GoodNews - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

GoodNews - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Good News is fresh looking niche blog theme that could also function as a magazine theme. This theme provides a fluid and well-crafted layout design that efficiently displays written content along with few images.

Good News is a multi niche blog theme and also works as a magazine theme. It is ideal to display written content with a few images like a news site or a niche website might. Its sturdy framework is built based on CSS Framework for guaranteed usability and flexibility. The theme is retina display ready and resizes slickly on any kinds of devices to give visitors a pleasant viewing experience. Its built-in admin panel enables you to change the color scheme of your theme, personalize the background image or smarten the header.

Good News is bundled with Visual Composer plugin, a comprehensible drag and drop page builder that lets you create impressive pages in an instant. On the other hand, the Slider Revolution plugin makes it possible for you to create responsive slides with effects and animations for your theme. This beautiful theme allows you to add 3D looking parallax backgrounds to every section of your magazine site.

Good News theme comes with multi-level push menu from left to right and mega menu with news thumbnails and headlines.

The theme is also fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you amplify your sales and make selling products trouble-free. It also supports BuddyPress plugin to make your website even more interactive and encourage people to come back to your website.

SEO / Micro Data Ready

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Latest Version 2.2.6 12.11.2017View Changelog

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  • Clean, Simple And Minimalist design
  • Multi Level Push Menu (Left / Right).
  • Responsive Mobile Menu
  • Sticky Topbar / Main Menu
  • Image Backgrounds with Patterns & Overlays
  • Video Backgrounds with Patterns & Overlays
  • Parallax with Patterns & Overlays
  • Custom Title Headings with unlimited Fonts & Colors.
  • Nice Scroll & SmoothScroll Options
  • 4 different paging systems including Infinite Scroll
  • 3 different comments systems (Native + Disqus Comments + Facebook)
  • Facebook Connect / Register
  • Advanced Liking System
  • Advanced Page Options
  • Custom Post types – Videos & Photo Albums
  • Unlimited layouts with Visual Composer
  • Dynamically create sidebars and assign them to any page
  • Option to have different background images on each pages
  • Live Twitter Feed Widget
  • 6 pre-defined blog templates: 1-2-3-4 columns & Small / Large Lists
  • Visual Composer included as a premium plugin (34$ value) including 8 custom widgets.
  • Revolution Slider included as a premium plugin (19$ value).
  • MailChimp Newsletter plugin included
  • Fully integrated with BuddyPress
  • UberMenu plugin Fully Supported
  • Contact 7 working contact forms
  • Google Fonts Library
  • Font-Awesome library
  • Integrated using HTML5 & CSS3 best practices
  • Built with the well known Foundation CSS Framework
  • Retina HD Ready & Responsive Design
  • Using SEO best practices
  • Rich Snippets, Schema & Microdata
  • RTL Support
  • .po & .mo translation files included
  • Easy 1-Click Demo Importer
  • WPML Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • PSDs Included
  • Child Theme Included
  • Good documentation


  • Advanced News & Videos Widget
  • Endless Articles Option / Infinite Bidirectional Scroll
  • Filter By Categories
  • Multiple query types: (Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Liked, Most Discussed, Custom Selection)
  • Multi layouts and lots of options


  • Advertisement rotation system with a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.
  • Widgets & Visual Composer support
  • Responsive ads support


  • Fully integrated MailChimp Newsletter form.


Note: Theme Images are not included. Placeholders will be placed when importing our demo.


V.2.2.6 – 22.11.2017

  • Removed vulnerability code
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v.5.4.4
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to v.

V.2.2.5 – 01.10.2017

  • Replace some deprecated woocommerce functions
  • Removed smooth scroll functionality. Not supported anymore. Use NiceScroll instead.
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v.5.4.2
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to v.
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates to support v3.2.0
  • Update ACF PRO to v5.6.4

V.2.2.4 – 06.07.2017

  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v.5.2
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to v.
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates to support v3.1.0

V.2.2.3 – 26.04.2017

  • Update ACF PRO to v5.5.14
  • Fix select2 javascript error with WooCommerce when adding new product attributes

V.2.2.2 – 26.04.2017

  • Fix Replace Modernizr deprecated .touch & .no-touch classes with .touchevents & .no-touchevents

