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can you tell me again whitch font is used for that “g” in header? i cant find email or message from the first time I asked :)


Hi, I’ve updated to the latest version, but I still can’t get the custom background to work, even when I edit the CSS file. Can you please tell me how to do this?

My site is: http://www.digitalcoeliac.com/


I see a small bug on your site created by the theme panel. The background is actually working, but its outputting the wrong URL. Please contact me via my profile for the Fix, it’s very easy. I’ll also upload the updated theme now.

Sorry for the troubles.

Just wanted to say, thank-you for the fix – very helpful!

You’re welcome ;)

Hello, how can I remove the summary text of the images at carrousel? Have any way to make it keeping the images and title?

Edit content-homepage-carousel.php and delete line 70:

<p><?php echo wp_trim_words( strip_shortcodes( get_the_content() ), 15); ?></p>

Is there any way to remove the padding around SoundCloud posts on the homepage so that they take up the entire top section of a post the way that YouTube videos do?

The only way would be to edit content-audio.php to move the embed outside of the main entry wrap.The main reason for adding it inside was because the gray background of the soundclode embed would merge into the main site background and it didn’t look too good.

Is there a reason why this theme doesn’t have a custom.css sheet? How do I make custom design changes to the theme without effecting the original coding?

Your old theme must have had a custom.css stylesheet, but most themes do not. It’s actually slower to load a new empty stylesheet for your edits.

The best way to make changes is by:

1. Using a custom css plugin – http://wordpress.org/plugins/my-custom-css/

2. Or setting up a child theme – http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes#How_to_Create_a_Child_Theme

I have a problem. For some reason I have no Theme Options under my Appearance menu. I know that it required to properly setup and customize the theme. The theme installed fine and prompted me for the two other plugins, but nothing outside of that. I also populated the site with the sample data. Any ideas as to why the options are missing?

The theme options are built-in, they should be there, unless you have a plugin installed that might be overriding them. Do you have any sort of theme option plugin active, such as “Options Framework”?

If you want to send us a private message we can investigate further for you, this is the first time I hear about options not showing up.

Make sure WordPress is up to date as well.


I sent you emails on September 11, Oct 1 and Oct 30th and have gotten no responses.

Are you not receiving my emails?


Hi Carlos, we just responded to your latest email. It appears we didn’t get any of your previous emails.


First of all: fantastic theme! We love each and every little detail in it. It’s really smooth, nice looking and modern. Just want we wanted.

There’s a couple of suggestions though for improvements to an already great theme:

1) Excerpts: we use the built-in excerpt function of WP posts, but it seems like the theme doesn’t utilize them fully. The Carousel creates auto excerpts, even if there is something added in the excerpt field of WP. On posts below excerpts are showed as intended. Would love to see the Carousel also make use of the excerpts instead of making it’s own.

2) Recent Post Slider widget: would love if that widget also used the layout of the post formats, and not just a “standard” look. Setting a post to “Notice” should make that post look exactly like the normal post on the page (orange with white text). Also, would be nice if there was an option to choose whether or not that post should be excluded from the homepage. Much like it does with the slider and carousel.

3) An option on the “Post settings” panel on individual posts where you could choose whether or not slider posts should contain the title, excerpt and meta data. Sometimes we would like the slider to just show an image (clickable) in full width, without any text besides it like it does now. So being able to let that setting in the post settings panel override the slider would be a great addition we think.

Again, really amazing theme, but we think these three features could add even more versatility to it, and that they would provide useful for others too.

Have a nice day!

Regards Kristoffer

Thank you for the fast replies! We’ve fixed #1 and #3 easily based on your suggestions. If we get the widget category excluded we would be fine for now. Thanks for your help! :)

BTW: any chance of adding the ability to define Widget Title font size and type through the Typograhy panel? Currently it has to be done through code.

I will probably not be adding the options for the widget titles, the main reason is because once I start adding more options like this people complain..”you added an option for this, but not for that” and then before you know it the theme panel is extremely massive.

If you want some help with the CSS for that, I would be glad to help though!

I can’t view the demo, it says “Error establishing a database connection”

Our site was down for a while as we moved to a faster dedicated premium WPEngine server, should be good now!

BTW: the theme is a bit buggy in safari. The top bar continues for ever to the right :)

Also, what needs to be done in order to add some space (air) above and below the top bar (navigation area below)?

Regards Kristoffer

Hi again,

Removing background: #474747; from #nav-extend-bg

and increasing right: 0 to right: 10px in #header-search { position: absolute; right: 10px; top: 50%; margin-top: -19px; } fixed the issue. :)

Any reason why they are there?

There isn’t anything wrong, this was done on purpose – by design choice 8-)

See the original design by my friend – http://www.blazrobar.com/2013/free-psd-website-templates/free-psd-good-inc-free-website-design-psd-templates/

Ahh.. I see. :) But the fix was easy, so now I’m happy with the result ;) Thank you!

The slider underneath the main slider doesn’t update with new posts even when I enter ”?clear-cahce” into the url. How can I fix this?

Nevermind, I realized that the slider isn’t updating posts because I wasn’t using featured images. However, I use a lot of YouTube videos in my posts and I would like for these posts to show up in the slider. Is there an easy way I can extract images from YouTube videos to use for featured images? If not, is there a way I can use the embed code in a post instead of the Oembed url and still have the video come up at the top of the posts on the homepage?

