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Hi, In the portfolio the size of the thumbs is 220px width. I would like to fix , as well the size of the height so the portfolio lines are aligned for a better impression. But this is not an image style. Where can I acheive that?

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Hi refaktor,

Sorry to be a pain in the arse again, but could you keep the main ThemeForest page up to date with your recent changes? I get emails informing me of updates but when I check your changelog there is no information


Whoops sorry about that, logs been updated.

If I purchase this template will there be a link to you, your sites, or your forum in the footer? I want a clean site with no outbound links that are beyond my control.

You get watermarked versions of those images. I believe a lot of them came from Photodune but I’m not entirely sure. This is a conversion of an HTML template by another author so they were the ones who did the original images. I could enquire about that if you like.

I would like to know where to buy some of the images so please ask the original author. Thank you.

Sure thing I will let you know once I have more info.

Hello. Everythings work fine. Installation is OK. Just one little thing : how to disable the grayscale effect on every portofolio images ? Thanks a lot


in your other tamplate Porto, there is a Newsletter field in the footer, can you please explain if it is also possible in this tmeplate and how?

Thank you very much!

You can use any number of newsletter modules to achieve this, it has nothing to do with the theme really. is one such module.

I want to say how AWESOME the level of support that Refaktor provides on their support page. They respond very quickly to any questions and are very thorough in their responses. I’m really happy with this theme. I have no experience with drupal prior to buying this theme, and I am able to figure it out, especially with the amazing support of Refaktor. I bought the Goodnex Theme and I fall in love with it again, each and everyday. It is a beautiful, flexible and smart theme. Thanks, Refaktor for being so AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you very much for your business and for your kind words, we really appreciate it :)

Hello, I have a problem with the full version of the template, made ??all the steps done import sql and after logging an error occurs 404 Please help

a link to the project:

Clean URLs are not working on your site. For example can be accessed instead of /user. Please read the following thread on our forum and if you need additional support please post in the forum. Thank you.

Problem solved. Thank you for the professional support

hi, since i purchased the theme the day it came out i have made ALOT of CSS changes and also many other changes to tpl files so i cant update the theme using ur updates as it will overwrite my changes! i am having issues displaying the AFTER CONTENT on some pages, as ur latest update seems to fix. can you give me the code to fix this one particular problem please?

You should not be making modifications directly to the parent theme, you should use the provided child theme. In any case please make a post on our forum ( and we will help you out there. These item comments are not good for offering support.

Hi there! I’m looking forward to buy your theme. My requirement is to first install it on to my server, customize it (update logo and content) and present it to client. Once the design is approved then launch it on to the client server.

Your package includes demo installation, I have prior little experience of drupal but not been hands-on from previous two years.

Please can you clearly mention what is demo installation that is available in package?

Looking forward to your reply.

Regards Uzma Toor

The demo installation is the full demo that you see on our site, the only difference is that the images are watermarked. You will be able to install that full demo and you can start removing our content and adding your own so it makes it easy if you haven’t worked with Drupal in a while.

In the FAQ section, we observe that by default one question is always opened. What should be done to make sure that all questions are closed whenever user visits FAQ page?

Someone actually just asked about that on the forums. We’re going to work on that section for our next update but you can see the instructions to change that here

My content type “article” shows the “node-title” twice (above and below Picture/slider). I’d like it to show only once as in “basic-page”. How can i fix that?

We recently implemented a new theme setting tab called “post meta” where you can toggle that second title as well as the other post meta elements like author, comments, date etc. If you don’t have that setting you’ll need to update your theme.

For future support questions please refer to our forum –

Great theme very easy to work with. Had a small issue and seller was super helpful in solving my problem. Would recommend working with this themer again.

Thank you for your purchase and for your kind words, much obliged!

Hi, looking for instructions on how to attach YELP and FOURSQUARE icons to my social blocks to match what is currently there.

Thank you.

I replied to your post in the forums, please don’t double post in the item comments. Thanks.

This is an awesome template, with incredible support!

The highlights: - Flexible - Awesome Slider - Author is very responsive in support forum - Nicely Commented Code - Full Demo makes working on your site a dream

I could go on and on, however, if you like the design of this template, then you won’t be disappointing with how it works on the back end.


HI! used icons licensed? must specify authorship? Thanks!

HI! used icons licensed? must specify authorship? Thanks!

I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand the question.

In the package I downloaded php/contact-send.php file is missing that actually sends the email. can you please send that file or make it available to download?

Get in touch with us via and I will send you the updated js file. That contact-send.php file is not needed and is something only the HTML version uses.

v 1.09 Last Update 4 January 14 downloaded, but in the archive version 1.07

I just downloaded the files and double checked and the correct 1.0.9 version is included. Maybe you downloaded before the update went live so just download the files again and you should have the latest version. Thanks.

Downloaded again in all files 5 line says: version = 1.0.7

My apologies we forgot to update the version in the .info but check the changelogs they will both say 1.0.9.

since i purchased this theme theres been like a 100 updates a day. its been nearly 4 months since you released this.. Why couldnt you release a proper complete template without any bugs, or atleast a minimum number of bugs so that u dont have to send an update every single day? its ridiculous. i wish i had never purchased this theme and used it on my site. the number of updates and fixes i have had to make to this theme i could have built a bette theme from scratch. you guys didnt even do the design for it yourself, it was by another guy… you just took someone else’s design and added a bunch of bugs to it.. disappointing.

I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the fact we release updates with bug fixes and new features. It is nearly impossible to get something 100% right the first time so bug fixes are simply inevitable. We’re also human, and sometimes we accidentally break something and do not realize until after we have already released an update. Most themes released on TF are actively maintained and get updates with fixes and new features.

As far as the design goes, we partnered with the authors of the HTML version to release the Drupal version and partnerships are also very common on TF so I’m not sure what you’re upset about regarding that.

We always strive to do our best and to do things right the first time and we will continue to do that. Unfortunately we can only do our best and if our best is not up to your standards I truly do apologize.

I just tried to update;

Firstly, I wasn’t able to install from the zip directly, I encountered this problem the first time, not a big deal but it shouldn’t be in the documentation if it doesn’t work.

Secondly, after unzipping and moving into sites/all/themes and replacing the existing ‘goodnex’ folder (and adding my logo) I lost my menus!

Thirdly, the main reason I updated, was to update the MDSlider, which can’t be updated from the update page (keep getting “Failed to download md_slider from #” error). After updating goodnex (and breaking my menus) I was a bit annoyed when I noticed MDSlider wasn’t updated.

All in all I can’t complain about the theme; it looks great and I understand and commend the amount of work that goes into a theme like this, however, for anyone like me, who just wanted to save a bit of time by downloading a theme, I couldn’t, in good faith, recommend this theme.

What do you mean when you say you weren’t able to install from the zip directly? The file inside the download files is a standard theme that can be installed via the Drupal admin panel so I can’t imagine what issues you might have had.

Regarding your menus I apologize for that but we had to make a change to the name of the menu region to make it more specific as the block/region template we use for the menu was being applied to all Drupal menus. We cover changes like this in our update forum thread here

MDSlider is a third party slider module that cannot be updated via the admin panel. We add the latest version we feel is stable when we do updates so the version that is in the download files now is the latest version that does not have any significant bugs. The latest version of the slider has a big issue with HTML markup not rendering in the slides which is why we have not included it until a new update is available that fixes that bug.

So all in all I’m sorry you’ve had some issues but if you run into issues please post them in our forum so we can help you resolve them –