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Done add to activate contact pluggin.

my maps is not working is it beacause I’m in local ?

Hello celluleIT thanks for purchased.

You got an error: “Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form because you don’t install Contact Form 7 plugin before export example data just re install theme by step in documentation: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#installationSetup.

Google maps should work even in localhost so check following: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#gmaps

Good Luck!

You mentioned I could adjust the color scheme to my own specs, can you advise how to do this please and thank you. Also, I would like to edit the background image on the header and footer. Can you help? Thanks!

Hello kerivit.

Please email me and I help you :)


Email sent.

I entered my API key and coordinates but Google Maps is not working.

?ould you send a link to your website on my mail so I may check the code for errors?

I am having trouble getting the slides on the home page to show up. I have added a new post, set it as a featured image & set category to slider. What else do i need to do for it to show up on the home page?

What is the best way to edit the items in the footer…i didnt see that option under the appearance – widgets tab…

Hello, Ebrumley.

1.1. Please read the documentation ( http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#slidersetup) and make sure you’re doing it right. 1.2. Check does Main Slider checkbox set in “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page” and if so uncheck it. 1.3. If this doesn’t help, please send link on your website so I may check code on error and help you.

2. To edit items in the footer navigate to “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Footer” also visit “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Google Maps” to setting Google Maps that located in footer.

Good Luck!


You’re welcome :)

Hey There,

My menu is not working properly. How do I get it so it is the same as the test website.

My address is: www.capriata.co.nz

It seems that you not import test date when setup theme.

Just reinstall it again following the steps in the documentation here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#installationSetup


Cool that worked, is it possible to have the menu so that it is centered? ie. 2 on either side of the logo. Its currently 3 headings on the left side and 1 on the right which looks stupid. How do I make it so its 2 on each side?

Also how do I set the “span” for the headings in the menu. All the pages I have only show the page name and not the description underneath

1. To center menu you should edit css file. (I may help you if you send link on you site on my mail)

2. You mean how to add new category like Breakfast, Dinner etc in menu? You may do it by creating new subcategory of Menu category in “Wordpress Dashboard > Posts > Categories”

3. Description for page set with help of Custom Fields “description” (to show custom field you should click on Screen Options button while editing needed page then check “Custom Fields” checkbox).

Is there anyway to make it so the items in the menu dont link to the post page. I just want to have a page with a static menu that doesn’t go to a new page when it is clicked.

As for the menu I was refering to the text under the menu items. (ie. in the live preview under home it says “site homepage” & under blog it says “news and events”

To edit text under menu items you should:

1. Go to “Wordpress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus” 2. Select “Header menu” tabs if it’s not selected 3. Click on Screen Options button in top right corner and then click on “Description” checkbox 4. Now when you click on menu item you’ll see new “Description” field.

P.S. I send on you mail file with instruction that needed to create menu that don’t link to the post page.

Hey There,

I sent you an email a few days ago, but didn’t hear anything back. Did you receive it?

Cheers – Aaron

Hello, I’m sorry for being so long with answer. Don’t know why but my gmail add your last message to spam folder.

Answer you, please check your email.

I’m having a really tough time customizing this theme. It should be this hard. I am trying to assign a custom background for the header and for the body. I cant seem to find the inline #2 to make these changes. I really need your help.

Hello rbhogal, thanks for purchased.

To assign custom background for header and body do following:

1. Open header.php

2. Paste following code just before </style> (line 215):

#header, ul.sub-menu { background-image:url(path_to_your_header__bg_image) !important } #body, .column-main-header div { background-image:url(path_to_your_body__bg_image) !important }

how do you install this theme into wordpress? I am new so first time i have had to do it hope its not a dumb question. I just a free wordpress blog, will this be sufficient?

Hello, kareneuro.

To setup theme just follow instructions in documentation: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#installationSetup

Hi! I’ve purchased this template, but i’ve problem, with Google Maps API v3. My site does not accept the API key. Help me please!

Hello, csuthy thanks for purchased.

Please describe the problem in detail and provide link on you site so I may check your code on errors.

P.S. You may send reply on my mail if you want …


Hey I was wondering how to increase the visable logo space on the mobile and tablet version. As you can see here - http://i46.tinypic.com/bwz1i.jpg It cuts off my logo and I need to correct this please.


Also how can I move the header down a bit, its to close to the top for my logo

Hello Allan thanks for purchased.

To make it just do following:

1. Open style.css file.

2. Find #header-content it should be somewhere inside @media(max-width: 767px) { } (on line 3351 by default)

3. To increase visible logo space just increase value of “width” property. Then to center logo change it’s “background-position” property.

4. To move the header down also use background-position property. Also I think you may try to reduce size of logo with help of background-size property.

P.S If you have any difficulties while editing you may send your style.css file and link to your site on my email and I make needed changes.


Hey. I was wondering if you can send me the proper way to add price into the menu page. I had downloaded the sample content , but wrote over that page. I do not want to re-load because I have done a lot of work to the site. I you can please screenshot the restaurant-menu page editor so I can see how you have used the custom field and what values to use. Your documentation should cover all this.


Hello. To add price to menu page do following:

1. While editing one of the dishes from menu (i.e. one of the post from “Menu” category or it’s subcategory) click on “Screen Options” button located in top right corner and then check “Custom fields” checkbox.

2. Custom fields should appear below Content Editor of the post.

3. To change price of dishes, edit value of ‘price’ custom fields (if your post don’t have ‘price’ custom fields yet you should add it first)

P.S. Please email me if you want to screenshot of custom fields.

I was also wondering how I can incorporate a rollover effect on the 3 section images on the homepage (Menu, Blog, Get in Touch). Please let me know as soon as you can. I have been messing around with this for a while.


You want rollover effect like in gallery?

How do I add the description under the Navigation Links


HOME Site Homepage <<<<This part, how do I add this?

Ignore previous, ive figured it out. I had to enable DESCRIPTION on the menu page.