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Just seen another thing that is happening, when viewing site with google chrome the main logo gets shrunk down toabout half size?

It’s fine in IE.


Could you please provide with any screenshots? It would be better and faster to get support from our support system, simply register there and create a ticket, someone from our managers will gladly help you with sorting out your problem.

Hi interested in purchasing this theme, was just wondering if its possible to have a larger video in slider ? howbout full size ? Thanks

Hi dear,

Sure, all is possible.

Regards, Alex

When im on a page and adding a new row, and update the site, the rows disappear how can i find the box’s again?

/Nick :-)

Hey Nick!

That’s strange, you may pressing a wrong button when updating a page? The best way to inspect that is to register in our support system and then create a ticket with access details, so we’ll be able to take a look from inside whats happening there.

Regards, Alex

Just installed and activated your them and my site is now virtually crippled. Deleting the theme and it runs at break neck speed again.

Is there something in this theme that loads from an external server (which may be down) that is making my site crawl at a painful speed?

Something is seriously wrong!

A brand new fresh install. Tried twice now – same result. Front end is fine, WP admin is horrifically slow – unworkable!

Installed on a different site on a different server – same problem.

This is not looking good.

Hey Simon,

In this case I’d suggest you to go to our support system to get help on this, we’ll need some more info from you like access to your wordpress admin panel to check how it works, so please register there and submit a ticket to our support team.

Regards, Alex

There are serious problems with this theme. Can someone please reply?

Hey, I’ve just replied to your previous post, please follow the steps there to get qualified support. Thanks!

Ground control to Planet ThemeMakers… Are you receiving?


Posted a support ticket, looking forward to prompt response.

Just out of interest, and for clarification for future potential purchases from you; do you only respond to comments here once every 24 hours?

I ask because as a web developer that works to deadlines and purchases lots of themes here, I need to know that the designers I buy themes from are able and willing to support them in a reasonable manner and time-frame.

Hey Simon,

Here is the answer. We usually do support here twice or three time per day, some time once. But here on dashboard we do not provide with details. To get an extended support I usually suggest to use our support forums or tickets.

Regards, Alex

Hi, Just bought your theme, learning WP at the same time and making slow progress. The Layerslider plugin seems to be missing. The theme documentation says it comes bundled with the theme but I can’t seem to find it in my admin panel.

Can you help?

Hey sweetie

I quote from your documentation “Layer slider plugin is already built-in to our Goodnex theme. It has its own settings and can be found on your admin panel.”

Nowhere does it give further instruction, that I can fnd. Am I reading the wrong documentation? I have gone thru every file that I downloaded when I purchased the theme. Please give me the name and location of the file you want me to read.

Thanks for your pointers. I was able to install the layer slider plugin. But now I cannot create a new silder. It allows me to add new slider and edit all settings but when I save the slider and go back to the list, its not there and I am told I have not made my first slider yet. Does this have anything to do with the purchase code? The code is prepopulated but when I try to use it it fails validation. Is there further documentation that I have not read?

Please help

We do the extended support for our customers only on our forums or via our support system, where you are free to register and submit tickets.

i need help please with Recent Works anda ajax navigation

what help do you need?

ajax navigation no found good

Hi Chris,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there. Our managers will get to you once they receive your request.

Regards, Alex


Does this theme have the ability to keep the colors on at all times rather than having them turn on only when you scroll over them?

Unfortunately not yet, but we’re going to make an option for that thing in our next release.

any idea when that release might be coming? or do you have a template that is similar to this in functionality that you have created that you can point me to?

Hi Kite,

We plan to make our second release in the beginning of July (the first week).

Regards, Alex

Heart Internet – the UK’s biggest hosting company have this to say about this theme…

“It looks like the cause of this problem is in the theme itself as changing to the default theme fixes the issue. The issue itself is called a loopback connection which is something our servers don’t allow so it will keep trying this connection until it finally fails and lets the page load. Below are some details about loopbacks:

Our servers prevent scripts making HTTP (port 80) connections back to the same server that they’re running on, as policy.

This is done to prevent the possibility that mis-configured scripts could enter, essentially, an “infinite loop”, making call-backs to themselves. Such a situation is extremely detrimental to server performance, and would negatively impact other users also on this shared server.

Unfortunately we are not able to lift this block on a per-site or per-script basis, so you will need to see if you are able to reconfigure the script (or contact the script authors for assistance doing this), or use an alternative script that doesn’t require HTTP requests to its own server.”

ThemeMaker refuse to fix it and suggest that the problem is “Individual Server Requirements”.

Utter tosh! Fix it or refund me.

Hi Alex,

I fully appreciate the complexities involved and the time scales too. What I do not appreciate is being told this is an ‘Individual Server Issue’. It is not.

I develop websites for a living using premium themes. I have developed around 200 websites this year using premium themes from various sources using Heart Internet, Hostgator, 1000tb, UKNet and many many more hosting companies.

I expect a degree of professionalism from developers on ThemeForest, hence why I use their services. I don’t like being fobbed off with excuses, but I do appreciate that things cannot be fixed immediately.

