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Wondering if I can add a ecommerce plugin? Would like to sell plugins using this Template..is that possible? Will it work with...lets say Woocommerce or EDD?

Thank you, Winners!

I have not personally tested any of those plugins with the theme. It should work fine, but as always you would probably want to make edits to the CSS to make it look/function nicely with the theme.

Hello! First off, great work! I absolutely fell in love with this theme the moment I saw it. Beautiful clean lines and excellent typography. The moment I installed it my website immediately looked 10X as excellent! :) Thank you for that.

I do have two issues to address:

The homepage carousel has a glaring typography flaw, where it chops off the title of my post (!) after so many characters, and is generally misaligned:


It’s h2, just like the headline on the main slider, but the type loads much larger. Help!

It also moves too fast, IMO, and I’d like to slow it down a bit. Is there a quick fix for these issues that I could do? I don’t mind digging into the code or tweaking css.

Also, your GoodInc recent Posts Slider widget is nice, but I noticed it plays in the exact same order with every page load. So as I click through my site, I keep seeing the same first post pop up again and again. It quickly starts to look redundant, and makes my content seem thin. Any chance we could randomize that to increase the click-thru rate?

Thank you again, so much, for such a beautiful theme! KUDOS!

Whoops, I just saw the question about photography, I can help you with that! I might also have a proposition for you. :) Please message me here: http://hillaryfox.com or here http://facebook.com/hillaryfox

By the way, all your fixes worked great. My site looks amazing. Just left a 5-star rating. :)

I’m launching in a couple days, I’ll link to the finished work so your buyers can see another sample site.

Couple suggestions for your next update:

The pretty css rollover effects (on tags and category blocks) only work with the default highlight color.

I almost didn’t buy this theme because the main column was quite slim for my needs (only 620px, although the 300px sidebar is just right). If you could have a future admin panel option offering a wider main column (+100px would be great) or maybe post the css tweaks in a faq sometime to help us do it ourselves (it’s an easy tweak until the homepage sliders) that would be great! Not at all urgent, but it might help your sales.

Example before: http://ongoingpro.com/defaultwp.jpg After: http://ongoingpro.com/biggerwp.jpg

Cheers and thanks again!

Great, thanks for the suggestions & sharing the site! It will look even better on a Mac too if you get a chance to look, fonts render much smoother on Mac.

I’ll write down your suggestion about the width for a possible update. But the issue with the hovers is not possible to alter because they are images, I can’t alter the image color “on the fly”.

I’ll get in touch with you!


Greetings. I want to buy your theme. I am concerned about several issues. Is it possible in your topic interface translation, both for anonymous and for the administrator? In the demo connected to paid plug-ins that need to be purchased for the full functioning of the threads to achieve a similar look?

Hi there,

1. I don’t understand the question about ” topic interface translation”.

2. You don’t have to buy anything else besides the theme. Of course you need to have your own self-hosted WordPress though.

hello, its possible to force search tool to search in the entire website domain (/forum for example) and not only the wp site ? regards

No, because the search function is built-into WordPress which can’t possibly search another database. The only way would be for you to switch out the default search for something else like Google Search.

Is there any way to hide contributors on the contributors page? We have a long list of them, and some of them have stopped writing for us so we want to keep this list tidy but not delete them off the system or at the end of posts.

Awesome theme. Can’t wait to release it!


Please see templates/authors.php – the easiest is probably to add in the loop an if statement to skip any you don’t want shown. It depends really, if the ones you want to show are less then the ones you want to hide then you would want to do something like…

if ( $user->ID == '1' || $user->ID == '2' ) {
//do all the fun loop stuff

if there are less to hide do something more like..

if ( $user->ID == '1' || $user->ID == '2' ) {
// do nothing
} else {
//do all the fun loop stuff

And if you have a crap ton of users, you might want to setup an array first and then check the ID’s agains the array.

If you need further assistance I would recommend microlancer – http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

Just wondering how we can tweak the Contributors to add additional social media icons with links, such as LinkedIn and YouTube that are currently missing.

Our current website/theme has this – http://www.investorsbeat.com/channel-contributors/ We want to add it to this page (testing website) - http://investorsbeat.net/bringing-commercial-real-estate-to-the-crowd/ And to the bottom of article posts in the author section – http://investorsbeat.net/channel-contributors/

Let us know how we can do this?


