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Thank you for the great support! Please be patient, because i am still navigating through the theme :) I have searched the help docs, but i can’t find how to setup a background image for each page in a full width layout. as i have mentioned in a previous comment, i need to have some ‘scribbles’ or drawings around the text and widgets/shortcodes. and you said that it can be done. however, i tried placing an image in page background on the custom page options and tried all three (fixed, repeat and repeatX), but the background is still not showing. can you walk me through changing the background per page please?

i am really needing this and would need it again for a re-purchase of goodnex theme for another website i will be doing. thank you!

Hi there,

Sure, we could walk you through that and help with solving issues if they are, but first, please create a ticket on that with request to help.

Regards, Alex

Hello. I inserted youtube a video link in a post type video, but when I get preview of the post, the video not see it. That´s occur to all videos that I post. By other hand, I would like to know how I can edit the information (image, biography) about the author of the post.

I can´t edit Layout constructor. In the past I could edit this section. The theme have any bug about this or was released a new version that cause this issue?

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Hi! is there a way to hide the breadcrumbs? :)

Oops sorry sorry. found it. sorry :p

Glad to know that you found it ;)

Regards, Alex

Hi! In the box shortcode, is it possible to 1) use a custom icon i have and not the icon options you have in the box shortcode; 2) make the icon size bigger inside the box?

Thank you! :)

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

[support ticket #MZV-338-77364] is still open from last 2 days and no response from author.

I purchase this theme after using a leak version, but I am unhappy with this, and feel wasting of money.

May themeforest do the needful in this matter regarding the support query, else give me back my money.

Please, understand that you are not the only one in queue…

Your support and services is very poor.

Sure, especially if you ask something during weekend! ;)

Thank you very much for all the help received from support and development teams through support system. Congratulations!. Good job! We have been very pleased with our website. Thank you very much for your great product and professional support!

Thank you for nice feedback here. Glad to know that!

Regards, Alex

Absolutely superb support system. I had some issues with how various modules were displaying on different browsers and the dev guys were able to get me exactly what I wanted in a very quick period of time. 10/10!

Thanks for such a good words on it. Much appreciated!

Latest version of theme having so many error as compare to old version.

Very Poor Support and Services.

Let me disagree with that. You might did something wrong in there. So to find a proper solution would be is to contact our support team and ask them to help.

I’m having issues with the scaffolding.

The options in each of the columns are not showing and overlapping. Is there a support form where I can post a screenshot?

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Hello, just downloaded this theme and it’s great :)

However I’m trying to setup the four detail boxes on the homepage.

I’ve followed the instructions in the documentation and setup my content type, copied in the template files to my theme, and imported the view however my view isnt displaying as the four boxes, it’s just listing each field with the label, for example when viewing the view it shows this:

Detail Icon: .icons-lightbulb Detail Caption: Innovative Ideas Detail Info: Mauris ut nulla tortor. Vestibulum porttitor ante ac diam interdum fringilla. Nunc eu libero at tellus vulputate pharetra sit amet dapibus erat. Nullam blandit accumsan neque quis laoreet? Detail Color:

Detail Color Type: Hover Detail URL: http://www.google.com

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong or not doing? Thanks v much.

Basically the view is just displaying a list of fields in an unformatted list with labels.

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and then submit a ticket there with request to help. Once we receive it our managers will gladly handle the problem.

Regards, Alex

is it possible to display different logo on top of the page according to the language?

Unfortunately that’s not possible, but we will take in our minds that nice idea for future updates.

Regards, Alex

Hi, After upgrading wordpress to 9.1,some functions in the admin panel have stopped working. How to solve this problem?

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Hi, Goodnex theme is good, i hope next release version to add video post type for self-hosted videos links, video post type (now) only supports vimeo and youtube links, it’s not flexible enough.

Sure, we’ll take that in our mind for our next release.

wow,surprise is coming!

Hi there,

3 questions 1. when enter portfolio page or product showroom page, it will show up ”...” moving points animation, can we re-move this affect then product can show up quickly?

2. original product picture scale is 940px * 678px, but now our product pictures not match with this, because ours product pictures are square. And porfolio can’t fixed, and show “No Image”.

3. Page background “color” and “Image” seting isn’t workable.

Please help to these. Thanks a lot

Regards, Charles

I have checked our ticket system and haven’t found your ticket. Please provide the ticket # and it will be solved shortly. If you experience problems registering and submitting ticket please provide your email you have used for registration and we will activate your account.

Regards, Jack

I have register the support system,but it need me to offer the wordpress password! Is it safe?Must I offer the password to solve the problem.Couldn`t you answer me on this comment like answer them?Why?

It’s up to you whether to provide our support team with login details or not, the fields are not required. Just to notify you that everything is safe there. And it would help a lot in case support team needs get your files from the server to update something or just edit.

Regards, Alex

Just to warn people about this developer support….

The support is very bad, they only adjust to the basic answers like “We dont offer support for customization” or “The theme cant be translated” C’mon! Leave the “Book” answer and try to be a little helpfull with the people who purchase your products! I’m not saying you have to resolve all the problems but maybe some “orientation” to the solution will be fine… Too bad, never buy another thing from you.

Hello! I was looking to that link and figured it out that your theme it’s localization ready since you have a “Language” folder with .po and .mo (en_US) files in it, but i think you missed the option to tell the theme to use another language (another .mo and .po files, like es_ES) because the logical way to generate another language is putting that files in the “Language” folder, like i did but… the theme ignores that! Do you understand what i’m trying to say? Thanks!

Hello! Now i’m understanding a little more the “Codestyling / Localization” Plugin and started to figure it out how to translate texts. Sory for my previous coment. It’s working now. Thanks!

