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Perfect! Good job!

any plans on making your resume template a wp theme?

Actually, that’s next on my list :) Hopefully, I’ll have it ready by the end of this week.

The WP Resume was rejected, so I decided to include it in the HTML version for free. It should be up this week.

I don’t get it…The portfolio the homepage? Besides that is all nice. good job.

I wanted to keep the first page as simple as possible, so I only included the content that first time users might be interested in: your work, a quick testimonial and the contact info. This creates less clutter and it’s easier to scan.

great work mate… clean and beautiful

Looks very nice, clean, and simple :)

Beautiful Theme. Definately on my customer recommendation list! :-)

Ohhh I’m glad I waited for something simple like this, it’s perfect. Great job!

Hi, nice theme!

Please provide a PSD for the Header Logo.

Hi, thanks for purchasing! Here’s the logo.

Hello Norbiu,

I am very satisfied with the great wordpress theme you developed. There is only one problem, my contact page does work, but the e-mails I receive from it are empty. It only sais: wrote:

And it’s empty.

Is there a way to solve this?



Hi, can you contact me through email so I could send you the file you need to replace? – bottom right side

Thanks for buying!

Quick questions:

1) does this theme have sub pages in the navigation? 2) can one use wp3 menu navigation?

No, sorry. The theme was designed as a one-page resume.


Is it possible to add the sidebar with widgets to a standard page other than the blog?

Also, how can I manage the menu? How do I remove certain items?

Also, does the portfolio page have to be the home page?

Regards, David

The sidebar and widgets are only available for the blog. The portfolio is currently the first page.

In order to use the menu, you’ll need to replace two files in wordpress/wp-content/themes/gordon/ – functions.php and header.php with the two files below:

Then you can create and manage menus. If you’re having any problems, contact me through my profile.

I liked the look and feel of this theme a lot, but I have to say I was very disappointed with its administration structure. There really is little flexibility to deviate from the default layout and functionality without having to actually recode it. And it doesn’t follow semantic standards in organizing the content. For example, it uses the “Excerpt” field for the right columns on the interior pages.

Further, it even requires that the portfolio category be named ‘Projects” and any different name, it seems, would require recoding.

Finally, it is not a quick process to add projects to the site. I sought a WordPress template for easy content management in adding new projects to my portfolio, but this requires several steps to get each new project just right. Even the tutorial video takes nearly 3 minutes to add a single project.

Anyway, those were my issues with the product and why I will not, ultimately, be using it for my site. A good design, but poorly coded.

Thanks for the input Andy. I’m actually in the process of upgrading both WP themes and I’ll end up recoding Gordon from the ground up. I’ve worked on lots of WordPress projects in the last year, so hopefully I’ll come up with a more flexible product. If you have any other suggestions, let me know. Thanks again!

Hi, I think you have created a great theme here, i had only one issue which was the menu but after changing the files mentioned a few posts above i soon overcame that issue.

My question now would be;

Is there a possibility of being able to have the sidebar on a page other than the blog?

This would really help me as i begin to add to the number of pages on my site.

Your advice will be much appreciated

The sidebar is only available for the blog section for now. I’m finally getting around to start updating this item in the weeks to come.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, let me know.

I’m looking forward to the update of this theme.

Hi, the update is currently being processed. It should be up this week.