Humm…Does it not work for you to use featured images? You could take a screenshot of the video using the snipping tool in Windows or COMMAND-SHIFT-4 on a Mac.

Featured images will load your site a whole lot faster then the videos.

If you want to show the videos in the post entries, what I would recommend is go into the theme options and under the blog tab disable “Auto Excerpts” that will allow you to display content from the post editor in the entries.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience over the weekend!

How can i make side bar widget 300px

The default sidebar widget should be 300px

i look into the css file and i found sidebar to be 300 but it’s not fitting in the live site. see ngtunes.com 300×250 ad units is not fitting.

That’s just because you are inserting it into a text widget that has padding. You might want to reset the styling for the text-widget….example:

.sidebar-box.widget_text { background: none; padding: 0; border-bottom: none; }

I set one page for all my post get together, and not in the home, it happens that they do not appear to me on the page that I set

You mean under Settings->Reading?

It should work just fine, if you want to PM me your site url/logins I’ll be glad to have a look for you!

Yesterday I sent a message with the information

I just made sure you got a response, the issue should be resolved now.

Possible bug in navigation.

Have a look @ www.filadelfiavennesla.no Try hovering over “Skoler”. The menu disappears behind the picture for some reason. Doesn’t happen to any of the other menu elements.

That is strange!

Do you think you could send me your site logins (contact me via my profile page). This way I can try making some CSS edits to see how to fix it and test out a few things to see what might be causing the bug?

Thank you for your patience, sorry it took so long to get back to you!

Congrats on a great theme, I love it. One question though. Whats the size of the sidebar blocks? If I wan tot use Ads what size should they be? I’m using 250×250 but they seem to have a lot of dead space around them.

The sidebar is 300px. But it depends how you are adding the ads..for example earlier I recommended someone to use the 300px ads via text-widgets and then just add some CSS to remove the default padding/background form the textwidget:

.sidebar-box.widget_text { background: none; padding: 0; border-bottom: none; }

Hi, i love your theme and it works great, but i have one little issue. My Slider doesn’t update. I have “slide” category for my homepage slider. I switch the posts in this category weekly. Now i have delete some post and ad new ones, but the slider always show the old posts. I’ve clear cache, tryed on other pcs and so on…can you help me?

Hi there,

You’ve done “site.com/?clear-cache” as mentioned in the documentation files?

I actually removed all the homepage caching in the last version because people weren’t reading the docs, so if you are using the latest version you shouldn’t have any caching issue unless its from a caching plugin you have installed.

If you want us to have a look send us a private message via our profile page with the URL + logins.

Hi, I recently bought your theme. It is truly a nice theme to work with ! There is only one thing that is missing… When I search through the available fonts, ‘Source Sans Pro’ is missing. I know it is a Google web font, so I was wondering why it is not there? Could you tell me if it is possible for you to include it within the theme options ?

Thank you in advance


Hi Lesley,

When I released this theme that font wasn’t available. But yes I can easily add it to the array of fonts. Simply contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you the file with all the newer fonts added (in particular that one) so you can update your theme ;)

Hi, I have a question about adjusting the slider carousel time. I want to change the carousel time by adjusting the .js file in my childtheme. I can’t find out how to do it correctly. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! *ps: I’m now adjusting it in my childthem. But if i adjust it in my parent theme will it be overwritten by updates or will the js files stay the same?

With Regards, Jack Price

Hi Jack,

To override JS files in a child theme you will want to dequeue the js from the parent theme then enqueue it into the child theme.



I’m using UberMenu instead of the theme menu and for some reason, when I have the page in mobile view or reduced size, another menu appears at the top with the search box and Browse button that doesn’t do anything.

any suggestions on how to disable that menu from appearing?


I’ve dealt with the search/browse option. by using (in my child theme):

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) { .wpex-responsive #responsive-toggles { display: none } }

but i’m still waiting to hear from you on 2) and 3)

Thanks :)

any solutions for me? 2, and 3, still needs attention. thanks!

Hi leneux,

Sorry for the delay!

2. Please update your theme, there was a bug in a previous version where the background image function wouldn’t work, but it should be fixed now!

3. The text I used for the footer copyright is generic for this theme panel framework and I must have forgotten to alter it. I don’t mind adding the shortcodes to the theme though. Contact me privately and I’ll send you an updated zip with those useful shortcodes. Sorry about this!

When using the standard pagination style it seems that the sidebar disappears on subsequent pages. Is there any way to have the sidebar show with standard pagination? Thanks

Looks like I got it! There are 78 tickets before yours, so please be a bit patient and we’ll get to you asap!

Thanks your reply helped to fix our issue.

Hi! I´m working local with Mamp and the Theme Options table shows up, but without content in the boxes next to its sidemenue. Is it me and my settings for mamp (dont have it connected via ftp with the web and wont like to do it) or is there something I have to know. Theme Options with WP Basic Themes are working. Best Tom

Now I uploaded it on my live server. Still, cant work with Theme Options. :(

Sorry for crying. I updated my WP Version. WORKS! 5 STARS!

Thank you for letting me know, glad you fixed it!