Glad to know that! Enjoy the theme ;)

Hello. Great theme, BUT… Told a client of mine this theme was the way to go. Bought it. Installed a fresh WP installation ( 3.9.1). Followed documentation instructions step by step to get the demo look and feel. Great… BUT, after all I can’t see the shortcodes ”+” sign and when clicking the edit icon after adding a column (for a page) I don’t see the visual bar to add shortcodes/elements/among others…

Any thoughts? Right now my client is in downtime due to the above issue. Any quick solutions until you release a fix? maybe downgrading WP? Which version works best?

Thank you for your response. Since I only have the logo placed will do a clean install just to make sure. Also, I already had the 1.1.1 version installed since I bought the template a few days ago…. If anything will submit a ticket. Thank you again.

Great! thanks!

Awesome Support Jack. Thank you very much for helping me out. The owner of the company is very happy.

Hi there,

I am searching for a theme to create a minimalistic photographic site. I have examined nearly all themes for the portfolio at Themeforest and I think your Goodnex and Almera are ones of the best. So I expect to have a very stylish site with your little support )

I kindly ask you to tell me if it’s possible at Goodnex:

1. Home page — header + 1-2-3 fixed photo without links nor 3D effects.

2. No black footer — only the Copyright bar.

3. No b/w effect (i. e. permanently colour thumbnails).

4. The most important question. Is it possible to make so to say “subgalleries” that are organised in hierarchy? For example I make a gallery “Travel” with the link to some subgalleries (e. g. “Italy”, “France”, “UK” etc.), and more subgalleries from each, if needed (e. g. “People”, “Street”, “Food” etc.). So that every gallery with a thumbnail could expand into a thematic chain (2-3-4 levels) with thumbnails with captions and the last level would maintain all the photos of the section, for overview as thumbnails or lightbox.

For instance, here is an example of the structure that I want: http://aleksandrpetrosyan.com/en/photos

5. If it is possible to build such a hierarchy, how about the Path bar (or navigation scheme) to track the navigation and switch between galleries — is it possible to make it in place of (or above) the Filter bar above gallery thumbnails (like this: Home>Photos>Travel>Italy>Rome>People)?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Hello argtoz,

Thank you for interest in our products.

1. Yes this is possible, you can use default page template and add images with the help of image shortcode.

2. Yep the footer could be disabled.

3. Sure this effect could be disabled as well.

4,5 Our Goodnex WP theme uses portfolios and it does not have an option to make sub categories. Please take a look at folio page on our demo preview and and specifically review the tag filter that being used there. You can create “Italy”, “France”, “UK” folios and apply Travel tag to these.Also you can create these as sub pages as on example you’ve provided.This is just a quick idea and its up to you to decide whether it matches your needs and I am sure our support guys would be glad to help you setting up the website to match your needs.

Best regards, Jack.

Hello Jack,

thank you very much for your attention.

1. I have one more question about subcategories.

If I understood correctly, each thumbnail in a gallery can be set or to a custom link or to a full size photo in the lightbox. In this case each thumbnail in a gallery can be linked to another gallery, so we can have a chain of galleries organised in hierarchy. Is it correct?

2. Can I use a Breadcrumbs plugin with this theme for the Path bar? Is it possible to hide the Tag bar (Filter bar) above thumbnails and add this plugin instead?

In this case, if needed, could your support team help me to apply a code tweak for place a navigation bar? If this option needs extra charge, I can pay gladly.

3. May thumbnails be displayed in the gallery not as cropped, but according to their original ratio (portrait or landscape)?

Best regards,


You are very welcome, we are always glad to assist.

1. The default theme design does not have features you are seeking for adding subcategories, but it has a shortcode which allows to display the folios with the specific category. So you can create separate pages and add shortcode with the different category on each page and then add these pages to a submenu on your nav bar or even add links to these pages.

2.Sure you can use it but unfortunately we are not able to guarantee full compatibility since the theme was not tested with that plugin. Please be aware that we do not provide with support for plugins which are not-required by the theme. Also we are not able to assist with compatibility issues since there are too many different plugins and it is impossible to test the theme with all plugins ever and make it compatible with. Such inquiries need some programming and coding and it is totally custom request. Unfortunately we do not provide our customers with any custom work due to our policy. We only do Support for our products if there are some issues in work, or some elements cause issues, etc.

3. The original theme design uses specific cutting and cropping image system and it resizes all images in order to get these displayed properly on the frontend, however it could be changed via source files and it involves custom work as well.

Regards, Jack

Hi how do i change the alt text for images.

when i do so in media library the alt text is to shown on the page (in the code)


Hi there,

I would suggest you submitting a ticket in our support system and our support guys would be glad to assist you regarding this matter.

Regards, Jack


we want to register in your support-forum, but it still not work. dic…@evm-xxx. Please can you help us ?

Passwort and License-Key are korrekt, but there is still no mail

Hello Dickenbrok,

We have verified your account, please check it out and submit a ticket.

Regards, Jack

Hi there,

We have sent you an email with your account info.

Regards, Jack

Hello, I’m having problems with the sidebar setting. Even though I set it to “no sidebar” it still shows it on my site. This also happens when choosing “side bar on left”


Hi there,

Have you tried disabling the side bar in Theme Options and on each page separately? I would suggest you submitting a ticket in our support system so our support guys could check on this issue and would do their best in order to help you getting it fixed.

Regards, Jack

I got it now by disabling it in page settings! Thanks!

Great, you are very welcome, If you would experience any issues with the theme please do not hesitate to submit a ticket and our support guys would be glad to assist you.

Regards, Jack