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This is a really great theme and I would love to buy but I would prefer the theme to incorporate a top menu with links to pages to the left, and some custom info to the right.

Thanks fenella :) it’ll only take an hour or two so it’s on the development list.

Smart looking theme!

Just one question … why no social share buttons (Facebook etc) on the category pages?

If I was to purchase, would I be able to add the social share buttons that appear on the individual posts to all the category sections/pages?

From testing on our ecommerce sites (not Wordpress), visitors seem to share category pages just as much, if not more, than the actual product pages – product pages equating to posts in Wordpress).

Many thanks.

Thanks :)

Right now you can use the floating social on the posts and pages but not the categories. I’ll research the metrics on categories vs post sharing and if the data supports your point (or enough people request it) then I will implement sharing on the category page.

This looks excellent so far, although I still have to check on it’s responsiveness. That being said, I REALLY wish you had included a large icon set in this. I’ve been looking for a very particular feature set, and you knocked it out of the park with this, but I’m in great need of shortcoded icons to make my life easier. If it’s at all possible for you to still do this, please do.

Thanks :)

Right now there isn’t any icon/service shortcode. If enough people request it then yes, it’ll be developed :)

Okay, I’ve checked the responsiveness, I have two concerns:

1. Most importantly, you can’t access any of the drop-downs via a mobile touch tablet interface. It works fine on ipod/iphone sizes since there is a special drop-down interface, but not on larger tablet screens where the original menu style is still present. When you click Review on an iPad, for example, it links directly to reviews rather than the review menu dropping down. That means nobody can select any categories or anything of that nature.

2. The arrow to the right of navigation drop down appears to be a bit glitchy on Windows Phone 7. You have a built in arrow, but Windows Phone 7 adds it’s own drop down style so the two seem to be conflicting. The drop-down arrow added by Windows Phone 7 covers over the right half of the navigation arrow, but the left half sticks out, leaving them both conflicting with each other.

I really, really want to use this theme, but I need it to function as it should before I dive in. To sum up, drop-down menus refuse to “drop down” on tablet interface, the navigation drop-down arrow conflicts with the natural drop-down style of Windows Phone 7, and if a large icon set could be added, or even in a future update, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance for any response and/or fixes.

1. Please give me the names and versions of the devices you tested on. I’ll check it out and fix it.

2. Ah good old Microsoft. Ok let me get my hands on their internet explorer 6 phone ;) and I’ll fix the arrow.

I’ve only checked on iPad. What happens is strange. If you click a drop-down, you get the drop-down menu. However, if you click a drop-down, and THEN select a different dropd-down instead, it goes directly to that page rather than opening the newly selected drop-down menu. This isn’t a huge deal, just a bit annoying and I can see my visitors getting a bit frustrated by it.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check that out.

Surprisingly, I have another question. For video embeds, it can be any source, not just Vimeo, correct? Vimeo videos don’t seem to work on Windows Phone 7, so I’d probably use YouTube videos for the video sidebar widgets. Is this possible?

I’ve used fitvids.js to get the video embeds responsive. Both Vimeo and Youtube are supported.


Youtube videos are working, I just check it. :)

Anyway, I really like this theme, it is really good.

Cheers mate :)

Thanks @ogenox,

By the way, how did you install the theme? The “upload-this.zip” is missing from my download. I have no way of directly installing and I’m not familiar with FTP .

That’s been sorted out with an update or you can zip the ‘gonzo’ folder and upload that in the meantime.

@dcburnquist Just zip the folder containing the actual wordpress theme yourself (I’d imagine the folder would be called Gonzo in your downloaded file). Then you can upload it via the wordpress admin as usual.

Thanks Damo :)

Does this template have an archives page? I don’t wish to keep the calendar in the footer so I was hoping to have an Archive page instead.

Hi Nemphtis, the theme supports the native wp archives functionality. As for a dedicated page template that gives an overview of the archives? Why not – I’ll code one up in the next few days :)

I’m Getting

Warning: _() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given in /home/robertsp/public_html/v6/wp-content/themes/gonzo/includes/menu-alterations.php on line 7

On top of the menu?

Hi rpoductions, the theme needs to use the wordpress menus (since the theme is category based). They’re very easy to setup – have a look at chapter 1.4 in the documentation.

I’ve worked out some of my concerns on my own, but I can’t seem to find the “Popular” widget. On the tabbed widget in the demo you have a Popular tab that shows the most viewed posts. It appears it doesn’t exist, where should I be looking? Also, I get the exact same problem that the above poster gets. If you actually set the menu locations in wordpress like it asks, then you get the errors. If you DON ’T set the menu locations, the menu works as it should, but then the search box doesn’t appear…

Hi, this is outlined in the documentation – chapter 5.1 :)

I’ve just bought the theme. You should really have instruction on how to setup the homepage just like the demo.

I am having problem setting it up!

This is dealt with in the documentation. For your convenience I will copy / paste below. Also make sure you apply the homepage page template :)

2.2 – Creating a Complex Page/Category

Click the icon with the “m” on it. You now have the choice of 4 layout modules: Module A (half-width), Module B (full-width), Module C (quarter-width) & Module Gallery(three columns slider).

Once you select the module you want, insert the category slug. Normally this is a lowercase version of your category name with spaces replaced by dashes. For example: category name World News will have a slug of world-news. Add as many modules as you’d like and save the page.

Note that the gallery module will only pull in the posts that have the gallery post format. Also, if you want it to bring in all galleries (for the homepage) then use the category slug all.

Made me crazy! My posts although have content, it doesn’t show!

I see you’ve sorted it out in your comment below ;)

This is interesting!