Well this theme already adds twitter, facebook, google plus and pinterest options to user profiles – see functions/user-meta.php

If you want to show them all on the contributor page it isn’t too hard. You need to edit the template file templates/authors.php

If you have a look at author-bio.php you can see how to go about displaying the various social links so you can replicate the code into the authors.php template file.

Hello! Thank you so much for your previous help. My next issue is I am trying to get the colors to change and I saw in someone else’s post that some code in the functions.php was left out on the last update. So, I added the line of code at the end of that php page as suggested and saved – however, we are still not able to update the colors in the Theme Options > Styling area. What to do?

Thank you in advance!

I actually updated the theme shortly after. If you want to try re-downloading and replacing the functions.php files that would be the best bet.

If you prefer though, you can PM us with your logins and we’ll have a look at your back-end and make sure it’s all working as it should.

Sorry for the troubles & thank you for your patience!

That fixed it, thank you!! I did just update the php file, but am wondering if there anything else from that update that I should manually update as well? Thanks!

That should be it ;) Sorry for the troubles!

How can I add a (or multiple) sharing buttons to each individual post on homepage stream with the buttons sourcing the individual post url (as opposed the the home domain). I was thinking something somewhere between he comments and the date at the bottom bar of each home individual homepage post? Thank you!

Thanks for those specific recommendations for which buttons to use. Those are are great. I also was specifically asking where in the code I could insert these buttons manually so they could appear on each individual post (including individual, correlated posts’ social sharing stats) ON HOMEPAGE view. I can’t figure out how to get any sharing buttons (maybe just 1 overall counter I was thinking to save page load time) on the homepage successfully for each post.

Thank you!

Also, do you know how to use Wordpress login you have setup with theme to allow subscribed/registered users to ‘save’ or ‘like’ posts as so they could view a list view said saved/liked posts similar to how a category/tag view appears?

Oh sorry, for the homepage (depending on the plugin) you might have to add the code manually. This would be done in the content-[format].php files. If you open any, such as content.php, you will see that the top half is for single posts and the bottom half of the file is for entries, you would insert your code in the bottom part. Or if you are an advanced WordPress user you can probably add these via hooking into specific WP hooks.

To be honest I don’t know of any liking plugins that also lets you bookmark them so users can come back to see their saved posts. You’ll need to search the web a bit for this, let me know if you find anything good!

Is there any way to create a page where the posts are in a grid layout? Like 3 or 4 columns, displaying thumbnail and post title?

If not could you suggest a plugin that may work for creating extra page layouts?

Still loving this awesome theme and thanks for your help.

Hi there Praxis,

The only way you would be able to do this is manually creating a template or using CSS to alter the display of a category.

In terms of plugins… I personally don’t know of many for creating grids, however, I did some searching and hopefully one of these will work for you (note I haven’t tested any):

I am having an issue with http://nqd.wesleyan.org.au/ where he ‘District Churches’ menu displays as its fading in but then disappears behind the featured posts slider. Could you help on what is causing this? I am using Chrome and I have tried it on both OSX and Windows.

Everything else I have found with this template is amazing! a great template all round!

nope – still an issue.

FIXED! for some reason it has an issue with only one post in the featured slider. I added another post and set the slider to show 2 posts and it works fine now…that is some bug with either your template or the flexslider…not sure but it shouldn’t really happen.

The other issue I was having (sent in an email) have also been resolved when that second slide was added.

Thanks though for all your suggestions.

Yes that’s weird that it would fix it, because I tested locally with just 1 slide and I didn’t have any issues. Eitherway, glad it works ;)

Thanks for letting us know!

My site is live and I love how it looks!


Thanks for the great theme! Quick css tweak needed: my author profile image gets smooshed on mobile. Help? :)

Thanks for sharing ;)

I checked on my iPad/iPhone and didn’t see an issue, which avatar is it exactly? And what mobile device are you using – thanks!

Can we change the body text color, it looks so grey.

Thank you for your answer.

Edit style.css and change the color value for the body tag.

Hello Pal.

am using this great theme on ngtunes.com and when i do a search for Ng Tunes on google my site doesn’t come up even though i have set up my site on Google webmaster tool and everything looks great. The site come up well on Bing, do you have any idea why this is happening?

