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great work, GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Glad you liked it. Thanks :)

Is there unlimited color for pages ?

Hello sobhist.

This theme has 5 build-in color scheme but you always may add every color you want with a little editing of main css files. It’s realy simple :)

At least on Android, this theme would not appear responsive. Was it tested on Android Stock Browser / Chrome or just iOS / Safari for determine responsiveness?

I did remove the Envato frame by tapping the X on the demo but it didn’t change much at all.

Thanks for reporting bug, I’ll release update that will fix it soon.

Just to let you know, the links in the 3 columns on the homepage take me to a 404 page. Nice theme though! :)

Fixed the broken links. Thank you :)

i need the wp-ecommerce plug in with this theme. will it show up okay? thanks

Hello hollysnails.

It depends on the plug-in. Most likely you have to edit the code a bit.

Im going to need to change the background look of the red area behind the banner o another type of graphic is this customizable and will you be able to help me through it? and I need the white texture to be a colored textrure design will I be able to get help with that also? the menu might have to be changed to white instead of black this is all possible?


Yes, this all possible just email me after purchase and I’ll help you.

Does this theme use a custom post type called “Products”?

Because I’m using WP eCommerce plugin and it uses that post type.

Also are there any other color variations? Maybe black.

Hello, onlychozen.

This theme don’t use a custom post type “Products” but I think this post type automatically created by your WP eCommerce plugin.

Theme has 5 color variation (red, blue, yellow, green and purple) but It’s really easy to create new one with help of simple CSS file editing.

I know, I was just checking because I purchased a cafe theme before that had “Products” post type hard coded into it and conflicted with WP eCommerce.

Huh interesting :)

I need like this themes.

i was try vertical view on ipad… but… responsive not fix in “Popular Dishes”, “From Twitter” and “Customer Review” area… and i try in horizontal view… responsive not work for 100 %.

and then Please build 404 custom page.

I like this themes & want to pay it… but, you must fix a bug :D

Hello adimaryanto.

This theme already include custom 404 page you may see it here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/?page_id=404. Or navigating to it through Top Navigation Menu -> Story -> 404 in live preview.

Unfortunately I don’t have iPad so I forced to test theme in emulator and “Popular Dishes”, “From Twitter” and “Customer Review” area seem to display normal in it. Maybe you mean that sidebar disappeared when see on small screen, well this is the intended behavior.

Thank you.

Where do you change or add the sub headings of the menu items ex:

Under BLOG it reads: NEWS & EVENTS

I have a new menu item and cant find where to add this text.


Hello, Iomogregory thanks for purchased.

To change sub headings you should make following:

1. Navigate to “Wordpress Dashboard > Pages”.

2. Find Pages whose sub headings you want to change and click edit. (for ex. if you want to change blog’s subheadings you need pages with name Restaurant Blog).

3. Click on “Screen Option” button in top right corner and then check “Custom Field” checkbox.

4. Find custom field with name “Description” and change it value on desired.

Good Luck.

How are items added to the menu?

Theme has special Menu category and subcategory like Breakfast, Dinner (you may create any subcategory that you like). If you create post in one of those subcategories it will be displayed in Menu.

I am getting many errors after activating this theme. Although I have installed many WP themes, I have used your directions. Here is one of 10 of the errors I am getting after activating:

Warning: include_once(option-tree/ot-loader.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/15/9610515/html/wp/wp-content/themes/wpgoodold/functions.php on line 17

Please advise.

Hello, advgroup.

I tested installation of theme on my computer and all working perfectly so I recommend you do following:

1. Install new copy of WordPress.

2. ?arefully follow the installation instructions in the documentation.

Hello, when I try to access the options theme, I get the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::add_help_tab() in /home/machaydeoliveira/www/arquitetura/wp-content/themes/WordPress Goodold 1.0/wpgoodold/option-tree/includes/ot-settings-api.php on line 180

Help me please!!!!

Hello carolina_machay thanks for purchased.

Please email so we can discuss your problem further.

Best wishes.

Hello: Great theme!

I would like to know how to do the following change:

- On home page: Make the Story text area one column (I removed the code for the Restaurant sliders in index.php and would like to the story text to go across). Can you tell me what file I would find code to get rid of the second column?

Here is the website: www.ebbtiderestaurant.com/wp

Thank you!

Hello webslinger, thanks for purchased.

To get rid of the second column you should just do following:

1. Open style.css and find #story-content (line 1170). 2. Delete width:638px; (line 1171) property inside #story-content. 3. Find #story-content (line 3007) and delete width:450px property inside.

P.S. Nice starting, Good Luck :)

Hi RayBreaker:

I don’t want to use the Theme options sidebar of About, menu and contact info.

How do i get Sidebar1, 2 and 3 to show up using Appearance>widgets method?

Thank you !

Hello, webslinger.

Sorry, but this theme don’t support widget. I plan add support in future version but can’t say exactly when.

Hello Raybreaker, I purchased your template (who’s really smart) yesterday and I’m now following the installation but when I want to download the contact form i got an error : “Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form”

could you help me about that please ?