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I just purchased this theme & when I installed it, it says it is missing the style.css stylesheet. Can you help?

technically the style.css< /code >stylesheet if that makes a difference

Hi ruben, I have a pre sale question. Do you plan on adding megamenu or uber menu feature on the theme? Also would it be possible to have a sticky main menu ?



No, i don’t have plans adding such features in the theme..

Regards, Ruben.

Is there a new update coming soon? Just tried to update Woocommerce and its broken. Woo gives this message:

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.

The theme doesn’t have WooCommerce 2.1 support as it isn’t advertised anywhere.. An update will be released in the near future, but in the meantime just use a lower version of WC, until i will advertise that version 2.1 works.

I have had an awful time with another theme and asking for a refund and using yours because its more what I need-how quickly can i expect a response for help (just so I have fair expectations)?


Please read the entire support terms here: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/

Support is given only for theme bugs, not for custom work.

Hey everyone! Version 2.3.5 is here:

~ Added support for WooCommerce 2.1.x
~ Fixed two gallery issues (a. the gallery now works with images from the entire library, not just the ones added to the page where you have the gallery & b. added css style for images with captions)
~ Excluded the 404 page (the user defined one) from the Sitemap
~ Fixed twitter widget .. again
~ Updated the Visual Composer plugin to version 4.0.6 (for the two issues above)

Hi Ruben,

I like this theme very much. Does it support the custom IgnitionDeck Enterprise(crowdfunding portal) integration?



No, it does not support the mentioned plugin.

Hey Ruben Bristian, Good work man.

I was wondering, where do I look to find out how I can get the socials + search on one line? For some reason they’re under each other when I enter it in the widgets.

Also I am trying to get the logo in the same line as the navigator, I can’t seem to find out how to do that ether.

Thanks for your time, I’m obviously not proficient in this, I appreciate you tech guys and the skills you possess. lol

Peace, Stizz



Please read the manual and watch the screencasts to understand how to use the Theme Customizer. The search isn’t a widget, but it’s from the customizer, as with any other design aspect.

For widgets, see this support ticket: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/ticket/51815

If you have any other issues, please use the support forums.

Regards, Ruben.


first of all great theme, very powerful features!

My question:

is it possible to move the portfolio filter “menu” to the sidebar and or have it always in expanded view…

thanks in advance!



What you’re requesting isn’t possible without custom work. And since the filter is there and linked through javascript, you need to know well PHP/JS in order to do this.. But it’s possible.

Regards, Ruben.

Hi Ruben

I tried to checkout using paypal on your demo.

First, is it possible to check “yes” to use same shipping adress as billing adress? Else I have to enter my information twice…

Second, is it possible to checkout and pay via PayPal without signing up for an account? PayPal announced buyers can checkout without a Paypal account, so it could be really nice to have in your theme.

Read this: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/mer/WAX_landing-outside

Regards Nick


I am sorry, but i do not offer specific information for third party plugins, such as WooCommerce. Theme offers only integration with the plugin so if you find a bug regrading the integration i can help, but i cannot help you with plugin specific questions.

On your first question though, i know that WooCommerce has an option in the backend to enable shipping to the same billing address..

If you have more questions about the theme itself, please post on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Regards, Ruben.


I just tried uploading the theme and it keeps failing in both Chrome and Explorer? Looks like it’s missing the Stylesheet. I have worked with dozens of themes and know how to upload so we can dismiss that as a cause.

Thanks! J


I am sure you have worked with dozens of themes, however you must know to download the correct package :)

Please read this: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269

If you have other issues with the theme, please post on the support forums.


does the ajax portfolio supports Soundcloud player?
is it possible to fix the filter bar open easily?

Thanks a lot for this great theme!



I’ve responded to your ticket. Don’t worry, tickets get responses in the timeframe written on the support forums :)

Hey Ruben, just to let you know:

Thanks for this great theme!



It looks nice! Good job :)

Hi, I have 2 pre-purchase questions :

1/ Is it possible to create custom sidebars in the general settings of the theme (which is added in the widget) to use it in specific pages? In other words, I need to have many differents sidebars in my pages that I can manage from the widget page in the wp-admin.

2/ Do you know if I can install the Ubermenu plugin without causing bugs? http://codecanyon.net/item/ubermenu-wordpress-mega-menu-plugin/154703?WT.ac=solid_search_item&WT.seg_1=solid_search_item&WT.z_author=sevenspark

Thank you

Hi, I’ve already found my answers in your theme description. sorry!

Hi, probably a weird question but here it goes… I want to have a page that will list all subpages in a grid (with title and excerpt and maybe thumbnail image) with links to those pages. Preferably in 4 columns… I don’t want to show those links in the main menu, just in a grid on that page.

