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Awesome, love this! GLWS

Does this theme support WooCommerce?

Not yet, but it will definitely be added in two-three weeks.

looking good :)

This is lovely, so well executed!

Thanks for your feedback! :)

nice!, is very fast.. double A in http://gtmetrix.com/ ;)

Yep, i’ve worked a lot on making it fast :)

The hosting is also really good and plays a part in the speed.

Nicely done! Couple questions:

1- Can the home page have a full width slider on top and a 2 column filterable portlio below?

2 – Can there be more than 1 portfolio?

1. Of course, you can edit everything as you wish. You can build a full width slider then put a shortcode with a 2 columns portfolio, however the portfolio shortcode cannot be filterable.

2. Yes, you can have unlimited portfolios within the theme. Each portfolio page can take projects from certain categories, so you can create 10 categories for example, then put 5 in portfolio A and 5 in portfolio B. And you can do this as many times as you want.

Thanks for the quick reply! I think I am sold! One more quick q. How difficult would it be to make the header sticky?

It’s a bit of CSS tweaking, but if you buy the theme and open a support ticket i’ll help you do it.

Arata bine! Potential top-seller! :) Felicitari!

Mersi pentru feedback! Sper sa nu ramana doar potential :D

Amazing job Ruben. The footer menu looks a bit weird, too many empty items being displayed, give a look :)


Thanks for the feedback. On your note, the footer menu looks perfect for me, i don’t understand where do you see those empty items. If you want to give more feedback, please send me a screenshot via email ;)

Very nice! almost for me but…

BLOG – Very important, I like the Modern Style, wish it had a preview featured image or something like that, also most clients won’t know how to close it, would be nice to see a Close button at end of post.

Portfolio – Would be nice to see the navigation buttons show, so clients know that there is more than one image being displayed.

Other than those, its a clean theme. :)

1. The concept needs to be as simple as possible, so that’s why there’s no closing icon or feature image. This style works best for small blogs or for news titles, stuff like that. About the closing of it, i think it’s pretty obvious that it works like an accordion, but maybe you’re right, i don’t know.. Anyway, i won’t add a close button, but if you buy the theme i can help you add a close button at the end of the post. I’ll give you the JS code and leave the CSS styling up to your desire.

2. This can be easily achieved through CSS only. If you buy the theme i can give you the CSS code right away..

A very good theme indeed ;-)
Congrats Ruben!

Awesome work bud,

Couple of questions.

1) IE7 support – or is it no use in IE7 at all? 2) Consider adding breadcrumbs to the theme? 3) Ajax search control would be amazing, not sure how enfold theme has done it, but it looks fab when you search and it displays results in a drop down

Awesome work though Rich

1. This theme doesn’t support IE7 at all and won’t..

2. I’ll put this on the to do list and it will be included in the next update.

3. Yeah, this feature looks cool, but i’m not sure about implementation. I’ll add it on the to do list, but i can’t promise anything..

Awesome theme! Definitely buying. Thanks.

Awesome theme, great work! Quick question for you. If I wanted to create a vector illustrated home page background is there an easy way to bypass the header and footer section so the background is full page?

Well yeah, this would be really easy. If you want it on the body, just insert it via CSS, then simply disable the background of the footer(make it a transparent background) and the entire body will have your background. You can also target it by page id, so this background would only appear on the homepage.

Also, Woo-Commerce is coming in 9 days if i’m reading it the non-american way hehe? Because if I read it the american way it doesn’t come out till October lol.

That banner was created last week and the themes was delayed with one week, so the update will also be delayed one week. But it will definitely be launched this month. The woocommerce integration is already started and the design is 100% ready, so it shouldn’t be a long wait.

Lovely looking theme. What icons are supplied with this theme?

It’s a custom pack, made of many icons.. You can see them all here: http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/icons/

Cool thanks – just noticed an error on this page – http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/our-work/portfolio-4/

Thanks for the heads up! It’s fixed now..

Nice theme!Good Luck!