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Hey everyone! I’ve just released version 2.3.6 of the theme!

~ Fixed an issue with checkout on WooCommerce 2.1.3 ~ Removed meta description built in SEO tools ~ Fixed other small css issues

Hi there. I search for a fost wp theme, as i already bought 2 themes wich i thought they are fast, but after installation were very slow 45/100 in google,i learned how to search for a fast one, and i found yours, i saw that your demo page is very fast, ranks 89/100 in google speed page, and in gtmetrix ranks A, but reading comments here,i found websites( links to 3 websites) with your theme installed and they don’t ranks as well as your demo page. 54/100 in google , and E/C in GTmetrix. Can you help decide?! Do they made something wrong and loosed speed, or is your demopage overoptimized for speed! Becouse i don’t think i could be so good to speed up my site manualy. sorry for english!


This theme is as good as it can be for a commercial theme in terms of speed (i’m talking about coding).

However, speed comes 50% from the server also. So please go ahead and read the manual here: http://demo.krownthemes.com/help/goodwork-manual.pdf

Pages 33-35. The websites which you saw probably didn’t bother to do these steps. Actually the manual is old .. If you only install the W3 Total Caching plugin, it should be enough to get you a score above 85!

salut ! am cumparat aseara tema facuta de tine, si am instalat-o! ideea este ca eu am creat intreg site-ul folosind Mexim , si visual composer-ul oferit odata cu aceasta tema. Problema este acum ca doar activand GoodWork tot site-ul mi-l da peste cap din cauza versiunii diferite de visual composer! Exista vreo modalitate prin care pot pastra versiunea de visual composer cu care am creat site-ul ca sa nu trebuiasca sa refac toate 49 de pagini de la zero? sau o modalitate prin care sa pot salva template-urile fiecarei pagini si apoi sa le incarc in versiunea ta de visual composer? sau oricare alta modalitate fara sa refac site-ul de la zero :D Merci! o zi buna!


In general, acest plugin Visual Composer este inclus de autori si customizat, in sensul in care shortcodurile nu sunt cele originale. De aceea, nu intodeauna este posibila o trece de la o tema la alta, deoarece autorii se folosesc de plugin doar pentru backend, ei creeandu-si propriile lor element. Asa am facut si eu in GoodWork. E ca si cum ai cumpara doua teme cu “page buildere” diferte. Nu ai ce face, trebuie sa incepi de la 0, pentru ca probabil nici tema pe care ai cumparat-o nu foloseste elementele originale din plugin.

Daca ai alte probleme cu tema, te rog sa postezi pe forumul de support: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com


Do you have any plans implementing a newer or maybe the newest version of visual composer?

I am running a Web Agency and we are working on a project which will require an Extended License.

We are looking for a professional theme and considering your theme as it meets many of our functional needs.


Hi Nick

Yes, i do have plans on integrating the newest version of the Visual Composer and keeping it up to date, however, it will not include support for all the shortcodes available in it. I am planning to make the theme work with the default VC shortcodes, but it won’t include some as (images carousel, posts carousel, etc.).

But you will still be able to create everything that you see in the online preview with the VC.

This update should happen in max two weeks from now. About making matching styles for all VC shortcodes, this could also happen, but the process will span around a couple of months.

I have a few pre-purchase questions…

1. Do you have a post template which includes a self-hosted video and image gallery?

2. We have a number of custom fields we need to display for each post, ie client, company, phone, etc. Do you have a post template which can be used to display these custom fields?

3. Do you have a template for the author archive page?

4. Can items such as date posted, breadcrumbs, post-type, ie audio, video, etc be hidden?


1. If you are talking about the blog, no, it is not possible to put both in the header, however, you can have a self video post (with the video at the top) and put 100 galleries in the content if you wish. But no, it is not possible to combine them in the same slider.

2. For any custom work you need to edit the theme files within a child theme. I do not offer support for custom requests, so you need to hire a developer for things which are not advertised in the theme.

3. Sure! Any WordPress theme should have this: http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/author/charged/

4. Yes, with a bit of custom CSS they can be hidden (as you see in the theme options, breadcrumbs are hidden through the theme customizer). For everything else there’s custom css.

Hi Ruben,

Would there be any theme/responsive issue if I expand the Right Sidebar from 200px to 220px width and minimize content area from 700px to 680px?

Or will it just work smoothly.



