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Ruben have you posted the changelong on the TF page? Just wondering what’s changed.

I’ve updated the changelog now. It’s mostly small stuff, nothing major.


I’ve already posted on the support page. However in the meantime, my issue is the purchased zip file did not come with the xml import file (only the one for the e-commerce shop). Does anybody have a copy of the import file I can access from somewhere?




I’m sorry for the inconvenience, the xml file was lost in the latest update. I’ve already made a patch with it but i’ll also attach it to your opened ticket.

Hey guys,

I am trying to put a logo in the header. I have the header layout in “Full Height” option. How do I increase the height of the navigation bar to fit the logo in?

http://californiamasterbuilders.com/ - for reference.

Thaanks guys.


There’s a link to a certain FAQ ticket in the manual. Please open that and read the ticket related to the “Logo/Header”. You’ll find what you’re looking for.

And for any future issues related to the theme, please use the support forums.

Visual Composer is activated but not showing. Any ideas why?

Yes, everything is in the FAQ which is in the support systems which is linked in the manual :)


Hi Ruben

The “Preview Slider” button on the “Revolution Slider” does not function properly. The iframe where it should display the “Preview” is empty. Same problem occur across different browsers.

Can you solve this, or have an idea how to fix it?

Regards Nick, DELTA


I’m sorry, this is how the slider is functioning in the GoodWork Theme, there’s no preview. I can’t fix this.

If you have other issues, please use the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Ok thanks for answer!

Hi i have been purchased this theme but when i am click on download, Page Not Found page appearing. i am not able to do download file. please help about this

If you have issues with the download, please contact Envato Support.

If you want, send me an email via my profile and i’ll send you the files.

Hello. I’m interested in buying this theme to use with Ignition Deck plugin for some CF projects I’ll be working on but I have a few questions: 1. With this theme, should we buy the IgnitionDeck Plugin or the IgnitionDeck Plugin + Membership? 2. Is the Memberdeck Plugin integrated? Or are there plans to integrate it? 3. Can we use your theme as a full CF site, ie, can we have a grid on the frontpage with several CF projects shown simultaneously? Thanks for your help. Best Carlos Pedro


1 & 2. You need the Ignition Deck plugin, as the Membership plugin isn’t supported / integrated (and there are no plans for it).

2. You can use the theme as a full CF site, but please keep in mind that you are the one (admin) who created projects, the theme doesn’t supports front end submissions. You have a widget for each project so you could fill a page with widgets of the projects you create.

Hi again,

I noticed that Visual Composer which can be bought seperately has been updated quite a lot compared to the version you use in the GoodWork theme.

Severel bugs have been fixed and new layout/elements etc have been added.

Also the skin has a nice redesign and its more intuitive creating rows with content.

Do you have plans updating GoodWork with a newer version of Visual Composer?

Regards Nick, DELTA

Hi, nope, as clearly written in the plugin’s description, this is a tailored version which has absolutely nothing in common (except the interface) with the original plugin. All was rewritten from scratch and will not be kept up to date with the original plugin (i have plans to change it completely in the future anyway).

Thanks for fast answer. I am looking forward to your future plans on updating the visual composer. Anyway, your theme is great – might be the best I have used. Regards Nick

How do I add shortcodes to widget areas? For example I want to add social media icons to the fourth footer area

See this: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/ticket/51815

And give a better read to the manual, as these things are linked in there (i’m talking about the FAQ).

If you have other issues, please post them on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

@outofthepast – I hope this helps:

  • On the left side, select Appearance -> Widgets
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the down arrow to expand the Footer fourth widget area
  • Drag the Text widget from the available widgets in the middle of the screen to the open area under the Footer fourth widget area
  • Some of these shortcodes may work for you
  • [rb_social type="icons" target="_self" twitter="http://www.twitter.com/austininsurance" facebook="#" linkedin="#" youtube="#" googleplus="#" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] You want to replace the link above and the hashes with your social media addresses.

    Again, hope this helps.

Thanks for the help! :)

Hi, great theme with…amazing speed! But actually i would like a dark version. Is it possible in admin to create a dark version or to change the main body colors and text-colors? grts


There isn’t any dark version available. If you know CSS well enough you can definitely make it dark, or you could hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Ruben, you stated..

“You can use the theme as a full CF site, but please keep in mind that you are the one (admin) who created projects, the theme doesn’t supports front end submissions.”

So when Ignition Deck comes out with the “Enterprise Edition” to allow others to submit their projects for funding, this theme will NOT support front-end submission?

Please clarify.


It’s a long way until ID will come with EE, but in the first phase yes, it will not be supported. This might change in the future, but take the theme without that support.

Any idea as to why when I click on a project in my portfolio, the larger image does not appear?

Please use the support forums and provide relevant links.


Still cant figure out how to get this whole thing going with the crowdfunding bit. The manual has no example of how to set up the crowdfunding as in the demo.

I am in a state of total confusion and any help will be really appreciated.

Please use the support forums and provide relevant links.


Love this theme, finally have a project that it could be perfect for.

Silly question maybe, can I easily use this as a one-page website?

Well you could put all the shortcodes one below the other i guess, then create a custom menu with hashtags and also wrap elements in div’s with id’s manually.. But you need a bit of HTML/CSS knowledge for this one.

And you’ll also need to make the menu stick to the top (again you need some basic HTML because there’s a ticket with some info on the subject).

Hi Ruben, I can not find a shortcode for list types. Could you help me? Z


There is no shortcode list because there is the Visual Composer which you should use. It’s a really intuitive tool described in the manual and all shortcodes can be found in it (the two which aren’t there are properly described in the manual).

If you have more questions about the theme, please use the support forums to get all your questions answered: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Pre-sales questions: 1- Does this theme support community Crowdfunding with a front end submission form for campaign authors and a payment gateway that will split funds between the campaign author and the site admin?

2- Does your theme support ongoing campaign with no ending date, and monthly recurring donations to those campaigns? For example, a church wants to set up a campaign on our site that stays in effect indefinitely where people can either make a one time contribution or set up a recurring monthly contributions.

1. No, it doesn’t. As explained to others, this theme supports the Ignition Deck plugin normal edition, which doesn’t support something like this.

2. No, it doesn’t.

Hi Guys, is this theme compatible with version 3.7 of wordpress?


Yes, this theme is compatible with WordPress 3.7 :)

Great Stuff, that’s the green light for me!

I’m glad to hear this :)

Hi, I can’t correctly see the site with explorer 8…

Make sure that you use IE8 the real way – you might be in Quirks Mode which throws you in IE5.

If you have other issues or want to continue this discussion with more details, please post on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

The theme looks great! On the shop side, does this theme come with variable product options? Ex: If I’m selling a shirt, on that product’s description page, can I have dropdown boxes so shoppers can choose size and color options for that item before they click add to cart?

This theme uses WooCommerce and yes, that plugin has an option to do this.