the theme, the owner of the site has bought it himself. This is the account of the guy that bought it: https://codecanyon.net/user/dannybijl

So I can’t create a ticket myself, should I ask him to do that? You can see the error happening here: http://bouwsuper.noesteprojecten.nl/bedrijvengids/

Yes, if you don’t mind. I’ll try to sort out the problem as soon as I see the support ticket.

Of course I do mind, because you can see the problem in your debugger. But I’ll ask my customer to create a ticket.

Hi. I can’t see the Socialbox Counter anywhere on the widget screen?

Hi there, have a look at the main zip file you can get on your downloads page. Extract it and there should be a plugins folder with socialbox inside.


johannleo Purchased

Hello, I left a ticket on OMC themes about a week ago and i am still waiting on a reply. Could you kindly check it out?

Apologies for the delay, I was on vacation. I’ll have a look now.


johannleo Purchased

No worries and thanks :)