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Hello, I tried to install “One Click Install Demo” in both local and server but does not work how can I do? thanks

Hi studiomado,

If you have had some difficulties during your installation I’d recommend you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Dear ThemeMakers, i am setting up the theme right now but unfortunately the Page navi does not show in the Blog. The code in the template-blog.php seems o.k. I tried as well installing the WP pagenavi plugin but no cure to find

Please help!



Hi Steph,

Could you please check if you have more than ten posts in your blog? If not, then you should check your wp-admin -> Settings -> Reading (how many posts would you choose to display at the same time on one page).

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex, i switched this back and forth. There are more than 6 posts and I did set reading to 3 per page… should have worked….

Okay, we just need to look at it from inside then. I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Hi, and thanks for nice design! – i do just have a question! – is it possible to Disabel or remove that “top menu / logo goes down” when scroll down? :)

And to update, do i just download new – and FTP it – and over-write what there are there now? – thanks.

Sry for ask before try! :) – seems to work just upload theme agin. Thanks for help.

Glad to know that, thanks!


I have a Quesition.

At Goodnex Template no Contact-Form works. I tried it with QuForm, with Contact Form 7 and with the internal Contactform of Goodnex. What can I do to make it work??? Its very important becaus I have to present the Website on this Weekend.

Thanks for answer.


Sorry. His Last Name is Jelaca. Not Jeleca. I hope you can find him.

I cant find and confirm all buyers by name, only when they write here or to support forum.

Ok. I Try to reach him. He is in vacation.

Hi , before I purchase this theme could you confirm 2 things :

1/ Is this theme white label ( can I change admin logo etc) 2/ Is it possible to remove the boxes from around the main menu along top?


Hi, sure, both are possible. Even more ;)

Ok Thanks for your fast reply.

One last question , I was reading over some of the previous comments and 1 user in particular had problems with this being hosted on heart internet, can you confirm this has been fixed? Many thanks.

Yes, we’ve fixed that since our second release.

Hello. Will any of my content be deleted if I was to re-upload the theme for an updated version? Thank you.

No, your content will stay as it is.

Regards, Alex

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but it needs to be compatible with the FREE WP Autoresponder and WP Autoresponder to S2 Member Integration plugin. Is it compatible? thanks Craig

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your interest in one of our themes, really appreciate that! Please understand, we can’t guarantee that our themes are compatible with all the third part plugins, but we always care about that. I think it should be compatible, but not sure for 100%.

Regards, Alex

HUGE bug. The fonts change according to the OS and browser. How to fix it?

My site looks differently on Chrome/Safari with Mac OS, than with Chrome/Firefox on Windows (it chooses Times New Roman! How to fix it!


Hi George,

let me please not agree with you. As I checked both, our demo and your website on both OS’s and both seems to work fine. I’ve suggested to clear the cache for your browsers, that should help. Please let me know if that make sense.

Regards, Alex

Hi, I’m not a technical guy so thought to use Goodnex wordpress theme for my use. I’ve purchased it yesterday and also uploaded the them file in it. But I’m not getting the design as saw in live demo. Slider is missing too. Please suggest me how to do it?

Thanks, Krishna :’(

Hi Krishna,

You know, there is a help doc inside main archive, there are necessary instructions on how to get the same demo as we have. In any way please use our support system and submit a ticket if you need any other assistance.

Regards, Alex

I’ve submitted a ticket and got no response yet, I can’t fix the slider as shown in the demo and getting 5-6 different sliders which I don’t like. Please guide me how to get that slider.

Thanks, Krishna

Hi Krishna,

Please keep waiting, your ticket is in our queue.

Regards, Alex


I just started working with this template, so far so good but I have a question about the tabs that I can’t seem to find an answer to within any of the help/instruction info provided.

Can i add a table and links into the information on a tab? I see how to add tables and make links in general but can’t figure out how to add them under a tab??

Thanks for any info you can give me!

Just to be clear – I’d like to do this without hand coding :)

The best way to do that is to use HTML mode in your editor, then you’ll see the place in a tab, where to use table shortcode.

it is any demo from backend possible?

best regards

There is no any backend demo, but we’ve made a few screenshots here on our demo to show our customers how it looks.

Hi, I have a problem with the Theme Makers section. I can not get any changes to save. When I click Save All Changes nothing happens except an opaque box comes up with a “0” in it. My website does not update. Is there a fix for this?

Hey Equippers,

I’d recommend you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there with request to help. One of our managers will gladly help you with sorting out the problem.

Regards, Alex


Do you have on your theme a Container Background Color Opacity Function ?


We don’t have the opacity function there, but thanks for your notice. We’ll add it in our next release ;)

Hey I recently purchased this theme and want the title of the website next to the logo .Below this title I also want the main menu bar which usually comes a bit below the logo . How to do so ? I am a beginner in wordpress too so if you could send me some tutorials about how to work with goodnex (wordpress) it would really help .

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Considering purchasing this theme for a school website. Some questions:

1. Can a staff page be created that includes each staff member with their name, photo, protected email address, etc?

2. Can a scrolling image header be placed at the top of all pages and posts with various pictures that randomly scroll by?

3. Can icons be placed along with text within buttons?

Thanks! Brent

Hi Brent,

Thanks for your interest in purchasing one of our themes! We really appreciate that! See the answers below:
1. We’re currently working on this opportunity. Currently there is an opportunity to add staff members one by one, but not all in one.
2. yes, sure
3. yes, sure

Regards, Alex

How do you get the thumbnail to display properly on the Thememakers Recent Posts widget? I’ve added a post with a featured image, and the thumbnail displayed within the widget is the same size as the full image!?

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket with request to help. Once we receive it, someone from our support team will provide you with assistance.

Regards, Alex

Great looking theme, bought it because of the pricing plans page.

Note: this paid theme does not support PayPal Advance credit cards, it does support the free PayPal buttons in which customers must leave your site to subscribe for recurring payments per month.

I have installed it using Godaddy’s instructions, it “Unarchived” successfully yet when I log into my WP Admin panel to install it, it shows this:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Template is missing. PSD Stylesheet is missing. demo-data Stylesheet is missing. licensing Stylesheet is missing. plugins Stylesheet is missing.

I followed these instructions perfectly: http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/6695/installing-and-activating-your-premium-wordpress-theme

I selected the .zip file I downloaded directly from here. Any help on what I am doing wrong?!

link to your website please?

alarm-reviews.net (Obviously no template etc. yet)

I’d recommend you to read theme docs on how to install the theme which is located in main theme bundle.

Hi, bought this amazing theme yesterday. Is there a way of disabling the SEO so that I can use Yoast?

People should buy this theme, love it.


Hi Sam,

There is no way to disable it. In any way you could try using yoast there.

Regards, Alex

Two quick questions. First, can I have the images on the portfolio appear in color at all times. And secondly, can I view the html for the page templates or is it all done through the layout constructor…I’d like to avoid the template editor if possible.

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in one of our themes, we really appreciate that!

1. yes, there is also an opportunity to reverse the dark/color effect or turn it off.
2. even in our layout constructor you will be able to view the html code.

Regards, Alex

Thanks for the quick response. Great theme, buying it now