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Before purchasing, I’d like to know if the theme has a sticky menu option. Thanks


No, this theme doesn’t have such an option.

Hi! I love your theme. I would like to know if this works fine with the WPML plugin.

Thanks a lot in advance Andrea

Yep, it works fine. It even has a WPML.xml config file and i’ve seen a lot of successful implementations of bilingual sites. Just make sure that you run the latest version of the theme & plugins..


Love you theme. 2 quick questions plz: 1. What tag does he use for photo url in team page? 2. The slider attached with thhis rheme isnt the same one as in the demo, it doesnt support fullscreen. How do we have the exact same slider as in demo?


I’ve responded to your ticket. Please keep the discussion there..


I am looking for a clean theme that has a built in crowdfunding platform. I like IgnitionDeck, how well does it integrate with it? If so, this theme should do the trick.

One page that doesn’t exist on the demo is a page that lists all your funding projects, is this available or is there a way it can be easily built? I’m going to have a lot of small funding projects and need some type of page that lists them all, similar to a portfolio page.

If works great for crowdfunding, I’ll be purchasing.



The theme integrates well with ID, you just have to follow the manual (because the theme doesn’t work with the plugin’s page or widgets, as you have to create your own).

You see the ID widget on Home #2? That's just a shortcode available in the theme to display a certain project. If you want, you can create a page full of those widgets, so yes, a page with all projects can be done.

Please note that only you (the admin) can create projects from the backend and each project needs it’s own page, widget, etc..

Hey Ruben, great theme! One of the best on my list right now.

I run WP 3.6.1, just updated to the new version. Now all icons are not showing up. Please tell me when you fix this bug / update GoodWork so I can tell my client.

Best regards


First, please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme (2.2.2).

Second, if the issue persists, this is definitely not a theme issue (the online demo uses WP3.6.1), so i can’t do any update to help you. I guess that one of your plugins is badly coded and doesn’t work on WP 3.6.1 or you have a plugin which conflicts with the theme’s icons.

Anyway, please post a ticket on the support forums with more details if you need more help.

Hi i have purchased this theme as i was so inspired by its multipurpose features but now when i have it, i am unable to figure out how can i apply the features you applied in the demo version. i am so confused :(


Please read the manual carefully because in it you’ll see links to video demos, useful support tickets, etc..

And if you have specific questions in mind, use the dedicated support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

I am able to find out the features and i hope that all the features will be present that shown in the demo. I have a question here that i am trying to upload a slider images for dimension 1680×473 but it to 1156×320. can you help?

And if you have specific questions in mind, use the dedicated support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

This theme looks great! Before purchasing i have some questions. I will need to translate website to 5 languages. I undesrtand it is compatible with plugins like WPML or QTRANSLATE. But there are any buttons, like flag icons to change the language in the header. If no, how can i insert these icons in the header? Thanx!

Yes, it is compatible… About the buttons, this is the plugin’s territory. Any plugin should have the ability to insert flag icons or at least a select option for different languages.

But the theme have no preparation o special compatibility with any of these plugins?

What kind of preparation do you want? The theme is coded with high standards in mind and it is 100% translatable while it even contains a config file for WPML. I just answered your question: the plugin is the one which inserts the flag icons, not the theme.

Does this theme work with the IgnitionDeck for Easy Digital Downloads plugin (http://ignitiondeck.com/id/extras/) as well? I do prefer this plugin setup, because it supports more payment gateways.

I haven’t tested, but it should be supported. If you have any issues contact me after the purchase and i’ll help you out!

I’ve bought the theme today, but it’s not working with the IgnitionDeck for Easy Digital Downloads plugin. The system is totally different from your setup. Is there a way to get a refund?


Please open a ticket on the support forums with your wp login details and more details about what’s not working and i’ll try to help you out..

Good day, I’m interested in your theme but I need a home page that has a sidebar on the right side for contact forms. I want a slider but a smaller one due to the sidebar. Can I configure this on the home page? thanks

The homepage can be absolutely any page – it doesn’t need to be a page with a slider. However, if you want the Revolution Slider (the one on the HPs), you cannot have a sidebar and that slider. If you are ok with a plain slider, see this: http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/pages/gallery/

You can have a page with a sidebar as your homepage and a normal slider (not Revolution).

I’m considering this theme for a client and was wondering whether the slider in homepage example 4 (http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/homepage-4/) has the ability to auto-scroll. Thanks!

Nope, that slider works only manually!