V.2.2.1 – 20.04.2017

  • Fix Fixed invalid author microdata with megamenu items
  • Update Updated Modernizr Library

V.2.2 – 19.04.2017

  • Fixed invalid microdata with megamenu items
  • Restructured theme backend
  • Added automated updates for valid licenses
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v.5.1.1
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to v.5.4.2
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates to support v3.0.x

V.2.1 – 25.01.2017

  • Fix issue with MegaMenu option not showing within Menu Item options
  • SEO / Updates / Optimizations. Tested and Validated using Google Structured Data Testing Tool

V. – 19.12.2016

  • Updated TGM Plugin Activation to 2.6.1

V. – 14.12.2016

  • Fixed bug with editor text being hidden when editing / creating a post

V. – 12.12.2016

  • Set Url Scheme for SSL asset urls
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin to v.5.0.1
  • New Added general option to show sidebars before content on Mobile
  • Added support for Woo Floating Cart

V. – 03.11.2016

  • Fix the issue with registration. New users will now have a role based on the Default Wordpress role setting instead of Subscriber.
  • Fixed issue with orbit slider not being able to click on links
  • Fixed Woocommerce products grid auto height.
  • Fixed issue with “Hide Mobile Sidebars” option not working on all pages
  • Visual Composer Predefined Layouts: Access to all demo layouts
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to v.
  • Added option to add custom thumbnail placeholder for posts that do not have a featured image set.
  • Added support for Slick Menu

V. – 07.09.2016

  • Fixed bug with WP Maintenance plugin
  • Added option to add custom thumbnail placeholder for posts that do not have a featured image set.
  • Added an option within the theme panel under APIs / Accounts to set a Facebook APP Access Token required for Facebook Share counts to work properly by removing request limits

V. – 22.08.2016

  • Fixed an intermittent bug causing a php warning

V.2.0.9 – 20.08.2016

  • Fix Social Share Facebook counts due to Facebook API graph stats endpoint Deprecation
  • Wrapped all functions within lib/functions.php with “function_exists()” so they can easily be overridden within the child theme
  • Removed old Simple Ads Manager plugin (deprecated), Added support for the new Simple Ads Manager Pro (Free Version)
  • Updated ACF to v5.4.2

V.2.0.8 – 07.07.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Fixed category color field not appearing on the edit category screen
  • Added hook to filter Advanced News Widget query arguments
  • Updated ACF to v5.3.9.2
  • Updated Visual Composer to v4.12
  • Updated Slider Revolution to v5.2.6

V. – 06.06.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Added Thumbnail Size option to Post Gallery format when using the native wordpress gallery theme.
  • Better Customizer Viewing in boxed mode
  • Social Share Counts now combines both http and https urls stats
  • Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.2.2 (fixes a bug with autocomplete fields not able to remove items from the list)
  • Updated Slider Revolution to v5.2.5.3

V.2.0.7 – 02.05.2016

  • Nav Menu Walker: Better compatibility with other plugins
  • Centralize Extensions Code
  • Fixed Sticky Top Bar issue in Boxed Mode when previewed within the customizer
  • Added a hook to filter mega menu thumbnail size within the child theme

V. – 16.04.2016

  • Fixed Issue with Sticky Sidebar causing Google Adsense ads to load twice
  • Fixed Bug with the Extensions Upgrade System causing some extensions not to update / install properly

V. – 14.04.2016

  • Fixed Bug with the Extensions Upgrade System causing extensions not to update / install properly

V. – 13.04.2016

  • Replaced deprecated function get_currentuserinfo with wp_get_current_user for WP 4.5

V. – 13.04.2016

  • Fixed JS Bug causing parallax images not to fade in
  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Updated Slider Revolution to
  • Updated Visual Composer to 4.11.2

V.2.0.6 – 31.03.2016

  • Fixed issue with taxonomies not inheriting category settings
  • Fix Visual Composer conflict with Templatera not allowing inserting user saved templates
  • WooCommerce: Equalized shop page products heights on window resize.
  • WooCommerce: Added number of columns options for the shop page grid within the theme panel.
  • WooCommerce: Added single product global sidebar option within the theme panel
  • Single Post: If show post categories option is active, All categories linked to the actual post will now be shown including custom taxonomies.
  • Single Post: Added option to show post formats below the post. They will be appended to post categories.
  • Theme Panel: Added text transform option to typography fields
  • Added a language .pot template file

