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I cannot get the shopping cart with WP ecommerce to work with the theme. It just hangs when you click add to cart and the item doesn’t show in the shopping cart.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Jeremy,

I’m terrible sorry but this theme don’t support WP ecommerce plugin. It’s seems work normally with WooCommerce though. If you’ll decide to use it instead just email me and I’ll send you needed file to integrate it in Goodold theme.

Kind regards, Dmitry


I noticed there are 5 colours on the ‘live preview’, however, do you have a ‘colour picker’ so i can change the site to any colour i wish?

Cheers Shaun


I’m sorry but this theme only have 5 build-in color. If you want to add new color you’ll must edit style.css file… it’s not that hard and I may help you with that just email me after purchased.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Very limited documentation and very limited customization ability. If you want to customize this theme at all, you better know some .php and .css.. NOT for the beginner.

Thanks for you review!

Sent you an email


It seems that something go wrong I don’t receive it yet. Please try to resend it (you may find my email here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html)

Best wishes, Dmitry

hi, how do I access/edit info on the very end of footer ( far right of the screen ) Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact

those links are blank, I need to remove them except for contact… ?


Hi, to edit this link you should go to “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus” and then click on “Footer menu” tab on top of the page.

Hope it’s help, Dmitry

Thanks Dmitry, that has worked..

Hello, bought your theme a few weeks ago! I’m doing some intense customization.

I have noticed that the twitter feed no longer works? It just stopped working a few days ago. Do you have a fix? Do I need to get an updated version of sorts?

I appreciate your response.


Hello, thanks for purchase!

Few days ago twitter drop support of their API v1.0 and it broke theme’s twitter feed. I already fix it by migrating on API v1.1 so you may either re download theme or email to me and I’ll send you all needed files with instructions.

Best wishes, Dmitry


Thanks for your fast response on my last question! I have a lot of questions and I will try to limit them.

How do I add links to the slider images? Is this something that can be added as a custom field? Really appreciate your response!



Please send me your index.php and functions.php files on my email and I’ll help you.

P.S. Check your email I replied on your previous message.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Hi, is there a way of controlling order of slides(posts) for homepage slider?


Yeah, to controlling order of slides you must change it’s publish data newer post shows further in slider than older.

Best wishes, Dmitry

I purchased this theme and really like it. I am a novice at wordpress and themes in general but Dmitry has been very patient and helpful.

I’m glad that I could help!

Worst Template Ever! Useless Documentation. If you want to customize this you better be ready to break it apart in the php. Gives you zero control over sections on the home page like “the story”? As far as the menu.. Good luck trying to organize your categories… Its alphabetical but unfortunately restaurants organize their menus based on food type. Think twice before you purchase!


Does you visit “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page”? You may setting every aspect of home page (and not only home page) from there easily. I may help you to resolve your problems with menu categories organizing if you email to me.

Best wishes, Dmitry

This is the most well documented theme I’ve ever bought. Great work!

Thank you! I’m glad that you like it!

Just purchased and have a number of issues.

1. The WordPress 3.6 is saying “Your theme does not natively support menus” Therefore I can’t set the header and footer navigation menu.

2. Logo – the replacement of the logo image is awful. If you make the logo graphic itself great than 156px wide it will not display correctly on a mobile phone.

3. Version – Based on the original release of July 2012 and current release of July 2013 this would indicate the theme has been updated. However, I am showing the current download from theme Forest is version 1.0. where is the updated theme?

Please advise then you are going to release an update to support WordPress 3.6

Hello, rjdougan! Thanks for purchase!

1. Thanks for finding this bug! It seems that I somehow forget to add some lines of code in last theme update. To fix this issue now please do following:

1.1. Open your functions.php file

1.2. Add following line of code there:

function register_my_menus() { register_nav_menus( array( ‘header-menu’ => __( ‘Header Menu’ ), ‘footer-menu’ => __( ‘Footer menu’ ) ) ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_my_menus’ );

P.S. If you have some troubles with it you may send your functions.php file on my email and I’ll make all this modification by myself. I’ll fix this bug in future theme update. Thanks for finding this again!

1.2. Yeah, unfortunately to made logo display properly you should keep original logo size. To made process of logo modification easier you may use header.psd file that you may find in PSDs folder.

1.3. If you download theme from themeforest you have latest version of theme. I update this theme pretty frequently but just don’t change version number of theme folder.

Hope this help, Dmitry

Adding the suggested code to the functions.php results in the Menu section now displaying the ability to select and safe the desired menu for both the header and footer menus. However, even after saving the desired menus it does not change the default menus from displaying. You asked that I send the functions.php to your email but did not provide me with your address. Why don’t you just update the functions.php file that is here at Theme Forest so not only me but all of your customers get the benefit of this fix.