I have a problem after update for last version for this template!

Footer Elements are not show in the template after update???

Regards from Germany

I think that you have an error related to WooCommerce. If you have any widgets in the shop sidebar, clear them. Anyways, you should use the support forums and give a relevant link for more help..

Ok, fixed! There was a widget in the shop sidebar!

Regards from Gernany

WPBakery Visual Composer can’t be installed. It says invalid header!

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure

I have reuploaded the files, it works now.

we have a problem with the footer which is a widget. We can´t translate it so it looks not profesional on the rest of the languages. Please help this is reidicolous!!


Thanks for your purchase!

Due to the large amount of support questions and for keeping everything organized, all tickets will be directed through my private support forum: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Please head over there and i’ll do my best get your problems solved!

Thanks for your understanding, Ruben.

Hi Recently purchased the theme, and I am having trouble getting the accordions to expand.


Thanks for your purchase!

Due to the large amount of support questions and for keeping everything organized, all tickets will be directed through my private support forum: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Please head over there and i’ll do my best get your problems solved!

Thanks for your understanding, Ruben.

Hope all is well brother, i am customizing the design bit our theme here http://diamond.sbimdev.com.au.

I have added portfolio section on home page , there image, title and category name are displaying. I would like to change the ‘Category Name’ with excerpt (short description) for each item. But i could not find the filename where it works from template. Let me know what is the name of the file?

I could see the code on single-portfolio.php and template-portfolio.php, but if i change something it does not affecting. Could you please guide me?

Thank you! Have a great day!

I don’t understand what you mean, but please post a ticket on the support forums with more details.

http://diamond.sbimdev.com.au./ Please take a look at the website.

The portfolio section is there. Do you see Pool & Spa Maintenance, Pool & Spa Blankets , etc with its thumbnail.

The thumbnail height is 165px, i want to reduce the height 11px without affecting quality of the thumbnail. Can you please guide where i have to change the size?

Thank you brother!

I’m sorry, but i cannot help you with this, since you have to modify php/css files and i don’t provide assistance with custom work.

If you have further questions regarding the theme please use the support forums!

Do you have instructional video or manual on how to setup and use this theme for crowdfunding? I dont see it in your demo so i’m lost

Yes, i have the manual. You’ll get it after you purchase the theme..

I have tried your supper and it says I’m registered but won’t let me in so could you please answer my question here….

The Portfolio built in slide show is not working…

Please contact me when you can as I need to have this sorted as soon as I can please.

THanks in advance

Dallas Parr dallas@merlinmedia.com.au

PS. I have purchased your website and tried all other ways of contacting you so sorry to go through this channel :)


Sorry for the late reply, i offer support mainly on the support systems.

About your question please post a link because i cannot help you without seeing what you’re doing wrong :)

Contact me via the form on my profile page to have the discussion better organized.


I have problems with updating them to 2.3. In them setting I copy corect name nad api code, when I try to update them I get notification:

Downloading update http://s3.amazonaws.com/marketplace-downloads.envato.com/files/......./goodwork-theme.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=.........................&Expires=1381056933&Signature=........................response-content-disposition=attachment%3B+filename%3Dthemeforest-4574698-goodwork-modern-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme-wordpress_theme.zip… Forbiden

Could you help me with that. I try manualy update them form 2.2 to 2.3 with uploading zip with new them, and its imposible too.

This might be an error with Envato’s servers. If it doesn’t work update manually: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/ticket/51813

I try to this manually, doesn’t work, I switch them off, and try to update a fresh 2.3 version via wp-admin, doesn’t work. What you sugest ?

How doesn’t a manual update work? You simply overwrite all files via FTP, there is nothing which shouldn’t work.

I’ve just tested the update system and it works flawlessly, so i guess that there is an error on your side.

If you have more questions, please use the support forums.


Can you update this theme with a child-theme?

It would be alot easier for semi-developers to custom css or modify templates without breaking the main structure and we can still update the theme without re-rolling custom modifications.

Regards Nick, DELTA

Hi Nick

Well, if you are a developer you should know how to create a child theme. This theme works with child theme but i see no reason to ship it with a child theme to just confuse starters.. A child theme takes less than one min to create so i don’t see why i should add it inside the main package as not anyone needs it and who needs it should know how to create it.

hi ruben, thanks for your awesome customizing work! based on your goodwork theme we can create the best site in our market. All the best for your sales, your are a real coding ninja !!

Thanks for the great review, Ben! :)