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Hi RubenCristian,

Nice theme!

I have a question. I want to create a new blog inside the current structure. A new blog with an independent RSS, but in the same Wordpress.

Could you recommend me the best way to do it (without any SEO problem)?

I want to import all my Tumblr content in a particular and independent section in the blog.



I am sorry, but i’m not sure how you could create a new blog. You would definitely need to edit the php files in a child theme or create your own php templates. This isn’t impossible, but i cannot give any assistance regarding custom work.

Regards, Ruben.

Hey Ruben, Considering buying the theme – for the crowdfunding portion – would it be possible to add in additional fields on the crowdfunding payment information page such as sizing and color dropdowns if I am looking to crowdfund a product? Also, are user accounts integrated for the WooCommerce and Crowdfunding? As in, users log in to the same account to view their backed project as well as purchases they made in store? Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to you!


This is not a Crowdfunding site as you asked. It doesn’t offer the option for users to add projects. It’s only for you (the admin) to create a few CF projects and put them on your site. There’s absolutely no integration between WooCommerce and the ID plugin.


can your theme be used a crowdfunding platform like kickstarter. (host a few crowdfunding projects)



You can put your own crowdfunding projects as you see in the online demo, but the theme is only working with the ID lite plugin, so no front end submissions available here. You are the one who creates the projects.

Hey everyone! This theme is now at version 2.3.4!

~ Fixed twitter widget (updated the Visual Composer plugin to version 4.0.5)
~ Fixed other minor css bugs

Hi Ruben,

Great theme! am using it in conjunction with the ignitiondeck plugin to set up a website to raise funds for scholarships and so far so good.

Am loving the documentation, FAQ, helptickets etc. am not a whiz but with all this documentation am certainly able to make it work just as I want it to.


Thanks for your great feedback! :)

Further my previous comment – was doing everything in classic editor as I didn’t watch your first screencast and wasn’t aware of the visual editor plugin – but geeze that makes it even easier! – Awesome stuff.

Is it possible and easy to switch all the animations off? So the slider is just and image and the text over

The homepage can be any other page, so you don’t need to use a slider at all. Simply create a page like the regular ones and put a static image at the top.

Hi Ruben, I am looking for a theme which should have crowd funding as well as online shop too. I have checked your theme’s feature, your theme supports ignition deck as well as WooCommerce. but Ignition deck supports few payment gateways where as WooCommerce supports all. Does it mean that if somebody want to buy any product he/she will have more options to pay where as if somebody want to donate only, he/she will be dependant on the payment gateway options provided by Ignition deck. Can there be any type of convergence between Ignition deck and WooCommerce? Pl. clarify that too.

Thanks, Sanjay


There is absolutely no connection between ID and WC. They are two totally different plugins, each one with it’s own features and such.

Hi Ruben, let me ask you somenthing… Should I update aq_resizer.php to v1.2 or v1.1.6 included in theme is OK? Thank you, Mira


You don’t have any reason for updating the plugin, nor should you (it will break the retina feature of it).

OK. Thanks for explanation. Mira

Hi Ruben,

Congrats for yout theme, I’m seriusly thinking of changing my wordpress theme, and your is one of my favourites. The only thing I ll like to change is de menu of the header. In my actual site I have 2 menus in the header, and can’t see that option in yours. It could be posible to make that change?

This is the web I want to change: http://www.canexel.es/


This theme does have two menus in a way. You can see the main menu and above it you can see a place with social icons and some info (email + tel). That part is controlled by WordPress widgets, so you could easily put a menu instead.

Hello! very good theme, but I have some doubt. This theme works with Qtranslate plugin? Than, is it possible to move the home slider by click the icons below ?

thank you so much!

Ok! So what I mean is a functionality like this http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/homepage-1/ (when I click the icon below the content change) but with photo fullwidth. Is it possible?


No, that style is only for fixed sliders. The fullwidth slider doesn’t have any other “skins” than the blank one.

OK! Thank you so much!


Great job on the theme… however for some reason the shortcode button isn’t appearing in the admin (or visual composer)

Any thoughts?


Don’t worry! I updated to the most recent version of the theme and the ‘add element’ button appears – it is a bit ‘funky’ though.. the button doesn’t appear complete (but it works!) Chrome / Mac


Read this: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/ticket/77293

And if you have other issues, please post on the dedicated support forums.

Regards, Ruben.

Hi …. Can i show product when mouse over shopping cart


Only with custom work..

Hi.. I just bought this theme – but the goodwork-theme.zip is not uploading on Wordpress. I get a message saying “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Please help me!

It sounds like your server does not support the theme (since it’s too big).

