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Well done work mate.

Selamat ya gan, Smoga laris manis!!

It’s really clean, good luck with sales

realy nice! Good luck to you!

Looks nice, good luck!


Going to show your work for my client!

Amazing work my friend!!!! Congratulations!!! ;)

Very nice theme! Good luck :)

love it, i will purchase it

Odd I cannot installthrough WP UI, need I install via back-end? Or am I just doing something really stupid and skippin’ a step ;)

Best theme of corporate use Ive seen, CANT WAIT to use it =)!!!!!

Nice theme :) Will be picking this up for a client.

Great for corporate styled websites, best of luck with sales.

Very nice theme! Where can I download any sample xml data?

Hi, nice theme, but what’s with the huge gap below the logo in 320px view on mobile?

I’m still waiting for replay. Very bad support!

Hi, the xml data is inside the theme file. Unzip the goodsimple.1.0.zip then you will see the xml…. thanks


@all thanks for the feedback

Urgent support request added to find out how to integrate the social icons as per the demo??

Any help?


Any up date on my support ticket?? No response so far!

This theme is a JOKE. Its poorly done. The customization of this theme is the most complicated ever. It should be called GOOD SIMPLE. It should be CALLED EXTREMELY HARD!

I want to request my refund for this theme as its horribly done and hard to manage.

Hi, I want to change the colors from Orange to another one… How do I do that? I looked everywhere for the code, and I can’t find it! It’s driving me crazy!!!!

Btw, I really think that the framework isn’t working properly.. There must be some problem because there is no option whatsoever in the page or post Text view, and I only see the “General” tab in the theme customization… Please let me know if that’s the case and what to do. Thanks.