Hi, finally I got to know how to use this theme. However, I still have some questions: - You tick “featured post” to show it on the homepage slider. Let’s say I have 10 of them. A few days later, I need to mark another 10 posts. That means I have to look for the existing featured posts, one by one to untick that option. Is there any easier way to do that (at least to filter those featured posts)? - Can I change the word “gallery” for gallery module? - Have a look at the footer of my site: http://ima.edu.vn/ , if I have enough subcategories and use Module B, then some of the subcategories just float to the footer. Please fix that!

I’m glad you brought that up :)

This is how featured content is handled by the theme: The slider looks for the latest posts that have been marked as featured. It displays a maximum of 8 and if there are more than 8 then the theme disregards the older posts. So you don’t have to go clicking off the featured checkbox for older posts; that would be annoying! If you want to change the maximum number of posts in the slider then give me a quick shout and I’ll tell you exactly what piece of code to change.

As for the other things you mention – I can’t access that link. If you want to PM me privately with details necessary to see the page then please do.

This is a great theme, that I might purchase within the next days, but there should be an option to place the “Like” and tweet button within the actual post page. Before or after the content.

Thanks :)

Although the theme does come with a skyscraper social media widget, you don’t have to use it. If you want to use one of the many plugins that put like,tweet,share etc at the top and bottom of your posts you can install one of those plugins. It’s up to you and you are not limited in anyway :)

this theme looks excellent, I am looking forward to buying it for a project very soon. Good luck with sales Ollie!

Thanks for kind words Archimedia :)

Sorry, I forgot to public my site. It’s www.ima.edu.vn . Please look at the bottom of the footer, you will see what I mean.

By the way, I have around 650 posts. After apply your theme, all posts are still there but their content doesn’t show. I need to update the posts to make it work. However, go through 650 posts manually is not very wise at all.

I tried bulk update the posts but it didn’t work. I think it’s because of the new custom fields that your theme use!

Hey again :) No worries, I know exactly what is causing that and you will not have to update 650 posts. It’s a small bug. No big deal. The bug will be fixed and updated tomorrow. Remember – it’s only been 24 hours since this theme has been released and it takes a day or two to iron out the initial bugs.

As for your categories – I kinda expected categories like “games”, “gadgets” but you have categories like “Bài d? thi Nh?t ký cu?c s?ng tháng 4”, “Suy ng?m và tr?i nghi?m”. These are very long categories ;) Now although it wasn’t necessary with short category names, for your case I’ll need to add a simple break to clear the float. Again, no biggie and it’ll be sorted tomorrow.


This theme is really great looking and I’m thinking about to switch to your work. But before I do have some questions (I know it’s quite a lot…)

  1. Will the gpp slideshow plugin work on posts? (http://graphpaperpress.com/plugins/gpp-slideshow/) As I do have quite a lot of images in my posts. Or do you have a built-in solution to present Wordpress gallerys?
  2. What is the maximum size I can use for banenrs inside the sidebar? 300px width of banners would be perfect.
  3. Can I use full-width articles (no sidebar)?
  4. Is the home-page widgetized to place items there?
  5. Can I use the thumbnails of the gallery thumbnails (like shown in the demo home page) for articles as well? I mean can I adjust the thumbnail size/columns.
  6. Can I adjust the width of the floating social bar, as in Germany for intsance the wording of the Facebook button is longer than in English. It would be needed to make it wider.
  7. Do you have a normal gallery included? I mean I want to show only pictures, not a gallery article.
  8. What do you mean with responsive ads on your theme page? You are refering to the AdPress plugin, maybe you can explain a bit more.

That’s it for the moment, thanks so much! Regards Tobias

Thanks Tobias :)

These are great questions and deserve full and detailed answers. I’ll answer them at approx 10am GMT tomorrow when I have a little more time.

As promised I’ll answered all your questions:

  1. No need for that – there’s already a nice responsive gallery slideshow with thumbnails that uses the native WP gallery shortcode. Example: http://www.olliemccarthy.com/themes/gonzo/?p=584
  2. I’ve made the theme compatible with Adpress so that there is a solid advertising solution that is also responsive/fluid as an option for buyers as soon as they buy the theme. At the time of writing the theme resizes the 125×125 and 468×60 ads nicely so it’s all ready to go. I’m in talks with the plugin author to get 300px ads supported as well as other sizes. You can expect these sizes to be added in a couple of days.
  3. Not at the minute, no.
  4. It’s done with shortcodes. In the editor click the module shortcode button and select the type of module and the category. Click insert and you’re done.
  5. Not at the minute – however it’d take about ten minutes to develop so consider it on the development list.
  6. Yes you can do that – there are a lot of options for that plugin
  7. Not sure what you mean here – like a portfolio? There’s no portfolio functionality included.
  8. I think I’ve gone over most of that for question 2

Hello, thanks so much for answering these questions. That’s sounds great, and all answers are sufficient for me, well done. I will switch, as soon I will get some time, to install the theme. Thanks again, and great work!

Quick question; how well optimised is this theme with SEO ?

This theme is built with semantic HTML5 and is SEO friendly as in there is a clear hierarchy of headings and other elements. You should know that this is a clear requirement of the review team at Envato so basically all themes here are on a level footing with regard SEO .

Thanks for the info Ollie, I wasn’t aware it was a requirement by Envato. I see a lot of themes on this website ragging about them being built with SEO in mind, which has lead me to fear if other themes aren’t as friendly with search bots.

I’ve been playing about with your theme at work, trying to set it up to my liking on my blog and so far I’m really liking it. Good job, I look forward to seeing what else you bring out.

Glad you like the theme :)

And don’t worry about all this seo noise – the themes here have to the basics covered and seo-friendly/semantic markup should a given.