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I have a problem on the installing the theme:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Any ideas? Thanks

Glad you got it working ;) Thanks for the purchase!

When I add links to a menu, can I force them to open in a new tab as opposed to refreshing the page?

I don’t seem to have that option.

For clarification, I’m in: Appearance/Menus/Menu Structure and I’m editing my “Main Menu.” I’m adding a Link from the left hand menu (with URL and Link Text) and it adds it to the Menu. No option for “Open link in a new window/tab.”

Only options are for adding new top-level pages, and Theme locations.

Check your screen options to make sure its enabled(link target). Its on the top right of the menu dashboard.

Great! There it is :)

If I look at the page in Safari on Mac (http://wpexplorer-demos.com/goodinc/) it looks like the menu + search text shifts between bold/non bold every time the scroller moves?

There does seem to be a bug in Safari…I’ll have to investigate this further, but I’m not sure its fixable. I think its an actual issue with the browser.

Thanks for the reply – if you can fix it you have another buyer :-)

Unfortunately I can not fix Safari ;(

I’ll look into maybe a “hack” to make it less visible. But I can’t update the actual browser!


i show the feeds of wordpress on my other website. where i show only 2 latest posts. I need to add “read more” link at the end of every post (feeds on the website), I understand this is theme specific. can you please guide me how to go about. when I use built in thmes (2012 etc) it show the link as “continue reading”. Thanks

Hi there,

You will have to edit the content.php and content-[format].php files. In each (for the formats that have excerpts) you will find this:

<?php wpex_excerpt( wpex_get_data( 'excerpt_width', '60' ) ); ?>

to enable a read more, change to this:

<?php wpex_excerpt( wpex_get_data( 'excerpt_width', '60' ), true ); ?>

Can I speed up my site? It loads painfully slow, 10-14 seconds (on WiFi!) I only have a few plugins, mainly Jetpack, Facebook like and a few others. Nothing crazy, it would seem. I tested WP Super Cache but deactivated it, as it seemed to confuse refreshing and seeing site changes. Will reactivate later.

I’m on a Media Temple grid server, and have used them forever, but don’t remember any of my sites loading this slow.

Do you have any fixes or advice?

Yeah, this is odd. It’s been slow for the last couple weeks, but now it’s fairly snappy (3-5 secs load for me). AND WP Super Cache is off right now. I didn’t really do any other changes.

1) While we’re on the subject, do you recommend any particular caching plugin? I have WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache installed (neither is active ATM).


2) I have the WORST luck with clearing caches and seeing up to date changes. I’m using the “http://sweetrideusa.com/test/?clear-cache” link, but my results are pretty weak. I clear the cache as well via browser preferences, but as I test with Safari and Chrome simultaneously, changes are never “accurate” or even similar across the 2 browsers. Wonder what I can do to DEFINITIVELY clear the browser so I see the latest changes to posts/widgets/plugins.

Thank You!!!

It could be your server. A couple years ago I was on the MediaTemple grid and I didn’t have very steady results. I think the main reason is because of the shared MySQL. I upgraded for $20/month for the dedicated MySQL and that seemed to help alot. Also Media Temple offers CloudFlare for free. I would highly recommend using CloudFlare as opposed to W3C, I personally had much better results with CloudFlare. I currently own both a Media Temple dedicated server and premium WPEngine accounts ;)

Regarding clearing the cache…?clear-cache is only for the queries. So for example if you change the slider category you would use that. It doesn’t do anything else. If you are having issues clearing cache for posts/widgets/plugins its probably due to the caching plugin – even after you de-activate it you still have to clear the locally stored data.

Also, if you are using CloudFlare you should be setting CloudFlare in development mode while working.

I personally use chrome and I use the following for clearing browser cache while I work – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cache-killer/jpfbieopdmepaolggioebjmedmclkbap?hl=en

Hope some of that helps!


how do I remove the search box?

There isn’t a built-in option for this but you can hide it with CSS:

#header-search { display: none; }

Gallery question (and THANKS for the great support)

Your Goodinc gallery is sweet already. For sure. BUT I’m wanting to test a couple more out (for larger galleries and easy scanning). For instance, the Jetpack tiled gallery. I install and activate (and hit the checkbox for “tiled galleries”) but when viewing a gallery post, the goodinc gallery still shows. Are we able to use other gallery plugins with this theme, is there some jedi trick to allow this?