If you do this correctly, no, i don’t see any issues with it. You might have to tweak other stuff such as portfolio items (if used in conjunction with sidebars) and stuff like that, but no. If you know your CSS you should be able to do this.

Thanks for info.


Hi Ruben, your Goodwork template is just amazing! We think it’s perfect for our crowdfunding project, may I ask you if in your template:

1) default fundraising procedure support pre-approved payments so our customers will be charged only when the campaign ends/reaches its goal?

2) crowdfunging widget can show more than one project?

3) multilingual contents can be managed via WPML?

Thanks a lot,

best regards


1. I think yes, this is how it works. You can read more about the plugin used by the theme here: http://ignitiondeck.com/id/

2. No, each widget can only show one project. You need to create a new widget for each project (widgets are created via shortcodes as you’ll find in the manual).

3. Yes, this theme can be managed with WPML.

Hi Ruben,

I find this the most beautiful theme integrating ignition.

A couple of questions.

1. Does this theme also supports the enterprise version of ignition? 2. Does it have templates for this (front end submission for example) 3. Is there a page which shows all projects, much like a portfolio, but instead, crowdfunding projects?

As you see, I’m aimed towards the crowdfunding, but I wonder in how far exactly support is given for this plugin and exactly to which extend the theme integrates this. I looked at the standard theme of ignition itself but see a lot of pages not here. EG question

4. can we use it through the visual composer? Like, make a Visual Comp page displaying latest news articles and latest crowdfunding projects, sort projects by categories, etc

5. If one of these has a no and I need custom dev, can I hire you or could you recommend one? :)



Hi Ruben,

Thanks for the response. This is not extremely urgent, just looking around for now what’s on the market. I prefer your template much above the ID themes. It would be nice to have it supported the Enterprise version, as this is where users also can submit projects through the frontend and I look for a full featured crowdfunding theme.

Which updates have you planned towards ID?

I will most definitely support the deck builder, grid shortcode (and other useful ones), and think about Entreprise. Don’t know if i’ll tackle that in the first round.

Thanks for the update, Ruben. I’ll keep following this. I hope you’ll have plenty of buyers which will motivate you to push through with it ;)

Working on this theme for a client.. the lightbox is cool, but how can I get video to work? This is self hosted video.

I tried the short code in the manual (for self hosted) but it didn’t work as I wanted, and doesn’t appear to work in the lightbox.

Do you have any simple solution to accomplish the following:

3 column layout

3 thumbnails

Click thumbnail launches lightbox to 640×380 and video plays

The video does play if I embed in the page

I also tried the portfolio, which did work, however client doesn’t want the portfolio layout – dang clients :-)

Much appreciated

(the ticksy system wouldn’t remember me. sorry)



I have already responded you via Ticksy as i remember :)

Anyway, no, the lightbox doesn’t work for self hosted videos. It only works with embedded videos via iframes, as it is already explained in one of the FAQ tickets.

The only solution that i see is to have a static page where you would embed your video, then iframe that page, though you would need a bit of custom work.

Regards, Ruben.

Ruben – do you have to do something specific to show the captions under the galllery images when inserting a wordpress gallery? Mine aren’t showing at all – and using latest version of theme..?

sorry to be a pain Ruben but this link just redirecting to the general forum – cannot seem to link direct to that ticket?

Whops, my mistake! Please try now..

you’re fine – ok – I;m sending you a PM with my site linke – I’ve following the custom CSS inserts from that post but still captions are not showing when you enlarge a WP image item. I will send you the site link in next 5mins – the custom CSS I added was

.wp-caption { max-width: 100% !important; }

.wp-caption-text { font-style: italic; margin: -5px 0 5px; text-align: center; }

hello, excuse the question and congratulations for the theme. I do not see in any place how to add social network and contact info in the header. please help me thank you


I don’t see any purchasers badge on your profile, so if you have purchased the theme please go to the support forums and post a ticket, after you’ll verify your purchase code.

Also, look in the manual – there’s a FAQ with useful tickets. Your answer is in there.

hello, excuse the question and congratulations for the theme. I do not see in any place how to add social network and contact info in the header, i guess that it’s located in widgets but i don’t know, and my native language is Spanish and is a little hard for me to read the entire manual, please help me thank you


Please read the FAQ: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/faq/946

There’s a ticket under “Widgets”, which explains all of this.

If you have other issues with the theme, please post on the support forums.

Greatest. Theme. Ever.

