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Here’s the link: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Sign up and you can submit a ticket. Remember to paste your purchase code into the box provided. Here’s an example of where you can find the code: http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif

Thanks :)

The category name is overlapping the blog post name? http://storeskins.com/

Hi, I had a look and you are using a different theme.

Yes, after your answer on the forum, I am using (and purchased) a different theme. The answer “the theme is not designed for long category names” was pretty self-explanatory that no help is to be expected from your side.

Well that’s a little unfair – your category is extremely long. There’s not much I can help you out with in this situation.


have fast question before purchase template, for my blog it’s looking good, but i would like to insert more texts and less photos. is possible to do it with short version (less photos) only flexslider and links to arcitcles or something like that?

2) IS possible to easy change colors of them?? It’s importatnt, must use max 2-3 coloros, now is green, blue, red, yellon, it’s to much for me ;-)

3) This Calendar Widgets… How it’s working, it only showing date? Or mark for example date with post, when you click “10/09/2013” you will go to page with post added this day??

Tell me this fast if possible :-)

Best Regards.

is possible to modify size of flexslider? height is to much now (for me) and probably will on main

1 – yes you can call the ‘home’ whatever you wish with the custom menu.

2 – yes you can just have one colour if you want.

Oki Dokie, so i going to purchase ;) but tell mi last thing – can i create a page like “about” “contact”?

Yes you can create those pages easily. For the contact page you’ll need to install Contact Form 7 but that’s free.


I have a questions about the gonzo theme:

1. is SEO optimized? 2. Its posible translate to other languages? 3. Its posible download a version for test?


I view that the blog have 2 styles (two colums or one colum). I like view one category witch the sttyle one, and others categorys whit the sytle two. Its posible?

If i buy the theme, its posible download a package with the complete demo to similar the live preview?

There’s a dummy content .xml file available. It’s not 100% the same as the live preview but most of the functionality is in there.

Hi there its the website super noob again I am having trouble getting rid of the Gonzo theme name on the header of the template. Can you please let me know how I can get rid of that and put my own logo and information at the top of the site?

Also I was not able to find where I can check for updates for the Gonzo theme can please advise on how to do that as well?


You can edit the footer logo in the theme options. Or you can disable that area entirely too.

Ok its that annoying guy again. Ok so I dont want to totally disable the footer because I want to keep the social media stuff at the bottom and when I disable the footer I lose everything. My main problem now is that depending on browser used it will show a broken image link or say footer logo with a white box around it. Any ideasÉ

When you add the footer logo image make sure you click “File URL” before you add it.

Great theme, any idea on how to make the top header background black? I just want the top 400pixels black. thanks

Thanks :) the easiest way to achieve that is to create a tall, narrow image with black covering the top 400px. Then apply that as a background image to the #omc-container div.


Im using the ALL IN ONE EVENTS CALENDAR and on my event detail page I am not able to set a featured image. How do I set a featured image there?


option #2: how do i remove that section when using this calendar?

You could try adding this to your custom css theme option:

body.single-ai1ec_event div#omc-inner-placeholder {display:none;}

Is possible to translate with PoEdit??

Yes, here’s a quick overview on translating the theme.

1) Install Poedit, from http://poedit.net. Open gonzo/languages/gonzo.po and create and save your translation. That will create a gonzo.mo file.

2) Rename the gonzo.mo file to the language code of your choice, for instance English/United Kingdom is “en_GB” so the file would be named “en_GB.mo”.

3) Upload your new translation file to the gonzo/languages folder of your WordPress install.

4) Open up wp-config.php, and on line 72 where is says “define(‘WPLANG’, ’’);”, change it to “define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en_GB’);”, or whatever your language code is.

Now WordPress and Gonzo should use your translation.

Thanks a lot :) it’s working now.

One more think, question about plugin social box and popular post. is possbile to make translate for my language? i dont now did you are author of these plugins, by why don’t ask you, maybe thats your plugins :-)

i changed in populars post plugin in tab “populars” view / views for my language, but cant fint how could i change date like 20th or 1st and 1 word – posted “by” admin – i want to change this “by” for my polish word, did u know where should search this?

in social box i am try to change “fans” “followers” for my words

is that possible, did you know??

Thanks a lot for help!

Best Regards!

Yes, you should be able to translate them. Can you open a ticket with wp logins please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Hello, Very very nice theme. Is it possible to remove the category tags that appear at the top corner of the thumbnails? Is there an alternative way to organize content by category? Thanks

Hi there, yes it’s easy enough to remove the categories from the thumbnails. As for an alternative way to organise content – I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that – have you an example?

Hi, im thinking about to buy this theme. But first i have to know if its possible to disable the drop down menu? Thx a lot!

Hi, yes you can use the menu without dropdowns if that’s what you want.

Hi, How can I control “set featured image—> caption”. I can not see caption in the feature image… just can see ”” Published on April 30th, 2012 | by Kent Brockman”“

how can make for see a caption of Feature image ?

This is very important to news sites.

Thx a lot!

Hi, that’s not how the theme was designed. Generally speaking – if it’s not in the live preview then it’s not in the theme.

then How can make myself ? ‘cording source’

Thx a lot!

The easiest way to do this customisation is to put in another metabox in the post editor by editing includes/meta-box-config.php. Then you can replace the date and author information with the value from that metabox.

Hi, can I use this theme with just pages, no blogposts and no news and no categories – just plain pages?

Can I design a homepage with slider (full width) and custom content, as there is no blogposts to fill up the frontpage?

Can I still have a menue with different colors using just pages?


Ok, thanks I have just submitted a ticket.

Hi Ollie My Ticket is #112046 – just to let you know.

No worries, I spotted it.


Newbie question – are the ads Google AdSense, or do they need to be manually added? If manual, can I make them to be Google AdSense?


Hi, if you are using adsense then you’ll need to add it yourself.

I was thinking of purchasing this theme. I have a couple questions first!!

1: can you change the background image??

2: does it have “action hooks” or some other way to add more banners, images, etc to the layout of the site, example; before header content; after body content; etc

Hi there,

1 – yes, the backgrounds are quite flexible.

2 – I’m not sure what you mean there but I can tell you that there is a widgetised header and sidebar. Also there are plenty of shortcodes for the main content.

i love this theme. I am after installation and must say, support is greatful! Mark this as 5/5 ;-)

Good Job OMC!

Do the theme have a user profile? I mean everyone can vote without an user account?

I d like to know hor to install one as I need this functionality


Did not obtein a reply…

The theme uses the standard wordpress user system – I haven’t changed anything. As for voting – there is no voting system in the theme. The only thing close to it is the user ratings and yes, anyone can rate without being logged in.

Love this theme. Presales question – how easy is it to put a banner ad just below the menu, a 728×90 leaderboard for example…

Thanks :) if you put the banner below the menu then it’s a customisation – not a very difficult one though.

Hi – for some reason your theme isn’t pulling Facebook fans on the sidebar – can you please advise?

Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please with wp logins: http://omc.ticksy.com/

For anybody considering purchasing this theme, do it! I’ve been using it for around 3 months. The support is great- fast answers and adjustments are made when needed (not often- very stable).

Great theme and great developer. I’ve had enough compliments on my blog so far that if I ever need to change themes, I will consider these guys first. :)

Mike. Nebula.com.tw

Wow thanks :) great to hear!


Here’s the link: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Sign up and you can submit a ticket. Remember to paste your purchase code into the box provided. Here’s an example of where you can find the code: http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif

Thanks :)