I do however expect a reasonable response time and a reasonable service when clear issues are put to you. This is clearly a problem with the theme, but luckily for you (so far) I am the first out of 68 purchasers to experience the problem. I won’t be the last.

Your time would be better spent working with me to resolve the issue instead of trying to blame my hosting company – the biggest in the UK.

I can tell you right now where the problem code is, but I cannot offer a fix.

It is the section starting at line 50 of helper/helper.php

Okay Simon,

Thanks for the additional info. Thought that would help us a lot. Please keep tuned. I think tomorrow we’ll have a solution for you.

Regards, Alex

Thank you, Alex

A final word to say thanks to Alex for all his efforts.

The theme is now fixed and flying along nicely on Heart Internet servers, it would be nice to know what you did in case I need to make the changes myself should I accidentally overwrite them.

If I could just disable the sticky navigation menu now, it would be perfect!


Thanks Simon for a good words here ;) Our support, Stacey, will answer all your questions today and explain where was the problem.


The WooCommerce plugin is compatible with the Goodnex Theme or not ?

Thanks !

We haven’t tested it yet, but it seems it should work for sure.

Could you say why I don’t see featured image?

In wordpress I uploaded featured image and it’s looks like everything ok, but after going to front end I see load’ing, but after loading it shows me broken image icon… If I press on this icon, than it loads an image in lightbox, but how to see featured image in post???

Waiting for answer

Hey edgalkus,

It seems you are not a buyer. Unfortunately we do not provide the other people with support who has never bought our themes.

Regards, Alex

Actually now we can’t see featured image. Created a task in your support system and waiting for answer.

Thanks! Please, be patient, your ticket is in our queue. One of our managers will answer you ASAP.

Portfolio Images get clustered together on both Google Chrome and iPad. It seems to be a theme-related bug, as I’ve tested it on multiple host, as well see the same issue on the demo.


Please correct this issue asap

Hi gcalas,

Could you please provide us with a screenshot, because I can’t see the problem. I’ve checked the page you provided in a different browsers on a few devices.

Regards, Alex

Screenshot of your official demo is below: http://i.imgur.com/LlHyMv9.png

The issue occurs on Google Chrome (on both PC and Mac), as well as Safari on the iPad. I issue doesn’t affect Mozilla Firefox though, as far as I’m aware.

It’s a strange a little, but in any way thanks for your tip. We need to test it again on a few other devices to meet a problem and fix it asap. Please follow us on twitter and facebook to be always updated with any news/releases. Thanks!

I notice there are a few questions regarding WooCommerce and you mention that it “should” work.

My question is, if I get this theme and it does not work will you support it and help fix the issue?

I have a client that I am working with right now and this theme is a great fit, but there is a strong possibility that they will be using Woo. I can’t afford to get into the project and find out that this theme does not work with WC down the road.

Great looking theme!!

Thanks for your interest in one of our themes, we really appreciate that. Our next release will be compatible with the latest woo commerce plugin for sure. We’re waiting the next release on a first week of July, so if you don’t really need the woo commerce plugin for approx two weeks – you could buy it and then you’ll just make an update ;)

Sounds good, will be purchasing!

Glad to hear that. Thanks!

Hello guys,

It’s the first time i got to complain on themeforest and i’m really sorry about it.. :S

First of all the demo install doesn’t work correctly, i followed step by step your installation guide, but i had a menu that doesn’t work at all, no links on the menu, very strange, i had to create the menu again manually from admin, homepage doesn’t even look like the demo website.

Secondly, the website is very slow and sometimes it doesn’t load at all ! And sometimes we got this on the page : - “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found” WHAT IS THAT ?! Please don’t tell me it comes from the server or something, other pages other than your theme work perfectly.

My aim is not to do bad advertising for you guys here, i know how hard is your work, but we are here on envato because we know we buy quality products. So please do something, cause i’m now considering changing of theme, even during the production of a website. That would be the first time, and that would be really hard. :(

Hey man,

I suppose you’ve missed one or few of steps while you was following our guide, I’d suggest you to give it one other try from scratch. In any way if you have any problem with setting up our theme properly you are always free to use our support system to submit a ticket and get our qualified support.

Thanks, Alex

So will this template work on a heartinternet server without manual modification ??

Hi paul,

To be honest, from our practice we’ve had one customer, who owns an account from heartinternet server it worked slow there, but after our manual editions it started working fast as it can. So we’ll do everything in our next release, which is coming next week btw, to make it compatible with all common servers. Thanks for understandings and sorry for any inconveniences.

Regards, Alex

I just wanted to comment on this template and actually more important on ThemeMakers in general.

I purchased this theme for a client and it had a few minor issues due to some server settings. I put in a ticket through ThemeMaker’s support site and I have received very responsive support to fix the issue.

To me that is invaluable and unexpected to be honest.

So if you have issues, remember to use their support site and forums and not just post here. They do follow up quite quickly to get issues resolved.

Glad to hear that you value our support! We really appreciate that! Thank you for your kind feedback!