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Two questions I’d like to ask:

1. Is the theme a sub-theme of any other theme (e.g., Omega or Zen or some other base theme)?

2. To use the theme, must I install it with a Drupal installation profile, or can the theme just be added to the sites/all/themes directory and then enabled?

1. It is our own base theme with an included sub-theme that you can use to do your own customizations.

2. You have the option to do either method. We provide the full install that you see on the live demo (with placeholder images) or you can simply upload it to an existing site and use it that way. The documentation covers both methods and there are instructions for manually configuring some of the different content types/Views used on the demo. We also included a custom Features module that will automatically create those content types, fields and Views for you.

Hi, can the portfolio title be rename? and can a user login module easily be implemented in this theme? thank you.

The portfolio is a Views block so you can put it on any page you like using the block visibility settings. Yes you can use either the default user login block or any other module that is available for Drupal.

Hi refaktor

I’ve just come across your theme having tried to find a replacement theme which we have recently purchased off Tabvn (TouchM). Unfortunately TouchM’s navigation is just a total mess, particularly the mobile navigation element, and they’re not willing to help.

Is it possible to see a 3rd level navigation demo of your theme? Do you have anywhere where we can test the demo live and add some navigational elements only I don’t want to have to go through the same problem again of buying something and finding it may not be fit for purpose?

Thank you

I understand your frustrations. This isn’t something we normally do but I can get a quick demo set up on for you. Get in touch via and I’ll send you the details once I get that set up.

Hi, apologies but for some reason themeforest didn’t notify me of this response. That would be most appreciated. I’ll send something across to you shortly.

Hi Refaktor

Any reason for not using or documenting Bootstrap in this design. What were the pros and cons for the decision.


We are not the authors of the original HTML template so I cannot speak for them as to why they decided to use Skeleton instead of Bootstrap.

Yes cool theme but one thing but how to make a portfolio, not two but four speakers. since I do not need two I only need four??

I’m sorry I do not understand your question. Please register for our forums at and post a more detailed question there. If you’re having an issue with a particular page on your site please also provide a link that we can look at. Thanks.

To those of you who have rated the theme one or two stars: please get in touch with us as we are here to support you with any issues you are having with the theme. If you have discovered a bug, please let us know so we can fix it for the benefit of everyone. We appreciate your business so please let us help you make use of the item you spent your hard earned money on.


Installation works on a remote server but I was unable to complete it locally. I don’t know if it’s because of the htaccess, the clean urls or whatever… I tried to register to your forum, without success either.

What is the procedure to make a local installation works ? I am dealing with dozens of sites locally and this one is the only one that cannot b set up.


What do you mean you were not able to complete it locally, what is the issue? There is nothing special about the demo install, all development is done on a local server as well.

Shoot me an email via with the username you registered on the forum and I’ll activate the account, or check your spam folder for the registration email.

The issue is after all is installed, set-up and all that the website is not found. My base is created, my files in place, the settings file created and then nothing happens when the index page is reached ‘this page cannot be found’. I am not a padawan anymore either and as I successfully installed the website on a distant server I am just wondering what can go wrong.

My guess would be an issue with the htaccess file but its hard for me to say. Have you tried doing a fresh install and then just copying over the /sites folder from our download files (backing up the settings.php file that is generated during the install and copying it back over if need be) and then dropping the tables of the database from the new install and then importing our demo database?

Man, that was the trick ! Thanks a lot… It drove me mad for a few days. Anyway I won’t waste your time anymore :)

Well, links don’t work and only the index page can be displayed… I think it must be linked to the clean URL, I’ll check.

Hi, I would like to know if you´re going to port this theme over to Drupal 8 when it’s going to be released?

We will eventually but we have no plans for a Drupal 8 version upon immediate release.

dewey_finn Hi,please give me the link where you installed drupal website,tnx :)

Is there something I can help you with?

I have problems with the full install, it doesn’t work. We read the documention but something is being wrong. what can we do ?

i tryed but on the register form, on the field Please write the word REFAKTOR backwards: This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots. I write REFAKTOR, but i have a message saying it’s the bad answer

Thats because the word REFAKTOR backwards is ROTKAFER

I will respond to the email you just sent but please register for the forums so that future questions can be posted there.

I just tried to reply to your email but it bounced back and could not be delivered. Do you have a different email address you can use to get in touch with us via the same contact form? Otherwise please finish the forum registration process and post your detailed question there as the forum is the best way to get support from us.

astruc give your email pls :)

Where is the documentation supposed to be?

Extract the file in the root folder, open goodenex->documentation->click on index

RonanWalsh give your email pls

Thanks b3nga13zu, I figured it out!

RonanWalsh ””Extract the file in the root folder, open goodenex->documentation->click on index”” index html?

I will ask again, is there something I can help you with? You keep leaving comments here…

Very nice theme!

Could you modify the theme for FaceBook-compatible. I am looking for something like that.

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking, could you give me an example?

I want to use iframe to embed a Drupal theme into FaceBook, FB user can enter via fanpage and non FB user can enter as usual.

Although your theme is a responsive design, I feel a bit strange visually.

Hi, very good theme, i just bought it and installed, i started setting it up and today i received an email about an update… could you tell me what this update is about? if it’s related to drupal modules or something about the theme itself… In other words, how can i apply the update to an existing installation (only necessary/updated files)? Thank you very much!

Hello there.

I made a post in our support forum regarding this update so that has all the info you need


As you said on the new version 1.0.4 includes the MD Slider 2.4, but after download, I see the theme version is 1.0.4 but the included or the alone version of is still 2.2

Am I missing something?


You’re right something got messed up when we were packaging the download files. You can get in touch with us via to get the latest version while we get the TF files updated. Sorry about that.

I’ll tell my client to do so.

Many thanks for the support :-)

can’t move the layers around by drug and for slide settings to add background image is just open overlay and can’t do nothing .. that is in megaslider .. how may I try please ..

You have the wrong version of jQuery Update installed. See this thread for info about the correct version and settings


And one more please .. how may I add and use Zawgyi-One font in mega slider please because it is very important for me to use Myanmar font named as Zawgyi-one