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Ignore my previous question I figured it out. Now I have one issue. everytime i try to delete one of the news/blog posts that were already in the theme from the wordpress import it gives me this error in the comment section: Warning: usort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/78/2009978/html/perfectbite/wp-content/themes/wpgoodold/single.php on line 99

and this is in the sidebar_blog under “Popular Posts”: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/78/2009978/html/perfectbite/wp-content/themes/wpgoodold/sidebar-blog.php on line 49

It’s seems that you download theme more than month ago because I’ll already fix this bug. This bug shows when none of your posts have none comments.

You may send me your single.php, sidebar-blog.php and blog.php file on my email and I’ll fix it or add at least one comments to one of you posts if this suitable in your case.


Hello Raybreaker,

I want to translate the headings (menu, widgets, etc.) to Dutch. Is there a simple way to do that? And where can I change/see the prices of the dishes?

With kind regards


You want to translate headings that located in top navigation menu? To do it you should go to “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus” and edit “Navigation Label” field.

To change/see prices of the dishes you should do following:

1. While editing dishes whose price you want to edit/see click on “Screen Options” button. 2. Then check “Custom Fields” checkbox. 3. “price” custom fields should appear below “Content editing” field (if this fields not displayed you should add it by youself with help of “Add New Custom Field” dropdown menu)

Hope it’s help! Good Luck!

Thank you raybreaker.

I manage to change the prices. But the navigation menu has sub-headings wich I want to translate to. I can’t find where to do that. The same for the headings in the sidebar. I can’t find the widgets you placed in the theme in the back-end of wp. With kind regards

To change sub-headings in top navigation menu you should do following:

1. Go to “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus”; 2. Click on “Screen Options” button in top right corner; 3. Check “Description” checkbox; 4. Edit value of “Description” field to change subheading.

To change headinds in sidebar you should edit following files: sidebar.php, sidebar-blog.php, sidebar-contact.php, sidebar-menu.php (sidebar-blog.php files change content of sidebar at blog page, sidebar-contact.php on contact page etc.)

Best wishes!


Hi this is a great theme! I have 3 quick questions:

1) How do I slow down the Testimonial transitions? It is too fast.

2) On an iPhone, side scrolling is caused by a white space on the right side. How do I remove?

3) Can I create a new Slider with a shortcode to fit in a subpage?

Thank you!!

Hello, thanks! :)

1. To slow down testimonial transition you should to following: 1.1. Open header.php file; 1.2. Find ”$(’#customer-review).bxSlider({” selector (line 320); 1.3. Add ‘pause’ property to it (for ex pause:6000 mean that testimonials will be changes every 6 seconds).

2. Please send me your style.css and link on your site and I’ll fix it (reply on my email);

3. No, unfortunately theme don’t have shortcode for slider inserting.

Best wishes!

The Twitter Feed in the sidebar does not populate info for any default template pages I load, yet it shows on my contact page which usesthe same template. Any idea why that might be?

Hello! Thanks for purchase :)

Please send me link on you web site (you may send it on my email if you want).

Best wishes!

Is there a way to change the layout from “full width” to have a “box” like a page? a client purchased the template.

Yeah I think it’s possible … but could you provide more detailed descriptions of “box” like page that you want to create? (you may reply on my email if you want).

Yes, for instance this template http://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/2833226 in the “Style Selector” you have the layout option to be either wide or boxed. I would love to make this possible with your template.

Hi there,

how can i put de menus with you format? i can only see like a simple link, like a list, what happening?

Thanks a lot.


Could you send link on your website so I’ll may check it? (you may reply on my email if you want)

Best wishes!

Yes, check it, this is the website


There, you can see how the menus are unformat, i hope u can help me.

Thanks a lot.

It’s seems that your website in maintenance mode so I can not check it now. Please turn it off or send your admin login/pass on my email (you may change it after I check website).

Best wishes!

Sorry, this is a capture: http://www.restaurantlapanterarosa.com/wp-content/themes/panterarosa/images/error.jpg

and the website now is available.


Hm, it’s seems that you use wrong name for top menu (one that contain INCIOPagina de inicio and BLOGNOTICIAS Y EVENTOS links) just rename it to “Header menu” to fix your issue.

To add underline text (like “site homepage” for “home” link and “news&events” for “blog”) please do following: When editing menu click on “Screen Options” button in top right corner and then check “Description” checkbox. After that you may edit underline text in “Description” field.

Hope it’s help! Good luck!