You can just email me the corrected functions.php file.

OK. You may find my email in documentation here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html.

P.S. Unfortunately I currently out of town so I don’t have access to all theme files to made this update. I’ll can update theme only in next 3-4 days.

Hello, I was customizing the CSS and php files … I don’t know when it happened, but after editing, the map stopped working on my page


Please help, thanks

I also want to get rid of the Home link that is on the menu header. Can’t seem to find the codes to get rid of it.

Can you also tell me how to make a custom menu like the one in the live preview

Hello, thanks for purchase!

1. Your map stopped worked because you forgot to delete }); in JavaScript section of header.php file near $(”#site-section-wrap .three-columns:last”).css(‘border-bottom’,’none’); //Mobile menu. Just remove it and map will work again.

2. You may edit your top navigation menu in “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus”. If you have problems with that you may send your admin login and password on my email (you may find it here: raybreaker.ru/wpheal/README/README.html) and I’ll make your menu like the one in preview.

Kind regards, Dmitry

Hi raybreaker, first of all, kudos to yr great theme :) I need some help with putting my logo. I’ve read the previous post and yr guide, your original Goodold logo appeared fine, but when I replaced with my own logo, it wouldn’t show. I am sending you the login, can you pls check for me?

Many Thanks!

Oh I just found the mail, thx Dmitry!

Greatly appreciate Dmitry for all the help to solve my queries! :)

I’m glad I could help!

Hello. I bought this theme a month ago i think.At that time everything was perfect.When i upgraded wordpress to 3.8 suddenly optiontree and theme settings are not working anymore.Any update on this matter? Should i do something at the current files?

Hello, thanks for purchase!

This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.8 so all should work as expected. This issues may have something to do with installed plugins. Try to disable your plugin one by one and check does it fix this issue.

If that’s not help please send your admin login and password on my email I should check your website myself to say what your problem is.

Best wishes, Dmitry

hi, is there a way to have custom image background in the theme? for example in the headed and outside the body ?


Yes it’s possible but it required a bit of code customization please email me after purchase and I’ll help you with this.

Best wishes, Dmitry

@raybreaker: The twitter-feed in sidebar of the contact-menu doesn`t go. I downloaded your latest Version (Oct. 13), but there is no twitter-feed. In the backend I inserted my twitter-name, but nothing changed in Frintend. Could you please help me?


Please try to follow steps here to setting up your twitter feed: http://raybreaker.ru/wpgoodold/README/README.html#twitter.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Hi, I know this is probably a stupid question – but i have no idea how to edit the page content (except homepage). For example, I click on the ‘Menu’ page, then edit page but none of the content is there… Am i missing something?!

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I know this is probably a stupid question – but i have no idea how to edit the page content (except homepage). For example, I click on the ‘Menu’ page, then edit page but none of the content is there… Am i missing something?!

Also, I cant find the ‘Our Story’ bit on the homepage? Or how to edit the images within the copy.

Slightly confused as I use Wordpress all the time. This layout works totally differently?

Thanks in advance,

Hello, this theme mostly use page template for pages so to edit it’s content you have to edit related PHP files for example to edit the menu you have to edit menu.php file, to edit page – page.php file etc.

You can edit ‘Our Story’ bit in “Dashboard > Theme Options > Home Page”. To add image withing the copy you have to add new post with feature image to “Slider story 1” (or Slider story 2) category.

Best wishes.

I don’t know why but I have problem with the menu items. Is this probably due to the version of wordpress?

I’m sorry to make you waste more time, but i have a problem with the gallery: If I use the standard page named “gallery” (i renamed it “dolce”) the gallery works, but if I create a new gallery in another page it doesn’t work. If you want the user and password to see the problem i can give you them for e-mail. Thanks in advance for your help

Please send your admin login and pass on my email (you can find it in documentation or you can email through my themeforest profile page). Regards.

I’ll do it as Soon as possible, i think this evening Thanks for helping


I’m having some difficulty with the customization of the theme, and before i start changing the CSS, i was wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to change the logo, background, fonts, colours, etc, and I’ve installed some theme cusomtization plugins but none seem to offer the full set of options I’m looking for. Do you have any ideas why this is? Any suggestions would be appreciated


Hi Raybreaker, Yeah that helps, but when i remove the /images/header4.png url and insert the new image url, the old image disappears but the new image doesn’t replace it, it just has now logo, any ideas/suggestions? thanks again, I’m probably missing something really obvious

No logo that should have read, sorry

Could you send link on your website with your admin login and password on my email, I should check your backend to say what your issue is. Regards.