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I would like a rollover effect on the 3 images on the homepage. Or the option to make those buttons linkable. Currently I can only navigate throw the text underneath the image. On your sample site it is the buttons that are Menu, Blog and Get in Touch. I actual images linkable, rather then to navigate through the text. Please help me. Thanks.

Please send me your index.php file and link for images on my email and I make needed changes.


Hey raybreaker, thanks for the wonderful theme! I’m having a couple of customization issues, hoping you can help:

1) Home page sliders MIA . I’ve read the documentation and followed instructions exactly. I’ve also made sure the Main Slider checkbox under Home Page theme options is unchecked. Site: http://parada-restaurant.com/

2) My logo isn’t showing up. Logo was uploaded in the images folder of the wpgood theme root folder on the server. Then I changed the logo url in WordPress appearance>theme options>general.

Thanks so much for your time and creation!

Hello, thanks :)

1. It seems that you totally change main page. Most likely you have removed the code that initializes the slider, please send me your index.php file and I fix it.

2. When I visit site I see logo showing, but you not center it correctly. Your should use header.psd in PSD folder as example. I may help your with editing logo if your send it in psd format.

Good Luck!

Thank you, raybreaker! Not sure how I changed the main page. lol Newbies, eh? I sent you an email response.

2. I would love your help editing my logo! I`ve never worked with PSDs. I`ve saved my png to PSD , but I`m unsure how to attach a file using Envato email…

You are providing amazing support! I`m very happy I chose your theme. :)

Hello I think that my email message don’t reach you for some reason, please try to check spam folder maybe you find them there.

How do I disable the map without affecting the rest of the code. Whenever I comment out in the footer it affects the home page slider and other areas.

Thanks Raybreaker! i did that but i’m still getting this message when my page loads: Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application. The provided key is not a valid Google API Key, or it is not authorized for the Google Maps Javascript API v3 on this site. If you are the owner of this application, you can learn about obtaining a valid key here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#Obtaining_Key

How do keep this from happening?

Please send me your header.php on my email I’ll make needed changes.

Does you use gmaps at contact page?

Thanks I decided to just get the code.

Hello, I love your theme. I’m not using it for a restaurant and I want to get rid of / change the things in the footer. Is there a way to add widgets there or replace the footer items with html? Otherwise how can I remove the footer content?

thanks, - Gobo

Hello Gobo!

To change items in footer you should edit footer.php file.

I have somehow broken the slider. It’s currently in a constant load state. I’ve checked the slider posts, and everything looks good, so I am debugging the source code. Can you let me know all the files that touch the slider? I may just do a fresh replace of these files to see if that works. Thanks, R.


Does you delete something in footer.php? If so open header.php and delete call of function initialize() (line 232 by default). If not please send me link to you site so I’ll may check it on error (you may send reply on my email).


Sweet! I reverted the footer.php file, and that seemed to solve that problem. Thanks!

Hi In the side bar I am getting this error

“Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/coffeblu/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpgoodold/sidebar-blog.php on line 25”

Please advise. This is the URL http://coffeebluescafe.com/blog/ Thanx

Also having an error on the single menu pages too. http://coffeebluescafe.com/menu/sides-to-go/pita-chips/

“Warning: usort() [function.usort]: The argument should be an array in /home/coffeblu/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpgoodold/single.php on line 99”

Hello! It’s very strange I think I already fix this bug. How long ago you downloaded theme?

All this errors automatically fix when at least one of your blog post will have at least one comments. You may also send me your sidebar-blog.php, blog.php, single.php and I’ll fix it.

Best wishes!

Hi Raybreaker, Thank you for responding. I downloaded in August. Can I send you my login info to the admin to check it out for me, please?

Just send me your sidebar-blog.php, blog.php, single.php file on my email and I’ll fix all errors that you mention previously.

Sent. Your email ID in the documentation file ends in ”...kr” not ”....ker”. Is that correct?

Yes that correct it ends on ”...kr” but I don’t receive message from you yet. You may also use form here: http://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker to send email and attach file after I’ll reply.

Great theme! One quick question:

When viewing mobile mode on an iPhone, there seems to be an extra “white space” on the right which causes the mobile pages to slide or shift when scrolling. It makes the pages a bit too wide – how can I delete this to fix the issue?

Hello! Thanks!

Please send your style.css file on my email and I’ll fix this issue.

Hi, theres something strange going on with the menu. It seems to be limiting how many I can put per menu category. Right now it’s just putting ten items under my “appetizers” menu cat… but I have more than ten items in that category. Is there somewhere I can take this limit off?

Hello! To take this default limit off please do following:

1. Open your menu.php

2. Find following line of code (by default 31): query_posts( array( ‘cat’ => $category->term_id, ‘post_type’ => ‘post’ ) )

3. Replace it on (i.e. you should add ‘posts_per_page’ => -1 property to it): query_posts( array( ‘cat’ => $category->term_id, ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, ‘posts_per_page’ => -1 ) )

P.S. If you have difficulties with step above you may send your menu.php file on my email and I’ll do this changes for you :)

Best wishes!

Thanks! worked like a charm!

Hi raybreaker, Thank you for creating this theme. I have updated the style.css file to change colours around, make small adjustments etc. and this seemed to make the small sliders on my home not responsive. See kneaddough.com.au. Also, is there any way of changing the header, footer and middle background areas? I’m a bit of a beginner and still learning CSS , web design and coding so I’m struggling a little bit! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Please send your style.css file on my email and I’ll try to fix it (by small slider you mean images with “read menu”, “visit blog”... ?).

To change background of header and middle areas do following:

1. Open your header.php file

2. Insert immediately before </head> following code: <style type="text/css"> #header, ul.sub-menu { background-image: url_to_your_header_bg_image !important; } body, .column-main-header div { background-image: url_to_your_body_bg_image !important; } </style>

To change bg of footer, do following:

1. Open footer.php

2. Insert immediately before following code: <style type="text/css"> #prefooter-main-wrap { background-image: url_to_your_footer_bg_image !important; } </style> Best wishes!

Thanks for asking my previous question. This has been a great theme to modify!

Is there any way to apply links to the slider images?

Hello! Please send me your index.php file on my email so I’ll make needed changes.

Can you direct me to your email addy?

Hi! i would like to change fonts on the theme, i know i should work on the css but apparently there are several css files, and in the instruction you suggested to change color styles and font on the php file in order to make it quicker and the scroll down the css for any overriding code.

any suggestion on how where to start in order to don’t mess up the code? where should i apply the font face code?

I bought the html and the wordpress but aim using the wordpress… cause i found html a bit rocky for my poor skills

Hello Lorenzo! Thanks for purchased!

You want to use web font like Google Web Fonts? Add your own font in .otf, .ttf etc. format through @font-face or just use one of web safe font (like Arial, Times New Roman etc.)?


where should i put the font?what folder/location should i erase the font face code on the css who contains the actual font file and add my own? or i can just add font face code at the bottom of the preexistent one? please advise i am not expert at all!!! detailed procedure will be really appreciated!!!

(putting my own font, and a google font)

Reply on your email.

I did some shopping around for restaurant-specific responsive themes, and landed on the Goodold Restaurant theme, because how how well it reduces for mobile. I did some pretty intense customization (http://cavacava-sunvalley.com), and the developer was there to help out with quick response time, and was very courteous. If your looking for a solid responsive theme to skin for your own needs, this theme is top-notch, and I highly recommend.

- R www.lymancreative.com

Thanks for you comment! :)

Where do I change the twitter handle from the default?