You can upload it manually of course. For any other issues, please post on the support forums:


Hi.. Thanks Ruben! I figured that. It’s working now – but just one thing, is there a way to add custom menus for every page? Am using tabs for now, but it doesn’t really solve the purpose – neither do sidebars.

Nope, that’s not possible.. Only with sidebars.

Hey, Its really GoodWork! If i bought this template, can i download the updates regularly or will you upload the updated version as a New Template??? How long will you update this and support us???


Yes, you can download updates as soon as they appear. Updates appear when something is usually broken or stuff like that. Don’t expect too much features on a theme this mature.

About supporting, please read the support terms here: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/

Regards, Ruben.

Hi one quick question. Can i build two different websites and host from this theme? or this is just one purchase and one website only?

The regular license allows you to build a single site. For every new site you need to purchase a different license.


The font awesome icons are not showing up in Firefox, not sure how to fix this as they work on both Safari and Chrome. Also, the Facebook icon won’t show for either.


There is absolutely nothing to fix here. The issue is with your server. You need to have a server which supports custom font icons. If the icons don’t appear in a server it’s not a theme issue, but a server issue which i can’t help to fix because it has absolutely nothing to do with the theme.

All icons work, fact verified by 1000+ buyers!

If you do have issues with the theme, please post on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

This is the only theme I have ever bought where the icons dont work cross platform, I’m positive it has absolutely nothing to do with my server. But thanks for being rude and pretentious with your 1000+ buyers remark and sending me a link for a fix that is unrelated to Wordpress and if it were just a line of code could have easily been implemented into your framework


If you feel that my response was rude, i apologize. However, i keep my stance.

I am the developer of the theme, who spent more than 500 hours in coding and testing it, so if i say that the icons work and you have a server error or something else which doesn’t have anything to do with the theme, I AM RIGHT!

If you consider that you know better than me (again, i developed this theme and am a really experienced developer), then it’s your problem. I tried to help, sent a link which is indeed unrelated to WordPress but it is totally related to font icon issues.

I have asked you to post on the support forums with more details, such as a link but you refused to cooperate. I am here to help but if you think that i’m speaking rubbish and don’t believe me i’m sorry, i cannot help.

I am the developer, i know better, you need to listen.

Again, sorry if this sounded rude, but i know what i’m speaking. If icons don’t work in all browser, the issue is not with the theme, not with WordPress, but with the SERVER!

If you want to get any more help, please post on the support forums. I’ll ignore any further replies to this comment.

Hi Ruben, Good work!

Quick question, does the theme support a grid layout for crowd funding projects with filtering? (like on the Astoundify themes)

Is it possible to frond-end submit funding projects? (like on the Astoundify themes)

Sorry to trouble you if this has been asked before…

Thanks in advance

Keep up the Good work!


No, this theme doesn’t offer these possibilities.

Hi , Beautiful theme! i hane one question , how to create a sidebar on the right is different in each page ?

Thank you in advance

solved thx…. :)

Have you even purchased the theme? You have no buyers badge. If you have issues please go to the support forums, but verify your purchase. I don’t offer support to non-verified people.


I love your theme – but yesterday we posted a new news article on our site and since then the permalinks break every page of the site?

when i turn permalinks on every page/post gives me a 404 error when I turn them off the site runs perfectly.

“Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help. Additionally you can return to our home page and start over.”

I have a few other wordpress sites on this server and they all function perfectly – i have tested mod_rewrite support as well .htaccess support for the domain and all good there so know my server is ok

any ideas ???


This doesn’t or shouldn’t have absolutely anything to do with the theme. A WordPress theme is just a skin over your content. If you have issues with your content, those are WordPress issues..

If you do have other issues with the theme itself, please post on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Hey Guys,

we have bought your theme, (with another account), could give you just in case our ID.. Just a quick question. The Sidebar Plugin got a problem, it is working, but when I save it, and come back to widgets, my widgets are dissapeard in the sidebar which I have created with you theme options??

Is it any bug or is it in a conflict with a different plugin? Any news about that?


There is no “sidebar plugin” in the theme. If you’re talking about the sidebars from the Theme Options, make sure that you write a lowercase id made only from letters, as written there. It doesn’t work because it’s not configured properly.

If you have more issues with the theme please post on the support forums, but verify your purchase.

Thanks, Ruben.

Thank you Ruben, I’ve solved the problem with an external plugin. I did it with the lower ID, but it was still deleted after refreshing the backend “Widget” Area.

However, I am a freelancer, my client bought your theme via themeforest, thats why it isn’t in my account (Tax thing).