Is it something that can be done with some shortcodes or drag&drop functionality or do I have to code it all from scratch. Most of the themes can do that for posts, not many for pages tho :/

I have to implement a theme tomorrow as latest so I don’t want to waste my time hacking around too much ;)

Thanx in advance, nice theme…


This is not possible without custom work.

Regards, Ruben.

Hi ,

can you help me please ho to integrate woocommerce on the theme? the cart icon on the header not open and the shop page all of the products is diffrent deign for this http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/shop/ can you help me please

I’m not sure what you’re actually requesting. The theme has WooCommerce integrated in it. It works with the latest version only though (2.1.x). However, you haven’t purchased the theme so i really don’t understand what is your problem :)

Hi, i bought this theme, and I am using it to update and existing blog/site we have that you can see up on informer.tsystem.com. I have built a fair few wordpress blogs in my day, so I am not a newbie. When I activate the theme, and go out to view the site on my local, it only shows the blank template, and doesn’t pull in any of the content from my database at all. I know that this issue is only with this them, as all the default wordpress (2010 – 2014) themes work just fine, and display all of the site content. I also tried another of your themes that I’d bought called ‘3 clicks” and this one works fine as well, so I can’t figure out what the problem might be. I googled it a fair bit, and no one else seems to have this issue. Also, when I go into the backend of the site, when I go to the “theme options” it only lets me edit it one time, and then it all goes away and only has two tabs, one titled “reset layout” and the other “new layout”. Neither of these buttons do anything when clicked on, but just return to the same page. Additionally, the media uploader is not working. Any timely help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Are you sure that you’ve read the manual and set up everything properly? Yes, the theme is blank, you need to setup a front page, it doesn’t work with the latest posts. This is disabled anyway so you need to put your old theme again and disable the front posts for the blog.

Anyway, please post a ticket with more details on the support forums: a working link!


Hi, On preview website / features / crowd funding / sidebar I get: [project_percentage_bar product=”1”]

Regards, Bart

Fixed, sorry for that! :)


I am building a webshop in Woocommerce. But it seems like the fancybox doesn’t function. It won’t display the product gallery as it is shown in the live preview mode of the theme. I can’t slide between the different images.

How can I fix this?

Regards, Alexander Loft


Make sure that you have the latest version of the theme (2.3.5) and the latest version of WooCommerce (2.1.x)..

If the issue persists, please post a ticket on the support forums with more details, especially a link: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Thank you. I just updated the theme to 2.3.5. But unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. Therefore, I have just posted a ticket in the support forum :)

I’m sure it is just me but I am displeased with this product. A big Booo! lol, I have to say though I love the mockup page, it’s flawless!

If this template can talk it would say “oh yeah, by the way… ooh and that, you might want to do this… lol oh silly me, that’s because such and such…. ... wait, you want to do what?”

It really could be me though. I’m trying, but, what ever man.


I am sorry for your bad experience with the product, however:

1. I have never received a single ticket from you on the support forums. Nor there are any unresolved tickets there. So you say that you cannot work with the theme or the great manual but you never asked a questions.

I’m sure it is just m

2. With over 1500 happy purchasers i guess you can answer this yourself (no offense intended).

3. I would be more than happy to assist you in the issues you have if you post them on the support forums with details (links, screenshots, etc.).

4. The theme is really well coded, the manual is strong, there is a huge FAQ with lots of customization details, you just have to read everything and don’t expect it to work magically out of the box.

So yeah, the theme is pretty perfect imho (around 80% i would say), so you have any issues with it i’ll expect you on the support forums :)

It’s cool. The ones that know what I mean know what I mean when I say it’s a bit disappointing. That’s all.

Working on this theme for a client.. the lightbox is cool, but how can I get video to work? This is self hosted video.

I tried the short code in the manual (for self hosted) but it didn’t work as I wanted, and doesn’t appear to work in the lightbox.

Do you have any simple solution to accomplish the following:

3 column layout

3 thumbnails

Click thumbnail launches lightbox to 640×380 and video plays

The video does play if I embed in the page

I also tried the portfolio, which did work, however client doesn’t want the portfolio layout – dang clients :-)

Much appreciated



Have you purchased the theme? If yes, please post a ticket on the support forums after you’ve verified your purchase code (you don’t have any badge here).


Regards, Ruben.

Hey everyone! I’ve just released version 2.3.6 of the theme!

~ Fixed an issue with checkout on WooCommerce 2.1.3
~ Removed meta description built in SEO tools
~ Fixed other small css issues