Beautiful theme! I have created a child theme to make some changes to the theme and when I remove the footer content none of the javascript loads. I can’t figure out why because I was careful not to remove anything the would affect scripts. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

Hello! Thanks! :)

It’s seems that you accidentally delete initialize() function that initialized in footer sections. To make javascript loads again you just need to delete call of this functions in header.php file (line 232).

Best wishes!

Hi there, sorry again but im not understanding your documentation theme, i cannot see where are the steps to asign a Subtitle in the pages and how to add images in the galery page, well im following the steps but y cannot see results, for example in the gallery: “To add image to gallery you should add image to Media Library (Wordpress Dashboard > Media > Add New) and then attach it to Gallery Page.” I was trying this but repeat, i cannot see results.

Sorry, but its not plain for me.

Oh! Sorry, too why cannot see the description in the dish? When is in the menu its ok, but if i click in the dish link the post dont show information only the featured image.

Thanks! =)


1. To assign a subtitle to the pages you should edit “description” custom fields (to display this you should click on “Screen Options” button in top right corner while editing page and then check “Custom Fields” checkbox)

2. Well, it’s strange that after doing steps in documentation you don’t see image in gallery, could you send me your admin login and password on my email, I must check it by myself.

3. To display description you should do following:

3.1. You should display excerpt field (to do this you should clicking on “Screen Options” button in top right corner while editing dish and then check “Excerpt” checkbox);

3.2. You should enter in “Excerpt” field description that you want to display in menu;

3.3. Enter in main content field full dish description that will be displayed after clicking on dish link in menu.

Best wishes!

Hi there,

Really im not understanding, neither displays information on the blog postings, what happening?

Or really im so bad or what, please help me.

Already tried with another theme and shows the complete publication, then you are not failing in your theme.

Regards and really really apologize for bothering both.

Answered on your email, please check it…

Hello again hehe, I see you’ve solved a problem, but the gallery is not working as your theme, ie I click and directs me to the file and the image in your theme opens a popup with the image magnification and I think that is another problem, I wonder if everyone who bought this item have had these problems. Regarding menu and single files already decided, I had to modify some code but the gallery I’m very interested. I thank you.


It’s seems that’s your don’t install wp-jquery-lightbox plugin. To install it you should do following:

1. Go to “Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins” and click “Add New”;

2. In field “Search” type “wp-jquery-lightbox” and click “Search Plugin” button.

3. Click “Install Now” link under WP jQuery Lightbox plugin.

P.S. Most problems that you had with this theme relate to fact that you don’t follow step in documentation here while installing theme: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#installationSetup.

Hello. Love the template, but for some reason the menus are not showing up on my site. Just uploaded the site, and when i go to Appearance—> Menus, then i get the error “The current theme does not natively support menus, but you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to add any menus you create here to the theme’s sidebar.” Any ideas on why it may be doing that?


Please try to reinstall your theme by following step in documentation here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#installationSetup This should fix your issue. Also what version of WordPress you use it’s should be 3+?

Best wishes!

I did that multiple times and still not working. If i try to input the whole “WordPress Goodold” folder into the FTP then it says that it is a broken theme because it doesnt have a style.css. I tried going into the folder and just taking the wpgoodold folder and putting it into FTP which works, but still no menus. Still getting same error message. When it has the preview in “My Themes” in the backend, it looks perfectly fine, but when i preview site it doesnt have the menu. I am using the latest version of Wordpress because i just started out trying to learn wordpress instead of Joomla.

Could you send me your admin login and password on my email (you may find it in documentation here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html) ?

I have spent many hours looking for a restaurant theme for my employer and the Goodold theme really stood out to me. We loved the layout and ease of the page. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I wanted to be able to tweak every little detail to get the perfect page. Raybreaker was awesome in helping me and getting back to me very quickly. I must of sent a dozen emails asking for help and he always responded right away. If you are looking for a sleek professional word press theme and amazing customer support then look no further. You can check out our page at our temporary address http://www.madisonbeargarden.dreamhosters.com/

Glad that I could help. Thanks you for awesome review :)

Hi there,

I’m having a few issues with following:

1) the header / logo graphics fail to appear.

2) the homepage slider is not working correctly. It’s not centred and is cropping the lower part of the images off.

3) On clicking through to a sub page the ‘homepage’ button in the top nav doesn’t link correctly.

This is the link so far..


Kind regards



Please reinstall your theme by following step in documentation here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#installationSetup it should fix your issues.

Best wishes!

Whoops! I thought I followed it the first time. Reinstalled and all works okay.


I have 2 issues :

1. My homepage does not scale properly on mobile.

2. Google Analytics is not picking up the tracking code

Can you help?



Please send your header.php, index.php and style.css files on my email and I’ll fix this issues.

Best wishes!