Also I want to give you 5 stars cause you are KILLING IT with support, but when I click on the stars and “more info” I don’t see a path for rating…?

Correct ;)

In the next update I will be changing it up so you can select the specific images you want for the gallery and move them around. So it’s not attachment based.

Since we’re on the topic – One question about the theme – when I create a gallery, and add a featured image – the FI doesn’t show up in the post excerpt form, only in the recent articles slider etc. Why?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. The code for the Gallery post format entry is pretty much the same as it is for the post itself. You shouldn’t even be able to set a featured image, because its attachment based.

if you want to contact me via my profile page I can hook you up with the update for the new gallery img management. It’s not done yet but its pretty quick. Looks like this: http://cl.ly/image/3j220g133n29

Hi, This is my first premium theme. I bought it and it’s great! I have just one question for you. Can i set somewhere default post layout? I have many posts and I would like to set them all to full width. Can I do this in bulk? Or change code somewhere?

Hi there,

If you want all your posts full-width you would simply need to alter some code. Open the file in your theme at functions/layout-styles.php and locate line 24:

$post_layout = get_post_meta ( $post->ID, 'wpex_post_layout', true );

Change it to:

$post_layout = 'Full Width';

Google Adsense and/or Yahoo Media advertisements do not display to GoodInc. theme. Are there any known issues with this theme blocking Ad code. My code is correct because I have the same code on several other blogs I own. You can view the blog that the ad code is not working at www.uberapparatus.com

There shouldn’t be an issue with ads on the theme. But I do see a server related error on your site that might be causing the issue:


Are you sure that ads haven’t been disabled for your domain?

Can you try putting your ad into a text widget instead of using the plugin currently in use (remove it to make sure it isn’t causing issues then try).

By the way, I love the edits you’ve made, this looks great!

It looks like it was my error, sorry for the trouble, thank you for your help. Great Theme by the way, and glad you like our modified GoodInc Uberfied design.

Glad you figured it out! And yes I do really like the colors and fonts you are using, kudos!

I would like each blog post my had a custom background, how do this?

This would be plugin territory.

Have a look here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/background-per-page/

Hello! We are interested in purchasing this theme, but would like to confirm that there are no known issues with the plugins to transfer blog content and photos easily over from blogger? We know how this is done already – just want to make sure you don’t know of any conflicts with your template.


The documentation is included in the purchased zip inside the folder called “Documentation”. Make sure you are downloading the correct file otherwise you wont find it.

I added it online for you as well though: http://www.wpexplorer.org/online-docs/goodinc/

If you want support though, please comment with the account used to make the purchase. It’s the only way I know you have purchased the theme legally, thanks!

Thank you so much! I will post from the clients account from now on, if I need further assistance – user name is BeeGirl76 if you’d like to verify now. :) I appreciate your help so far!

Unfortunately the reason I ask is because as a seller there is no way for me to verify, besides the ribbon in the comment.

I really appreciate it, thanks!

after the last update the theme does not accept any changes in values like colors, with or wthout pin mark menu etc… what do I do?

Hi there,

I’m not sure what you mean by ” does not accept any changes in values”. Are you having issues with the theme panel or with changing the CSS on your site?

The last update did not alter either of these.

Can you please be a bit more specific? Thanks!

problems with the theme panel

The last update didn’t even touch the theme panel, so the update itself shouldn’t have caused that.

- Does clearing your browser cache help?
- Have you installed any new plugins recently that might have broken it?
- Are you able to check with firebug or chrome developer tools to see if there is any error in the js console?

If you want me to look send me a message via my profile page.

Quick Question

When using the Insert More Tag the post ends up writing a;


where the insert more is. Any idea why that might be?

Sorry for the delayed response. I did some more testing but no avail im still getting a number where the More tab should be. Currently its displaying it as 41.

The website is iLikeCorgis.com

If you want to use the more tag, be sure to disable the auto excerpts – http://cl.ly/image/400i123n1h1D

Fantastic! Thanks!

Hi. This theme is great I like it, but I found some problems while setting up the site as originally planned, so I need to get solutions. The problems are:
1) How to set up the color blinking elements like tags and overlay with plus in carouselle, from orange to some other color, because it does not work with any other color?
2) After the update from 1.1.2 to 1.2 styling options refuse to work at all.
3) How do I set up text comment in the bottom of slides in the main slider, like in default theme like this text “This Bold Theme Was Designed To Be Full Of Fantastic Features”, how do I do that?
4) Which table from sql database contains settings options for design and style, as I stumbled into a problem after update that some old parameters might conflict with new, probably why styling options refuse to work?

