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hi, i purchased this a year ago and i show several updates now. do i need to pay for the update? the other themes allow me to get the update for free

This theme is no different. Visit your downloads tab and re-download the theme files to get the latest version.

Could you please send me some sample websites created base on this theme? I would like to see how it will look like after customization before buying it. Thanks

Here’s a couple ones people have posted in the support forums and

Hello There, Awesome theme. Keep up the good work. I was running the site locally, after installing, i found out that the slider and pictures were not showing. But after connecting to the internet, it seemed to update itself and everything was perfect. Can you explain what happened please?

can i enable the slide and pictures without internet?

You would have to use a module like jQuery Update or manually add/call it in the theme as right now the theme calls jQuery from an external Google library. In an upcoming update though we are going to be moving back to the jQuery Update module so you may as well download it now anyway

For future questions please post in our forums

Also visual shortcode is not present in the theme.

Hi, how can i eliminating the ”?q=” in my url (see the mod clean url doesn’t work: i get this message ‘eliminating the “The clean URL test failed.” thanks!

For future support questions please post them in our fourms at

Is this theme compatible with drupal 7.38? Thanks.


I just bought this theme, trying to embed youtube videos on MD Slider and its not searching. I’m seeing a bug in 2.17 but your theme is bundled with 2.18. Is there a way for me to update?

I meant to say the theme is bundled with 2.11

after some searching I found out the download link is in your forum.

Hello, Can you please tell me if you are planing to adapt actual theme to Drupal 8 version? What will be the time-lines for it?

Thank you in advance

There are plans but I do not have a timeline at this point.

Hi, I need to add text bellow picture in fancybox of your theme when the photo load in fancybox window in portfolio page or better I would like to disable the fancybox and just add a link to the picture.

If you need support please post in our forums at Thanks!

Hi, I’m looking for a theme for a small non-profit. The style of this one seems to suit us however we plan on having a shop on the site. How does the theme deal with shops? I don’t see one on the demo site so I’m a bit hesitant of buying the theme without seeing it in action.

There is currently no theme styling support for Drupal Commerce or Ubercart with this theme, sorry.

Hello there, I would like to ask:

the “partners” section on the front page (the row with 5 logos above the footer area) is created by Views?

Is each logo a node so user can add new logos to this section easily by creating new nodes of specific content type? Or is this section a block where user needs to change HTML/CSS to add new logos?

Many thanks for your help :) Ivan

Does this theme work with Drupal 8?

No there is no D8 version at this time.

Where do I find the purchase code, to setup an account on your support site?

Hi, I purchased this theme in 2013. Am i entitled to the latest updates? Would appreciate your assistance on this. Thnx

Just visit your downloads tab and download the theme files again for the latest version.

Hi all, I have a pre-purchase question. My company has a drupal infrastructure web site generation. Is there the possibility to install this theme on such a drupal insfrastracture? The company support told me that the custom modules are really difficult to get installed. Is there the possibility to get a support for the installation? Thanks

I’m sorry but we don’t support anything related to hosting.


gururtr Purchased

We have bought Goodnex – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme from your web site then I installed this theme to my temporary hosting account, and now I need to transfer this theme which has license of 1 user to my other hosting service but there is a problem that I can’t login to my account although I removed the files from my temporary account

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you’re asking. If you need support please post in our forums at


ssbtech Purchased

I quite like the look of this theme, but the licencing kills the deal for me. I plan on using it for sites that I can realistically charge a $500/yr subscription for – that’s 5 years to pay off the theme licence. And I need a separate licence for each client. Yikes! I may still try a single licence for personal experimentation however.

You may want to contact support via and see if you can clarify your licensing needs before making any purchasing decisions.


cabita Purchased

If I want to use this theme in several sites, is there a special license for this?

hello, I need some help about goodnex I am facing 2 problem, 1. Fisrt I woul like to get some help to update MD SLIDERS module, i cant find updated module. I posted that in Forum but no feedback yet

2. on the site I working on i have problem with main manu. The menu dont dropdown if I dont click to the main Item. is there a way you can help me.