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Hello my dear friend, congratulation for this great theme, i wish you a good luck :)

Thanks friend :)

Great theme! GLWS

Thank you!

Hi Refaktor,

Very nice theme with good features. By any chance you would later put the Photo Stream in the form of Lightbox to make it even better than what it is now.


That’s an excellent idea, I will add that to the list for the next update.

Perfect work Brad! Won’t need any luck for sales on this one :)

Thanks Tom :)

Very nice theme. The MD Slider is great as well!

Thank you!

Hi, nice theme :) Just one question : I couldn’t find the PSD you mention on description on the package, where is he hiding ? Thanks !

Hi there, thank you for the purchase. That actually shouldn’t have been in the description, that was a mistake. However, I’m sure the original author of the HTML version won’t have any problem with us including the PSDs. Let me confirm that with them and if they are ok with that we will include them in the next update.

Please contact us via and I will send you the PSDs. We weren’t able to get them included in todays update but they will be in the next one.

Nice theme !! But a quick question, does this theme is multilingual (RTL ready) ?


I will have to ask the original HTML template author whether or not the theme has RTL support. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Thanks… Waiting for your answer.

I too am still waiting to get this information, thank you for your patience.

To anyone that has purchased and is using the full demo install. There’s a small mistake with the placement of the sidebar blocks. They were somehow accidentally moved to the header left region instead of the sidebar right region. Just move those over to the correct region and they will be in the correct location. Sorry about that! We will also be releasing a small update today with a couple fixes.

Odd question, but is there a way to default all of the images to full color vs. black and white? Is this an image preset?

Thank you!

Right now it is not but I will make a note to make that an option in the next update. For the time being that is something we could instruct you how to do in the forums, it would be very simple.

hi, thank you for the theme, great work

slight problem, the sticky header works when NOT logged in, but when i log in it no longer works! is there a way i can fix this? thanks u

yes but even when i am not logged in as admin, just as a normal user where no admin menu shows up it doesnt work, it should really work for logged in users who dont have the admin menu.. the sticky header was one of the main reasons i got the theme, and now i see it doesnt work!

Please register for our forums at and we will discuss the issue with you there. The comments section is not ideal for support. Thank you.

Actually go ahead and shoot me an email via and I will send you an updated file and instructions. Please do register for the forums though and post any future questions there. Thank you.

thank you for the theme, It was really great!
I am new to Drupal user.
Please help me to install this theme. I’m so confused. I read the help file too many times and completely installing Drupal from Drupal_7 folder.
This file is not exists: /examples/front-page-blocks
How can I have exactly the same pages?

Thank you very much

Please get in touch with me via and I will offer you a little guidance via email.

Actually I just replied to your forum post so please see that response before you contact me. Thank you.

Thank you … Thank you … Thank you … I’m really happy and excited. You are a true artist. This is the most beautiful theme I’ve ever used. :P Thank you again for your help


Thanks for this theme. I have a few questions regarding the full installation. I am trying to reproduce this full installation locally using easyphp. In the full install folder, there is no Goodnex theme folder included, is it normal ? Also, I have created the settings.php file as suggested but when the website is launched locally, it is not found.

Do you proceed a different way when it comes to a local installation ? Any advice from anyone who has successfully installed this theme is welcome.


The theme folder is located in /drupal_7/sites/all/themes. Did you place the settings.php file in the /sites/default folder?

If you’re still having issues please register for our forums at and make a post and we will help support you there. Thank you.


Thanks for your reply. I will do a test again tonight.

This is the second Drupal theme I’ve bought that hasn’t applied any themeing to the standard user/admin sections, eg

Tables are not themed properly, tabs are not themed, buttons do not match the ‘elements’ boasted about here, this is not good. I expect a Drupal theme to theme all of Drupal, not just be a couple of front page layouts and a fancy slider plugin, it should integrate completely. Now I’ve got to go through adding god knows how many functions to add the ‘bootstrap’ styles to the backend. In fact, I’m just going to start from scratch. If I could get a refund I would

Looking good so far, except if the alert was the same as the ones on the elements page that’d be sweet

Also FYI, the Drupal Bootstrap project I mentioned earlier has many template.php overrides for adding custom classes to Drupals core elements such as the alerts etc, saves a lot of fussing about with Drupal specific classes and easier to add your own… Obviously you’re not using Bootstrap but the principles are the same

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll go through that and see what other elements we can apply for the next update.

Hi Refaktor, your theme looks really great, modern, clean and minimalist. I would like only to ask about the problem mentioned by tr33m4n about no theming applied to user section. I could also read your answer refaktor but I think you didn’t understand the comment of tr33m4n, he didn’t ask about styling the admin section, but the front presentation of user profile after log in.

Could you confirm there is no styling or no proper styling for user profile page in registered mode? Thanks, Damian

This is what the /user page looks like on Goodnex

I am fairly confident the previous commenter was referring to the administration backend which we have never nor will we ever style. Up until this point none of our customers has taken issue with this.

What is the CSS Framework? The Image description says Bootstrap but the text listing says Skeleton. Also, how about a screenshot that shows the Block Regions, that’s critical for me in any decision to purchase a Drupal theme.


It is Skeleton, I am very sorry about the error in the preview image that was a big oversight on our part and we just submitted an updated version. As far as the regions go here is a screenshot

Amazing design! I am looking to buy a theme for a very simple news site/blog. I wonder is this theme easily customizable and can I add just few more blocks I need, including one for advertisements?


We do include a sub-theme that is ideal for performing minor customizations like you are describing. You can add new regions in the sub-theme’s .info file and then copy over any templates you need to modify from the parent theme to the sub-theme and call your new regions/make additional modifications.

If you were to purchase you could ask questions and get advice in our forum – but keep in mind we have a limit to the amount of support we offer in terms of customizations. We’re happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction but we cannot offer step by step instructions for anything that isn’t very very simple.

Hi, theme is looking good. just a question, is it multilingual ready ? I need my site to be in 3 languages, and i was wondering if I had to hardcode some stuff to get that done, like in many themes i see around. thx

The theme is multilingual in the sense that any text output by the theme templates is properly wrapped in a translation function. We don’t have the translation modules installed and set up in the demo if that is what you’re asking, you will have to do that yourself.

Is it possible to see the block regions before buying this theme ?

Many thanks

Sure thing I posted a link to a picture in another comment

Thanks. Sorry, did not see it. :D

wow great theme, bookmarked for sure :) glws!!

Thank you very much!