Not only did you create a fantastic design with some really simple customization options (Customize and Theme Options), but you packed it with the best slider I’ve ever used and Visual Composer, which allows people to design pages with no coding knowledge.

But here’s the most amazing thing of all. In spite of all the special features, the speed and performance of this theme blows away every theme I’ve tested that had the kind of features I wanted. (GTmetrix performance of 96/91)

The only thing I would suggest is to incorporate a bunch of the most important FAQs into your manual and include some screen shots (For example, how to import the Revolution Slider files and settings used for your demo – it’s a great starting point, shortening the learning curve for someone who is unfamiliar with animated sliders ). It will probably eliminate a lot of the support tickets people send in.

Congratulations on an unbelievable job!

Thanks a lot for your incredible review and suggestions! :)

Hi Guys, I am about to purchase this theme. I would need one thing which may not possible…

I would like to see individual & simple icons above of each menu name on the header. For example a house icon above the word “home” etc… I have designed the icons already… Is there any chance to solve this request? If so, it would be fantastic and I’d buy the theme straight away :) Thanks, Marou


This is a custom request which could be easily done by hiring someone at Elto.

Regards, Ruben.

Please tell me if your theme is compatible with desktopserver.



I bought your theme (goodwork) yesterday, installed it in my copy of desktopserver, and when I tried to > a) activate….or b) just LIVE PREVIEW, an error message appeared. You can view the screen capture I made at this URL > https://www.a1imaging.com/proofs/goodwork.png

I’m not knowledgeable in PHP (yet), and so I would greatly appreciate you telling me what adjustment(s) I need to make to specific file(s) in the goodwork theme so I can use desktopserver to do my site development offline.

Also, do you anticipate future theme updates would cause a reversion to the same problem(s) ? If so, how do I keep up with the needed change(s) ?

Appreciate whatever help you can provide.




PS > I use a macbook pro, 15” retina. 10.9.2, and using WP 3.8.1 in desktopserver…fresh installation.

Please make sure that you use the latest version of the theme and the latest version of WordPress :)

This theme is compatible with the latest version, but DesktopServer doesn’t offer it. Simply update WordPress.

And if you have further issues or questions regarding the theme, please open a ticket on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.com

kindly please let me know if your theme is compatible with ignition deck.

sorry i press the wrong button.

Can you let me know if i can customize this team for a non-profit charity?


Please read the entire description of this theme to understand how it works. Yes, it supports the ID basic plugin. About your other question, you can do anything you want with the theme after you buy it.


Every detail of this theme that I try to access does not work. When I attempt to access the Twitter Auth settings I receive a blank page, when I attempt to access the Revolution Slider settings I receive a blank page. It’s either a problem with the overall theme or the version of Wordpress and WooCommerce that are advertised as being compatible are incorrect and misleading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have opened a ticket and have yet to receive any meaningful or productive feedback on the issues that I’ve raised.

Please be patient in waiting for a reply. The support terms state that a reply should be expected in 24hrs. If you live in a different time zone than me you cannot expect to have an instant answer. Spamming the comments are will not help you get a faster reply :)

My apologies. To others who may experience the same issue (WooCommerce crashing once activated) my issue was resolved with adding a php.ini file in the proper place on the server and increasing the memory. This theme has turned out to be everything I anticipated!!!!!

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to add the asocial media icons in the header like you have in the demo. Where can I find that? I can’t find anything in the admin area!


I found the solution in one of your support tickets, thank you!

Hello, Can we use this theme for RTL (right to Left) languages like: Arabic, ... on the other hand does this support RTL features like: Coplex sentences arabic and english, alighnment, fonts, ...


No, this theme doesn’t have official support for RTL. I don’t guarantee that it’ll work.

do you have any idea to add this feature to it? or if I buy it can help me to config RTL feature to it?

I’m sorry, but no. Making a theme fully RTL is more complex and i couldn’t help you for free. And i don’t have plans in integrating this feature.

Its compatible with wordpres 3.9 ?

No, the description states it’s compatible only up to WP3.8. I’ve done a quick test though and didn’t find any issues. But i don’t guarantee full compatibility at this moment.

hello thanks for the time, I have a question, how can i remove the post date on clasic post, for example in this home seccion http://japroduccionescr.com/ , thank you


You need to learn a bit of custom CSS in order to hide elements on pages. See this ticket: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/ticket/28525/search/

In your particular case, this would do the trick:

.rbPosts .time {
  display: none;

If you have further questions or issues, please use the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com