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I just purchased it. Fixed that problem. But now i have another problem. I tried to upload the theme to wordpress. I keep getting this error.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Please help. I’d like to get this up right away. Thank you. Great looking theme.


Hi, It just installed. I downloaded the zip file again. Thanks.


I’m looking through my files and don’t see a documentation file. Could you send me one? Thank you.


I checked the file, even downloaded another and there was no folder marked “Documentation.” Can I email you? I’d really like the documentation. Is the documentation a user guide?

I found your documentation page online. That’s fine.

Hello! I would like to solve an issue related to the slider. Is there any way I can configure the slider to show only the image and the caption/title, without the part with the text beside it?

Thank you!

Thank you so much! We’ve implemented the change and it worked out fine. But for some reason, a day after the slider simply disappeared. We haven’t done anything different nor changed the code since then. Do you know if wordpress 3.8.1 has had any problems lately? I’m going to launch my website at february 24th, so I’m a bit desperate that I can’t seem to solve the slider :(

If you can show me the URL maybe I can see what the error is.

Things usually don’t break for no reason! If you have added any new plugins recently try de-activating them incase one of them is breaking your site.

You can also send the URL and logins via my profile page contact form for me to look.

I just emailed you! Thanks ;)

Is it possible to turn off (or slow down) the Related Posts slideshow?

You can turn it off via an option in the theme panel ;)

I’m speaking specifically to the transition animation from the first three Related Posts to the next three. I’d like to turn that off, so that if the user wants to see more than the 3 related posts they have to click on the arrows to trigger the transition. Thanks!

Ah gotcha,

The only way to disable that is to tweak the javascript. You’ll need to edit js/posts-carousel-init.js and set the value “auto” from true to false.

if ( $(window).width() > 959 ) {
    $('#posts-carousel-wrap .bxslider').bxSlider({
        pause: 8000,
        responsive: false,
        minSlides: 3,
        maxSlides: 3,
        moveSlides: 3,
        slideWidth: 300,
        slideMargin: 20,
        pager: false,
        auto: true,
        adaptiveHeight: false,
        onSliderLoad: function(){
            $('#posts-carousel-wrap li').equalHeights();
} else {

I don’t need a comments bar on my “Contact Us” page with a form. How do I make comments disappear for some pages, while remaining on other pages?

Hi Thanks. But I am referring to the page templates created in the theme. My Contact page was created using the page template and I’d like to disable the comments.

Oops. Got it. Sorry. Will do.

Hi! I have one more question, where can I change background color of slider loading theme. I have changed background of slider but when he’s loading i see some grey background and i dont know how to change that. My website: metamarketing.eu

The custom CSS for this would be like this:

#featured-flexslider.flex-loading { YOUR CUSTOM BACKGROUND HERE; }

How can I use domain.com/x as shortcut display for all posts categoried/tagged with x instead of having to use domain.com/tag/x or domain.com/category/x?

Also, how could it be set up so that after scrolling down using infinite scroll, when you click thru to a post when you click back it simply takes you to the front page. Is it possible to arrange it to go back to the corresponding page to that post?

Also, where could I edit theme file to match the mobile view with the custom desktop view I set up?

Thanks! Great work.

You’ll need a plugin to remove the slugs from the tags/permalinks. I personally use WordPress SEO by Yoast for my onsite SEO and has it built-in, if you aren’t using that plugin here is an alternative – http://wordpress.org/plugins/remove-taxonomy-base-slug/

It wouldn’t be possible to have the button take you back to a position in the infinite scroll, it’s somewhat possible with a lot of code but it creates bugs in WordPress. If you require something like that maybe go for the standard pagination instead (i think its better anyway, I just add infinite scroll because some people request it).

You would have to disable the responsive CSS if you want the theme to not change for smaller browsers/devices.

All the responsive CSS in in the main style.css so you would have to remove from there. The best way would be to use a child theme and dequeue the default style.css then enqueue it in your child theme without the media queries.


can I add a WooCommerce webshop to this theme withoud making adjustments? So is the theme compatible with WooCommerce?



Hi Chris,

You could add WooCommerce, but the default WooComerce styling is pretty ugly, so it might not look very good on this theme because the theme isn’t WooCommerce optimized.

The only themes I have WooCommerce ready are Total & Thunder.

SoundCloud social media icon. How do i add one to our theme? Thank you. I went to the theme options, and of course I can add a link, but how can I add the social media icon and the link together?

SoundCloud is part of the social array by default (there is no option for it in the theme options). My suggestion would be to copy the wpex_display_social() function located at functions/social-output.php into your child theme so you can add more social services as needed.

Hi, How do I add a picture to the contributors “circle.”

WordPress uses Gravatar for user avatars – http://en.gravatar.com/ – so your authors will need to sign up and define their picture.

Thank you.


Us again :P

Is there an easy way to make the blog section on the frontpage display posts in 2 columns rather than 1 like today?

The only way would be via CSS, there isn’t any built-in option for this. I am working on releasing a new masonry theme this week though that will have 1,2,3,4 column options but it’s a bit different then this one. But who knows maybe you’ll like it more ;)

Just another question, maybe it’s a stupid one… But in my blogpost, the colors of the titles and the colors of the links are bad. As you can see here: http://www.bonjourfrankrijk.nl/?p=456 the color of the title and the color of the link is too light. But I can’t find the code to change it in de Style.css …



Sorry for the delay!