I’ll love to make the post text a little bit more bolder,it looks faint for my kind of audience.

I also want the comment section (Disqus) to have white background instead of the grey back.

Thanks for your help. Cheers.

You could try something like the following to make the container white:

#disqus_thread{ background: #fff; padding: 30px; }

The comment text is white and and after making the background white the comment disappears with it.

Looks like you fixed it, no?

Hey, nice theme, one question.

It take a while to the menu to show the submenus. Better seen in the full size preview- And the categories submenu sometimes hides behind the main slider. Is it just me? I’m using chrome

For the first comment, I’m seeing that issue here:



1 – I’ll have a closer look on different browsers to recreate the dropdown issue, thanks for the heads up!

2 – There isn’t any built-in way to add audio to the slider, you would have to modify your template files for that.

Ok please let me know when you fix N°1, I’ll be pleased to buy the item


Thanks a lot for this really nice theme! I’m working on it at the moment and it’s perfect so far. You made a really good work here.

Just wondering about SEO with infinite scroll. I read the robots couldn’t access the next pages of articles as they navigate without javascript (unlike most of us).

To solve this I’ve added your pagination after <?php wpex_infinite_scroll(); ?> so it displays it and I hide the whole div with javascript. So in case the javascript is turned off you can still navigate the pages as the paginations shows up.

I don’t know if it’s essential or if it’s the best way of doing it but it might help.

Thanks again.

Hello, we’d like our social media icons to pop more in the header. Can you tell me where to change the code so that they are bold/bright as the default, and then fade upon rollover (vice versa of what it is now)? I’ve looked for it in the editor scrips, but I’m just not sure and don’t want to mess anything up! Thanks so much!

Please seek support using the account used to make the purchase and we’ll be glad to help – thanks!

Sorry about that. :) Again:

Hello, we’d like our social media icons to pop more in the header. Can you tell me where to change the code so that they are bold/bright as the default, and then fade upon rollover (vice versa of what it is now)? I’ve looked for it in the editor scrips, but I’m just not sure and don’t want to mess anything up! Thanks so much!


You’ll want to add the following custom CSS to your site to reverse the affect:

body #header-social a { opacity: 1 }
body #header-social a:hover { opacity: 0.6; }

Either in a child theme or via a custom CSS plugin.

I absolutely love everything about your blog. From the header to the footer and everything in-between including: the sidebar that shifts from left to right for different posts, the “recent posts” at the bottom of posts, the infinite scroll, and the way that it adapts to mobile devices.

HOWEVER, I think your theme would be 1,000 times better if you gave it two to three columns instead of one. You should keep everything else the same—simply add more columns. The best example I can give you is this: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/13/

Having the sidebar above the third column would be a nice touch as well. If you ever decide to build a theme like this, please let me know, I’ll be the first to buy it.

You could change the single column to multiple columns very easily. It would probably be a 10-15 minute edit. No need to create another theme just to do that ;) Although I do have many other themes I’ve created in the past with such as layout here and on my own store ;)

If you need help doing that customization I recommend MicroLancer or Freelanceswitch.

Thank you for your opinion.

This is fantastic news! I’m going to contact them right now. Hopefully they won’t have a problem placing a column underneath the sidebar. I’ll let you know how it goes. I would love for you to see and comment on the final product. Best.

I’m curious to see how much a freelancer is charging for an edit such as this, if you wouldn’t mind telling me when you find someone to help you!

ps: Yes I would love to see the finished product!

pss: Let whoever is helping you know that to change any of the default image cropping values to look at the function in functions/default-image-sizes.php – so they can alter the sizes for the images in the entries if needed to better match a multiple column layout.

My homepage displays all of my posts and takes forever to load. It ignores the Settings->Reading->Blog Pages Show at Most 3

And I have it set to Front Page Displays Your Latest Posts.

What do I need to do to limit the front page to 3 Posts? It takes forever to load. Tried the clear-cache trick too.

Humm…Do you have a sample URL you can share?

Are you sure you don’t have the infinite load enabled and that’s what is causing the issues?

If you want to PM us we can also log in and have a look for you! The settings should work, I just double checked!