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I can’t find out where to edit the background of the slider and also the subtext that’s there. I can edit the main title and the smaller text but not the one in the middle. So frustrating. I’ve read all your instructions and it looks like it’s bringing in the image from another site. Also my posts don’t have any custom fields for me to edit

I know its part of the responsive design, but is there away to adjust the width of the menu nav so it doesn’t look like there is an empty box at the far right end?

Ex: http://www.nephrologysyracuse.com/


The home page slider seems very limited (as is the documentation) I see no option for selecting transition styles. I see no option for changing the speed of the slides. I see no option for the slider other than to have the image sliding in on the right half with the text sliding in on the left half. What if I want no text and the image to be the full width of the box?

I was wondering if you could help me with a responsive issue with the GoodSimple theme. It seems the phone number and social icons in the “top” widget area are not showing up in the mobile optimized version. Could you send me the code to input to correct this or point me in the right directions. The site is wilmingtondoor.org

Thanks a million


I am very disappointing in this theme. If I could avoid giving it a star I would. It was a complete waste of my money.

The easy of use and customization on this theme are minimal at best. The “functionality” of the slider is probably the worst I’ve ever seen.

We use pre-built themes as low cost alternatives to custom builds for our clients. I have two different WP developers and both of them refused to touch this theme. They said it would probably take more time to customize this theme and get it running correctly than it would to do a simple build from the ground up.

Please don’t get me wrong. I think this theme has potential, but its not quite there.

Hi I just bought this them and installed it by following your instructions. But after installation the “Theme Options” is missing. What to do?


1. Theme options missing

2. There is also a problem with the “klasik theme features”. It does not take the desc from the page, and shows something like: Cras consectetur tortor in nisl faucibus venenatis. Mauris sit amet cursus elit. Morbi et orci sit amet mauris accumsan dictum a non ante. Donec mollis fringilla ultrices. Phasellus massa erat, consequat ut tristique venenatis, suscipit vitae odio. Etiam molestie rhoncus condimentum.Duis eu metus orci. Pellentesque vulputate facilisis pretium. Sed sed cursus purus.