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A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Great one, love the simplicity! Good luck with this one :)

Cracking theme as usual, really classy

Excellent Theme!

Great work, WPE! :)

Nice and clean! Good luck with sales AJ ;)

Thanks dude!

Excellent theme my friend!!!

awesome work as usual. good luck!

Great work mate. I really love your style :) Good luck…

clean work as usual.. good job!

really nice! bookmarked!

Thanks! Hopefully you come back and buy it ;)

very nice. god luck

Look great!

Can I know what font is the “Goodinc” from the cover “http://2.s3.envato.com/files/62898151/screenshots/01_main_screenshot.__large_preview.jpg”


It’s called “GrandHotel” ;)

Love it, congrats!

One thing, the pulldown doesn’t work with several pages on a Mac in at least Chrome. Tried to check the reason for you, but can’t find it.

Cheers! Tom

Well, the pulldown aka submenu :) What happens is when I go to ‘Contact’ the submenus don’t appear anymore. And when I visit ‘Home’ after that, there also the submenu doesn’t appear. But when I then visit ‘Shortcodes’, it appears again. It seems to have a relation with the contact page.

Hope this helps! Tom

Hi Tom,

I don’t see that issue. The drop-downs (submenus) are CSS only so they shouldn’t be affected in the manner you have described. The only thing I could think of is maybe some addon on your browser something. Very strange…

Agree! However, it might be a lucky hit and not happen in even a slightly different configuration.

A few days ago I had seen this theme psd in another site, Very nice theme AJ :) good luck with big sales

My friend Blaz and I worked together on the theme design ;)

hmm, Great Job, Good Luck :)

Dream theme. Good luck. Excellent work.


Does the demo content come with all the images? I won’t be using any of these images of course. Need for placement purpose only.


Definitely it does ;)

Thanks. Very neat work btw.