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Hello , did you receive my mail?

Sorry there spartano, I was away for a few days and had some issues with my support staff so now I’m a bit behind I have over 100 emails to go through, hopefully I’ll get back to you soon! Thank you for your patience.


We’re trying to removing the Recent Post Slider category from the homepage post loop.

I figured out this part of the code in functions/exclude-home-cats.php need to be duplicated and modified. Problem is, after looking in functions/widgets/widget-featured-posts.php, I can’t find something along “homepage_slider_cat_exclude”. I need to know the name of the category field in the widget to exclude it from the loop by replacing “homepage_slider_cat_exclude” below with the name of the category field. Or am I wrong?

Mind pointing me in the right direction? Thanks! :)

// Exclude slider items if ( wpex_get_data( 'homepage_slider_cat_exclude', '1' ) == '1' && wpex_get_data( 'homepage_slider_cat', 'None' ) !== 'None' ) { $slider_cat = wpex_get_data( 'homepage_slider_cat' ); $slider_cat_obj = get_category_by_slug($slider_cat); $slider_cat_id = $slider_cat_obj->term_id; $excluded_cats[] = $slider_cat_id; }

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay! You don’t really have to duplicate the code (unless of course you are adding it into a child theme) but basically all you need to do is before line 50:

if ( $query->is_home() && $query->is_main_query() ) {

Add the category you want to exclude from the array like such:

$excluded_cats[] = ID TO EXCLUDE;
Full example:
$excluded_cats[] = ID TO EXCLUDE;
if ( $query->is_home() && $query->is_main_query() ) {

And of course change ID TO EXCLUDE for the category ID you are wanting to exclude.

I have on my website a page with all the files but I wanted to separate, wanted on a page that is already set up is all my articles (text and images) and another page that does not exist is left all my videos. can you guide me how to do this?


Sorry I didn’t see this comment ;(

Just create 2 categories and organize your posts accordingly ;)


I dunno why, but the carousel don’t work, not appear at homepage, how I can to active it? so I have made the same that appear in the manual but not appear…Also I have uploaded the sampler that there is in the package and, neither. Could you help me?


I’ll be glad to help you out. Can you please comment with the account used to make the purchase? Or purchase the theme if you have not and wish to get support.


Hi. Great theme. After the latest update I have some issues though.

1) Full width template don’t work on pages anymore. The sidebar always shows even if full width is chosen.

2) I read another comment where you replied that there would be an option to remove the search bar in this version. I can’t find that option.

Any pointers?

Answer to question 1: Apparently it’s a conflict with bbPress where it refuses to show the page assigned to to the forum in full width. Strange.

1. The bbPress forum isn’t a page, it’s a custom post type archive so you can’t override it via page options:



2. The last update had some quick WP 3.8 fixes/updates. I didn’t do much else. If you want a setting to remove the search bar that’s easy – please message me via my profile page as a reminder and I can send you the updated theme as soon as possible ;)

I have created a child theme with goodinc being the parent theme. The “Theme Options” don’t show up under “Appearance” in the admin once the child theme has been activated. What can I do so that the “Theme Options” show up in the child theme as well?

In the latest update I moved the “Theme Options” link outside so its at the bottom of the sidebar in the admin: http://cl.ly/image/1M3h2d2W3P3V

Sorry, I must have been blind. Thanks for the quick reply!


No worries, sorry for the confusion! I just think its a bit better in this place.


Any chance you could make the frontpage slider in Good inc behave well together with Minit and Minit-YUI?

Currently it’s just loading (spinning loader), without showing any content.

See https://bjornjohansen.no/wordpress-minify

Regards Kristoffer

Hi Kristoffer,

Are you able to share your URL and Logins? When I test that plugin out I actually get the following error:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Unable to load native library: libjava.jnilib

Even on the default Twenty 13 and Twenty 14 themes.

If you want me to have a look send me your details via my profile page contact form.

Personally if you are looking to minify scrips I prefer this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-minify/

Hello! I desperately need your help with something that may be simple. I would like to change the way the posts are displayed at the home page: I want them to appear fully and sequentially at the homepage, with all the images and written content, without the preview or ”+” button scheme having you to go to another page to see the entire post. Can it be done?


Dsiable auto excerpts in the admin – http://cl.ly/image/3W3C3F1T2L1M

Responsive menu not working fully

The menu renders correctly on mobile devices, but if a menu item has children, then the top level item no longer links to the page.

E.g if I have a menu tree as below:

About Us
– members
– contact

Where ‘About Us’ is a page, the link to ‘About Us’ doesn’t work on the responsive menu – it just expands the branch. The child items link correctly

Hum, this was done on purpose. You could create a main item under your dropdown if you want to link to that page.

Or do you have any good suggestions? I am definitely open to ideas!

Yes, I realised it would have to work the way you have it for mobile devices. In the end I created another menu for mobile, and display the relevant menu using a media query

Good idea, I’ll add in a separate menu for mobile devices only in the next update!

Hi, I have two questions before I buy.

I’d like to install this theme on a test blog to get used to configuring it before I roll it out on my actual blog. Is that allowed?

Also, the regular license allows installing the theme on a single domain I own, or can I use it on several blogs I own? It’s not totally clear.


Yes that is 100% fine ;) In fact I would suggest most people to install WordPress locally and test things out there before going live, because it will be much quicker working locally and you can make sure there aren’t any issues before moving over.

1 license per domain.

Sorry for the delayed response over the weekend! Let me know if you have any other questions.