V.2.0.5 – 09.03.2016

  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce Product Hover Animation.
  • Fixed WooCommerce Lost Password not sending an email or show any confirmation message
  • Fixed Mobile Menu Search Box Show / Hide Option
  • Fixed Mobile Menu missing translation for the string Back
  • Fixed Mobile Menu Parent Menus not clickable. If a parent menu has a link, it will now appear within the submenu below the Back button.
  • Fixed issue with demo import not importing widgets when this import type is selected: (Options, Widgets and Sliders Only)
  • News Widget: Reordered posts randomly for the Related To Post / Related To Category query type
  • Added 2 widget zones options Below and Above the Top Bar
  • Added color options for the TopBar Inline Social Icons
  • Added option to add Facebook Likes and Google Plus within the TopBar Social Networks in Inline Mode
  • Updated Language Files
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates
  • Updated Slider Revolution to 5.2.1

V.2.0.4 – 22.02.2016

  • Updated Revolution Sliders zip files within the theme package and fixed the slider import issue.
  • Added WhatsApp social share button. If activated, appears on touch devices only.
  • Added the capability of overriding any theme included php file by copying it to the child theme with the same path structure. For modules and widgets directories like (advanced-news) the whole folder has to be copied to avoid errors.

V. – 17.02.2016

  • Fixed minor issue with News Widget Query. Return all post formats if a category is selected
  • Fixed issue with logo being reset by it self
  • Activated Weekly google fonts update for the typography options within the theme panel. Google Fonts API Key must be set within the APIs section

V. – 08.02.2016

  • Fixed Single Post Featured Image caption output PHP Error

V.2.0.3 – 07.02.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce quantity input Minus / Plus buttons not working in some cases
  • Replaced the functions xt_trim_words and xt_trim_text with the native wordpress function wp_trim_words
  • Visual Composer templates can now be overridden within the child theme by copying the vc_templates folder from the parent to the child theme.
  • Applied Sticky Sidebar effect to WooCommerce Checkout Order Detail Box
  • Added new demo import features. Now you can import demo options, widgets & sliders only without flushing existing posts
  • Added an option to show the featured image title, caption and description over the image within the single post page
  • Added Chat Post Format Support. More Info
  • Replaced Wordpress Editor Quotes with a more advanced one. Block quotes can now be easily added / edited. 4 Different Styles.
  • Added Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence Case & Title Case buttons to WordPress Editor.

V.2.0.2 – 03.02.2016

  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Remove unwanted notices non admin users
  • Fixed News Widget query conflict when category and post format filters are both used at the same time.
  • Set Revolution Slider as Theme and disable update notices
  • Moved single post page links above the likes buttons
  • Added max logo height option to the TopBar / MainMenu Logo
  • Added a thumbnail size option for the gallery post format native theme
  • Added a filter xt_post_types_as_post to activate sidebar & post options to any custom post type. More Info
  • Updated Woocommerce templates to support v2.5.1
  • Updated language files

V.2.0.1 – 13.01.2016

  • Removed boolval() function for php 5.3+ compatibility
  • Disabled sticky sidebar on mobile
  • Disabled Visual Composer Updater which was conflicting with the theme Extensions Updater
  • Removed plugin update notices for users without install_plugins capability
  • Removed prepackaged plugins from the theme and stored them on our server. Now premium plugins will be updated by us and a notification will appear within your WordPress dashboard to update the plugins whenever there available without having to wait for a theme update. By doing so, we also reduced the theme zip file to 6MB.
  • Exported Revolution Sliders used in NewsFlash demo to the zip package

V.2.0.0- 10.01.2016

  • Fixed post image / captions alignement
  • Fixed News Widget Orbit Slider options not applying correctly
  • Fixed News Widget Orbit Slider Arrows not showing on Firefox
  • Main Menu: Apply selected menu item styles to ancestor item
  • Enhance retina logo interchange
  • Good News V2 – 4 New Demos
  • Added color column to category management
  • Category colors now inherit from top parent category
  • Update FontAwesome to v4.5.0
  • Updated Slider Revolution to 5.1.6

Full Changelog