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I thought ThemeMakers responded very quickly to a pre-sale email question I had. Between that, and most of the support comments, I’d feel comfortable giving the theme a go. But I’m holding out for the update to see if the 2 issues I have with the theme get resolved:

1. The ability to have the images in color at all times, not just on roll-over. (I think the effect looks pretty classy with photos, but as a fine artist I would need my work to display in color all the time.)

2. The ability to change the metadata categories on individual portfolio item pages (“Client,” “Skills,” “Release,” etc.), or to omit them altogether, and only display an item description.

Eager to see what changes the update brings!

Thanks for your interest in our Goodnex theme! I’d like to inform you that we’re going to upload our new release within next two days. And there will be implemented the first thing, that you mentioned. Regarding the second one – we’ll not do that, but in case you need that option – we’ll help you to edit necessary files by requesting our support.

Hi. I purchased this theme, but had a problem installing the demo data (there was no option to install the demo data once the theme was installed). I did just recently open a support request, so I will update the forum after I hear back. Thanks

Thanks for your notice.

If page have a lists and this page was loaded via ajax navigation shortcode – lists from that page wouldn’t show. I fixed this bug by editing: goodnex\extensions\shortcodes\js\autoshortcodes\ajax_navigation.js line 40 that.content.find(that.list).hide(); changed to that.content.find(that.list).not("li li").hide();

Thanks for your comment here. Could you please let me know which theme version do you use and where did you get it?

Both versions (1.0 and 1.0.1). I am working with officially bought theme from account publicismd, so do not worry.

I recently downloaded and installed a new version of the Goodnex theme (v1.0.1). But now I am unable to customize the theme. When I select “Customize”, the left panel does appear but I am unable to view or modify the site title or navigation details. I have verified that the customize.php file does exist. Could there be a broken link somewhere?

Hi Alex. I do not need to set up my navigation menu. I need for only the main menu to set up. Normally, I set this properly via Customize.

Hi Alex. I figured out a workaround. Thanks again.

Glad to hear that! Thanks!


Quick question

1. How do I change the “details box” shortcode to not open a link in a new tab?

Hi, I downloaded the latest file here on themeforest and replaced the files. Nothing seems to change. Where can I find the option to disable the “theme color” menu from showing throughtout the site?

Also, has there been a fix for the “details” box opening in a new tab?

Best J

Nevermind – both of these issues are fixed :) thanks

Glad to hear that! Thanks!

Hi, I bought the theme … really good.

But I have a question, how change the font?. I do not like the current font.


Greetings from Puerto Montt, Chile

We’ve got your request via support ticket and currently we’re on it. So please, be sure we’ll update the theme this week with this feature. Thanks for your notice and have a nice day!

On Home Page, there are 4 blocks which there is one icon and text. I want to cover that each block with full image and add hyperlink to that image. Is it possible to do so?

Sure it’s possible, you can use a big variety of our shortcodes to make the same look. Thanks, Alex

Hola, me he comprado el tema … realmente bueno.

Pero tengo una pregunta, ¿cómo cambiar la fuente?. No me gusta la fuente actual.

http://www.secolt.cl/archivo/imagen.jpg Saludos desde Puerto Montt, Chile

Hey Fernando, I’ve already answered to your question ;)

Hi !

I love this theme but the only thing that I dont like with it is the dropping menu when scrolling down. How can I fix it so it always stays at the header?

Thanks for your notification, we really appreciate or clients comments. It usually help us to improve themes to make them user friendly ;) We’ll make this thing optionally and update the theme asap. I think we’ll upload the update tonight.
Please follow our Twitter feed or become a fan on our Facebook page to be always updated with any news, releases.

Hi there, this is a great theme and the support has been excellent – well done on the customer service :)


Glad we to hear such a great words ;)

Hi, nice theme, I just purchased it but it won’t install. I need this site up ASAP. Thanks!

Hi man,

Yes, sure, we’ll install it for you within a few hours.

Thanks, Alex

Hi, not a man but appreciate you working on it now.

Oh, sorry, madam ;). Thought you were pleased with our service? Please let me know if we can help you with something else.

Regards, Alex

Hello there. I am interested in purchasing this Goodnex theme for a client website, but I do have a few questions I need answered to make sure that it will do. There are a few layout adjustments that need to be made to the theme to make it look more similar to the example he gave me: http://harrisonpensa.com/

• He wants the JQuery slider images to consume the whole background and the text areas will be on layers over the background slider images like on the page link above. • He would like the horizontal menu to be moved up to the top of the browser window and his logo to the left of them menu like on the page above also. • And, lastly, on the internal pages he would like the sidebar to be on the left, as opposed to the right where most templates have them. I would think that there is an option to have the sidebar moved to the left, isn’t there??


I greatly appreciate in advance if someone could answer my questions. He is really looking forward to me getting the right template so we can get it done.

Thanks :) Laura

I figure that moving the menu up to the top with CSS and right aligning the logo, and with adding some background colors and/or images that this look is achievable. Am I missing an issue that would prevent me from making the site look like this after I purchase the theme please??

Sorry, but one more question… So putting having the logo overlap the menu at the top to the far left using a CSS layer is not an option???

Sorry, but I can’t see the logo on your screencap. So you need the same look as on your one. Right?

Hi. I have installed the theme. But I don’t want ‘Home’ written on the top on home page. shadesofweb.com/lensai/ how can i remove that page title?

Thanks. it worked. Now can you tell me how can I use left navigation?

Okay I got that too.. Thanks anyway! :-)

Glad to know that ;)

Thanks, Alex

Hi im having problems uploading your theme fully on wordpress version 3.5.2, i want the demo version for which i can modify accordingly however all i am seeing is a empty shell of the theme, ive tried uploading the demo data file included in this theme but all i am receiving is an error. If you could please assist me with my problem that would be greatly appreciated

I’d highly recommend you to read the theme docs on how to use our one click install, it differs from others and you’ll know how it’s simple to use it! Please don’t hesitate to contact us in any case you need help.

Thank you for a great theme! But how can I update the theme and keep my site as it already is set up ?

You just need to replace the theme directory named “goodnex” with all theme files.




An Appropriate representation of the requested resource / wp-admin/post.php Could not be found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found Error was Encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Hi Fernando,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Hi, i understand there is some SEO functions in your theme, but can I use Yoast SEO plugin with this theme?

There is a great SEO functionality already included in our theme. We didn’t test it to compatibility with Yoast, but I think it should work fine with that plugin.

Regards, Alex

Hi, Since yesterday I have a problem with the content editor colum. I can not insert text or media. Can you help me? Thank you! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/825/dpx5.png/

Hi Tomek,

Thanks for getting back to us with such problem, we really value that. We just need to look at that problem from inside. So I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

When will you release the new update?

Everything is nice but I really dont like the dropping menu…

We’re almost ready to make an update and will do it tonight.

Regards, Alex

Hi, theme is great and purchased, was enjoying it. Then I downloaded and installed the updated version of today.

The plugin files aren’t included anymore? It says there’s an error because files are not there. Please advise ASAP.

Could you please let me know what did you mean under “The plugin files aren’t included anymore?” ??
All the necessary files is inside main archive.