You are correct the color highlight is overriding it. You can add a little CSS though to tweak it:

body #post-heading h1 { color: #dc3e1c; }

Result: http://cl.ly/image/1W000A3Y0r0e

Again sorry for the delay Rosanne – your site looks great!

Thanks a lot! I saw your message also too late, but now it’s okay! Great!

How could I add a ‘custom field’ (I don’t know if that’s the right word?) to each posts where I could include maybe 4-5 standard links that I would like to add. For instance, if a post is on a business leader I would like to have the same box appear in same place somewhere that I could customize on each post that added (at a minimum) social links but preferabbly my own little coding of a follow button embed, facebook like button embed etc?

Not sure if I’m being clear please let me know if I must elaborate. I looked around for plugins but wasn’t certain what exactly the technical terms are for what I’m looking for.

A custom field is one way of doing what you want. But no matter what you will probably need to code this into your theme or create a custom plugin for your usage, I’m not sure if there is a plugin that will do exactly what you want. You could try one of these plugins – https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=custom+fields – but depending on your needs you might be better off paying a developer to make you a quick little plugin for your site.

Also, is it possible to cut off all (or maybe some) widgets or basically everything beyond post content / footer in home mobile view in order to speed site up?

I’m not sure what the best way to do that would be, but it’s definitely plugin territory, not something you would ever add to a theme. Have you tried looking for a plugin that can do this?

Dear AJ,

I’m dealing with two major issues. 1) Featured image doesn’t load on blog posts page, it does inside of the article itself (I’m using full-width format) but not on the pages with right or left bar.

2) Any ideas how to create nested page with posts from a certain categories? I have a blog where I would like to have several topics.

Your help would be much appreciated.

1. Do you have an example of the issue? I’ve checked locally and I’m not seeing the problem. Are you saying the featured image displays on the single post but not on the index or archive pages?

2. You mean a page that displays something like “Latest posts from category x” and then “Latest posts from category y”?

If so, this isn’t an issue but an addition you want to make to the theme. You’ll need to create a custom template for this, it’s not a super quick/easy tax. You’ll want to use the get_term() function – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_term to call your category and then WP_Query to loop through your posts – http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query

Thank you for your speedy response, much appreciated. About the first point, here’s my blog http://youngtown.sk/. You can see it right from the getgo, when you click the blog post VITAJTE (‘Welcome’ in English), you will know what’s up. When you enter the post itself, it seems to be ok. Furthermore, it’s not showing in the slider as well even though I’ve set up categories for the article as well as in the slider.

Please make sure the GD library is active on your server. WordPress needs this to crop/resize images. If you aren’t sure how to enable it contact your web host.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve spent over 6 hours in total searching for a solution but found nothing except for codes that doesn’t work. Such a simple function should work without a hassle.

My feature images are not being shown in the blog post, as you can see here http://youngtown.sk/?cat=2. I’ve tried clearing cache, turned off all plugins, tried various sizes of images from small to medium to big, NOTHING works.

Can you, please, advise?

I’m not sure what you mean, I’m looking at the page right now and I can see the username, description and article #.

Did you figure it out?

Description is there for 1 user, which is me. However, as you can see in the upper right corner, it reads ‘2 contributors’ but only one is showing. I found out that system adds users when they have at least 1 article published. Please, is this by default or it can be changed.

Oh, yes users are only added if they have 1 post (they aren’t technically an author if they haven’t written anything).

Yes this can be changed!

Open templates/authors.php and delete line 42:

<?php if ( count_user_posts( $user->ID ) >= '1' ) { ?>

and line 61:

<?php } ?>

I’ll just update this for the next version as well, I think you are correct it might make more sense to show them all ;)

I want to configure the same preview site. Let me know how.

please help me!!

When you download the full zip, extract and locate a folder called “Dummy”. Inside is a file called “Sample-Data.xml”.

Log into WordPress and go to Tools->Import and follow the directions to import the file mentioned above.

thank you so much!! :)

Hey. Is it possible to exclude certain categories from the homepage? If so, how? Thanks

This should be done via a plugin. Here is a guide on my site you can check out – http://www.wpexplorer.com/hide-posts-wordpress-homepage/

There are of course many other ways, but it would never be built-into the theme.

My last question (I hope), sorry for asking so many things! Do you also have a code for changing the color of the links in my blogs? I think this is also the color of the hightlight? You can watch here, after the third photo: http://www.bonjourfrankrijk.nl/?p=602.

Thanks a lot, Rosanne

Hi Rosanne , the CSS would be something like this:

body .entry a { color: red; }
body .entry a:hover { color: #000; }

Three months ago in an answer to how the responsive menu treats drop downs you said, “Good idea, I’ll add in a separate menu for mobile devices only in the next update!” Has this been implemented in the latest update? If not, could you provide the code so that we can designate a specific menu for use on mobile devices (i.e. disabling drop downs)? Thanks!

No I haven’t made the update, I forgot ;)

Send me a private message and I”ll update the theme and zip it over.