That’s about it that I can remember right now, my english is not very good, hope you understand problems I described.

Ok I got it, but the problem that I use (btw) purple as main color but I also need to have the animation, what parameter in CSS I need to disable or change to have animation working but with custom color? Thank you for fast answers!

Open functions/custom-css.php and delete line 29:

#posts-carousel-wrap .bx-wrapper li:hover .overlay-plus { background: url("'. get_template_directory_uri().'/images/carousel-overlay.png") 0 0 no-repeat; }';

That’s the easiest way if you don’t know CSS.

Thank you very match!

I’ve got a question regarding this theme before buying.

Can the triangular ( + ) icons in the corner of post images be changed? I like the function would would like to create something a bit softer, like a circle with a ( + ) in it.

Great looking theme. Thanks

Well, technically anything can be changed, it just depends on your level of expertise.

The + are images so you would want to tweak these images via photoshop or another image editing tool. You would find all the theme design images inside the theme’s images folder.

Thanks for the reply. I figured it would be possible, I just wasn’t sure how they were implemented into the code. My understanding of CSS and html is above basic knowledge, I’m just not proficient enough to build things from scratch.

I’ve got my Wordpress setup on my local machine using WAMP. For some reason, none of my posts are showing up in the homepage slider or the carousel – nothing at all is showing up. Any ideas? I tried clearing the cache but no joy . . .

I also looked in the source and there’s no flexslider area being created.

Sorry for the barrage of comments! I just tried taking the code for the slider in the demo and putting it into the “Slider Alternate” area. The area for the slider shows up but all I get is the loading gif animation.

After choosing the slider categories you should clear the query cache like this – your-site.com/?clear-cache – did you do this?

Also make sure your posts have featured images.

I’m not sure what code you are talking about for the “Slider Alternative”. This is where you would enter a slider shortcode for example.

If you can set it up live that would be very helpful.

Great theme. Is it possible to have the featured images (or gallery images for that matter as well) be shown in full as whatever size they are rather than being cropped to roughly 600×400 (before having to click on them to view full image)?

Also, curious as to how the related posts are calculated. I think they’re beautiful but their relatability to current post content is a bit … off :) Thanks!

It’s not going to be possible because the sidebar is in the way. It would be impossible to have some full-width and some non-full-width posts on the homepage.

Now if you want to remove the sidebar on the homepage and have only full-width posts it wouldn’t be a hard edit.

I was actually just hoping to have the height NOT be cropped out. The width on homepage post is fine with me.

Hello! I can not get the sliders to show up on the homepage. I have followed all the steps in the documentation, however there is not an option to set the height. I’m wondering if this has something to do with it? Or if I’m missing something else? Thank you so much!


1. Do your posts have featured images. You need the featured image so that there is something to show in the slider/carousel.

2. Have you tried clearing the homepage query cache? – yoursite.com/?clear-cache

3. If you still can’t get it to work, you can send me a private message via my profile page so I can take a look for you.

Thanks for last tip! Any chance for implement by you slabtext to theme? It looks much more better with one line of headers and full titles in slides.


Not quite sure what you mean. Are you talking about using a Slab style font?


It’s just suggestion, I implemented it by myself and look great with this theme. I did not seen any theme with this here and this theme would look even more special :)

Ah, gotcha. Yes I’ve seen a few themes using it. If you don’t mind sharing the URL I’d like to see how you’ve implemented it.


How do you make the slider the full size of the page on the homepage. Mine is in two columns. Also how do you get the posts to show up underneath the slider like on your page? I am having issues with paged post pagination as well. When I do a page break everything under the page break just disappears instead of moving to the next page.

I’m not sure what you mean about your slider being in “two columns”. Are you able to show the URL? Sounds a conflict on your setup which I can’t troubleshoot without looking.

Your blog posts should display automatically. If you don’t see them go to Settings->Reading and make sure you don’t have your homepage set as a static pag.

Not sure what you mean about the page break, please share the URL. Paginated posts should work just fine – http://wpexplorer-demos.com/goodinc/checkout-this-great-fashion/

Sorry for the delayed response!