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Cool design! Good luck :)

Selamat datang di ThemeForest bro. GLWS!

Terimakasih banyak mas Yogi :)

nice theme GLWS

Thanks Bro :)

nice design! great if you could make the navigation sticky after scroll down :)

Hi, Thanks for your input, I will try to apply it on next update.

Very good, veeeeery good! But I am with @humblespace: it would be a great feature to have the menu fixed on scroll down.

Thanks for your input ;) I will try to update it.

Cool theme, I love it! :bigwink:

Good luck with sales!

Thanks man :)

Very cool! GLWS! ;)

Lovely theme! I like the parallax style.

Do you think you may update to add infinite scroll? I’m also interested in showing fewer social media icons up top is that possible?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our theme,

Nice idea, if possible we will include this idea to the next update.

Autocolabs. :)

One of the best themes I have ever encountered, congratulations!

Thanks bro :) we are trying to realize a cool idea for the next themes.

Is there any way to avoid the pictures to be resized? There are some that lose almost half of the image and it looks awful.

Hi 269lifecr, Sorry for the delay in replying. Please send your question to for a quick reply.

for your case, may I see examples of images that you edit? maybe I can help provide the right image size template to make it look nice.

Thanks :)

Some issues to check:

- Share-button on tumblr pages (not posts) doesn’t work - Dropdown menu’s first item is not always visible (?) - Can’t change main menu’s background color (hover)

Hi riinae, Please send your question to for a quick reply.

May i know your tumblr url? so i can investigate it directly.

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot, yes I will send an email.

This item looks really good. I like it.