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Here’s the link: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Sign up and you can submit a ticket. Remember to paste your purchase code into the box provided. Here’s an example of where you can find the code: http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif

Thanks :)

I would like to implement it http://mehmetalimersin.com.tr which is a personal blog. Do you suggest me? Would it be useful for me?

Hi there, yes the layouts are similar so the theme may suit your needs.

We’ve updated our installation, but now the thumbnails are not shown with the Popular Posts?!

Hi, can you open a ticket please with wordpress logins and I’ll take a look for you (mark the ticket as private):


We’ve figured it out. It was a write permission issue. Thanks anyway Ollie. Still loving the theme!

Great to hear it worked out in the end :)

I thought I was inserting a php code into the right area. I put it in the Editor page that shows all the lines of CSS. I updated the page and everything is now blank (all pages). I can’t even log into wp-admin because nothing appears in the browser window. How do I remove the bad code and get everything working again?

Can anybody please help?

Hi there, you are not showing the purchased tag on your comment. Can you log into the account that bought the theme and try again please.

Considering a purchase of this theme but I wanted to ask upon install how much does it take to install the site as shown in the live preview. I would like to start from that point and modify the site from that. Sometimes it’s a major hassle to get the site loaded to look like the demo.


Hi there, I’ve included a dummy content xml file which is very easy to import. That will setup all the features of the site like the complex homepage layout, sliders etc. with creative commons images.

I love this theme. Have wanted to purchase it for over a year and glad I finally did, and to see that you are still giving it the love with your online support forum.

Thanks for purchasing :) if you run into any problems give me a shout.

can you create any plugin or script to update alla data from my old theme to work in yours? my theme is detube now.. (truemag theme have plugins for what)

Hi there, you shouldn’t have too many problems moving to another theme as long as you are already using Wordpress. I’m not sure what you mean by updating all your data though so I can’t comment until I get a little more info on that.

Would you please recommend a hosting service that I can use your theme without a problem? Im from Turkey. My site will be international.

Hi there, it all depends on what you need. If you have a lot of traffic then you might need an account with someone like MediaTemple. But if you don’t have much traffic then you should be fine with someone like Dreamhost or similar. Envato have got a couple of deals for hosting on this page:


I’d imagine all of them are taking international customers.

I am trying to move the sidebar to the left. Have you any tips or ideas where i need to do this. What CSS files do i need to edit …etc?

I have tried to edit it but the main content displays to the bottom right under the footer…. see link to see what i mean: http://www.walkthemournes.com/the-brandy-pad/

Hi there, I had a look at the link and I see that you’ve successfully moved the sidebar to the left. Impressive customisation skills :)

Hi , is it possible to define different menus for different pages ?

Hi, if you want different menus in the page’s sidebar then that’s already a feature of the theme. However if you want a different main menu for different pages then that will require some customisation.


Can i add video or pictures gallery plug in for example with this theme ?

Best regards


Hi Sarah, sure you can, the theme is compatible with most plugins out there.

Hey, I am sorry if I sound really stupid, but, if I buy the license once, will I have to renew it? Also, if I buy the standard license, and not the extended, will I be able to use it for my gaming website with ads? It’s a free website, it just has advertisements.

Thanks, love the design.

Hi, no worries – those are reasonable questions. First, once you buy you don’t need to renew the license – you can use the theme as long as you like. Secondly, a regular license is fine for your gaming site – there’s no need to buy the extended license (it’s only for very rare situations) .

Wow thanks for the quick reply! When I get things ready, I’ll be sure to buy this theme, great design and great service, thanks!

No problem :) if you run into any difficulties let me know on my support site and I’ll help you out: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Hello, can you create a test page, that would look like matthewwoodward blog? I want to make sure I can create something similar before buying. Thanks!

Hi, there’s a great thread on my support site that shows dozens of real-life examples of the Gonzo theme:


Great, one last question, is it possible to remove slider? Thanks

Yes you can, it’s in the theme options.

Does this theme support Woocommerce? Have a link to a live Woocommerce site running this theme?

Hi there, the theme doesn’t support woocommerce at the minute.

Does it support Multilingual sites?

Hi, yes the theme is compatible with WPML for multilingual sites.

I have moved the sidebar to the left on my Gonzo template on the address www.walkthemournes.com – it displays to the left on Firefox and Google Chrome but on Internet Explorer it still displays to the right. Have you any ideas on how to correct this?

Hi, how did you move the sidebar? Did you just change the css or did you alter the php files? Also did you use css media queries (IE doesn’t recognise them).

Hey ! I would like to buy your theme but I was just wondering : are your reviews based on the schema.org review integration ? Are they good for the Google rich snippet in the meta description ?

Sorry for my english I’m french ;)

Hi there, yes I’m using the schema.org review microdata in theme’s reviews. You can see the result with google’s testing tool here:


Thanks a lot for your rapid answer ! I’m buying it right now :D

Thanks for purchasing :) if you run into any problems here’s my support site: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Gonzo has been updated to version 1.9.1

The main addition in this release is support for Retina images. The javascript performance has also been improved.

Please backup your files before updating and refer to the changelog.txt file if you have customised any of the theme files.

Thanks :)

why i cant buy this template by Skrill ??

“Your account is currently restricted for security reasons. To resolve this please visit Skrill Help.”

Hi, that sounds like something you need to bring to the attention of Envato Support as this area is just for my Gonzo theme. You can contact them here: http://support.envato.com/


Here’s the link: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Sign up and you can submit a ticket. Remember to paste your purchase code into the box provided. Here’s an example of where you can find the code: http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif

Thanks :)