I have problem that was mentioned before. My expanded menu is hiding under the slider or the carousel. If I hover pointer few times above the menu it displays above the slider, but this is very annoying.

Have you managed how to deal with this problem?


I’m pretty sure this bug happens only if there is 1 slide. Do you have more then 1 slide? If so please share the URL so I can have a look because I have not been able to recreate the error locally.

Hi, yes it happened on more than one slide. I fixed that issue, but I`m not sure is it OK. In ”.flexslider .slides > li ” I changed “-webkit-backface-visibility:” to visible and now everything seems to be all rigght. I`m just not sure if I did`nt broke something. You can test it on: graficzny.com.pl

That seems to work good, thanks for the heads up!

I ended up adding (to my local install for the next update):

#featured-flexslider { z-index: -1; }

Which also seems to fix the bug.

Hi, Thanks for your previous help! I was wondering if there’s a way to make the Quotes/Aside Posts clickable and open up in their own page. I’m trying to allow users to leave comments on them but if they need to go to a specific URL first, it kind of defeats the purpose. Please let me know if there’s an easy work-around.

You would have to edit content-quote.php and content-aside.php and simply add links (link to the_permalink()) around the containers. This might cause the text inside to change color as they become links so you will probably have to make some CSS tweaks as well.


I apologize but I’m rather new to all this and don’t quite understand your instructions. If you can please explain how/what I’ll need to edit in content-quote.php, I’d appreciate it. You said to simply add links (link to the_permalink()) around the containers but I’m not sure where to do this task.


If you need some extra assistance making tweaks to your theme you’ll need to hire a developer. I would recommend Microlancer.com.

Unfortunately I can’t teach people how to code for free.

Hi i have found some error. I think You need to add this code:

overflow: hidden;

to this css class:


Because if i have long html link i see them all on all my right side page. Sorry for bad language. Cheers!

Thanks for the heads up!

Hello, thx for this great theme ! Do you know if we can limit the item number in homepage ?


When you say item number you mean the amount of posts displayed?

If so, that is the correct option. Make sure your site isn’t being cached.

ps: In the future I won’t be able to provide you with support, unless you purchase the theme. Thanks!

hello, yes I’m talking about the amount of posts displayed. my site isn’t being cached. I clear my cache explore. But nothing happens.

I have purchase your theme but not with this account, i can continue with this other account if you prefer. thanks

Yes to change the amount of posts displayed it would be the setting I told you under Settings->Reading ““Blog pages show at most”. If this setting isn’t working its possible maybe you have a plugin active that is messing up the main query.

How can I remove or not display recent Articles? Thank you

I want to remove the carousel at the bottom “related posts” from all pages. Thank you

How can I not display the “related posts”?

In the “Theme Options” panel under the “Blog” tab there is a setting to disable the related posts section.

Hi, one question to You. How can i remove “Highlight” styles for “widget menu” on sidebar. I want to add my own styles for this (in sidebar) menu but i can’t because there are “theme setting – highlight styles”. Could You tell me which line and what file i need to edit? Thanks! My website is http://metamarketing.mass.zgora.pl/

Hey there!

Awesome edits to the theme, looks cool 8-)

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do, but sounds like your custom CSS isn’t overriding, correct?

Have you tried using the !important declaration in your CSS? Or targeting a parent element such as the body tag?

Yeah, adding “body” before id and classess and !important helped! thanks

Love the theme, really nice and the infinite scroll works great! I wondered if I can display the posts in a grid format. IE 3 in a row.. say the same size as is show on the scroller at the top?

Many thanks.

Hi there,

There isn’t any built-in option to do this. You would have add some custom CSS to turn the posts into columns. The problem is if your posts are different heights (longer titles or longer excerpts) it’s going to mess up the layout, so you would probably want to also add a script such as jquery Masonry so the layout looks best.

Maybe you’d be interested in our other theme – http://themeforest.net/item/fashionista-responsive-wordpress-blog-theme/3050123

Hi there thats great and the other theme, look like just what I’m after :)

Hi, thanks for the theme! I have two questions.. I would like to make it a little more wider, so I did: www.bonjourfrankrijk.nl/wordpress. But when I do this, the pictures are not so beautiful anymore (even when they are uploaded with a big format). And also de latest blogpost box isn’t wide like I want it. How can I change this in the editor?

Hi there, thanks for the rapid response. I made a child theme (didn’t knew about it before) and changed the figures in the default-image-sizes.php, but now it doesn’t work like I want it. You can watch: http://bonjourfrankrijk.nl/wordpress/ I would like to have the blogpost exactly next to the widgets, not with so many space between it… Hope you understand, so sorry for all the questions.

It’s ok! I made some change of plans ;-) Thanks a lot.

Hi, Thanks for the theme it looks beautiful. I would like to embed a tweet in a post (this would be the only content of the post except for a little comment) and i want it to appear with the Twitter format on my category page where there are other article like this: http://themeforest.net/item/goodinc-flat-responsive-wordpress-blog-news-theme/full_screen_preview/5285055 But i want to put any tweet i want not only mine. How can i do that? Thank you

Hi there,

You can use the “status” post format for this – http://cl.ly/image/2m3G422G3339 – simply insert the URL to the tweet into the embed field.

Help! I just bout your theme. Now, how do I download it. I don’t see the download button on themeforest.

Doesn’t look like you have the purchased tab next to your name. If you did in fact purchase it make sure you are logged into the correct account, if you are, contact Envato support so they can assist you.