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Hi, Before I was writing as Timothy. This is the account used to buy the theme. The website we have it on is

the second column on the home page displays the whole blog posts. we want it to appear like your preview, just some of the post. We’ve already tried to put the “more” tag in the post but that also doesn’t help. Please help

also, please reply to

Hi – as previously mentioned this is the comment area and not the support center – please open a ticket at the support center.

As a quick note however, sounds like you are not using the WordPress default read-more tag to shorten your blog post.


Bought but I can not download

Hi – all you need to do is login to Themeforest with the account you purchased the files with, go to the Downloads tab and next to the item is a ‘Download’ link, make sure you choose the ‘All Files and Documentation’ to download

Hi, I just bought the theme and using wordpress 3.8 But the event section is not showing on the backend. May I know what’s the problem or should I install any event plugin to make this work?

Please do advise, Thanks!


Hi, I already read the help file and download the plugins, it’s working fine now, Thanks!

Hi and thanks for the purchase -yes the theme runs perfectly fine on the latest build of WP (which is 3.8.1). We’ll need a little more detail from you and as this is just the comment area and not the support center as listed in your documentation, the item page, the support tab and also my profile page I’ll also include a link here for you:

Please feel free to open a ticket – I am presuming you did follow all the detailed documentation step by step? If not then I would suggest doing that prior to opening a ticket (make sure you download the full package not just the installable WP files, as there are lots of things in the full download)

Many thanks


Great news that you got things going now! If you have a question going forward feel free to open a ticket at the support center!


is there a demo of backend? I would like see how it works before buy. Tnx

Hi – unfortunately no, there is no demo of the backend, but if you have a specific question you can look here which gives you further detail and a link to the help documentation that may answer any questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask :)

Hi jonathan01,

Is your theme WPML ready?

Thanks in advance,


We include mo/po files and we have used WPML in other themes with no issues.

Thx for your quick reply!

Usually, the difficulties come with the theme options… where wpml required to generated and xml file to be able to track all the strings…


We’ve not had any reported issues from anyone tbh.


Looking to purchase your theme. Are YouTube videos supported instead of Vimeo? Can a plugin like be used in this theme?


Mark M

Hi – youtube video embeds are supported by WordPress itself – I believe we already show a youtube video in one of the posts. Not sure about the plugin as we didn’t create it but if it’s coded to WP standards it should work fine.


Is there any way to make the copy/text selectable? It seems as if you cant copy and paste any of the text on pages. Our client would like to be able to do that.

Of course you can select text on the page :) Just tried on the live preview, we would never do anything to stop that, I wouldn’t know how to either – if you can’t then you have an issue with something you did. Also this is the comment area, not support – please use the support center.


thanks for this nice theme.

i dont want this section with capital letters. remember in the middle on your home page.



This is placed by what you put in the text box in theme options under Homepage Settings. If you don’t put anything there, nothing will show.

i mean i dont wanna use capital letters. NOT LIKE THIS : ” BEAUTIFUL ” like this : ” beautiful “

2. question is: is it possible to use differen letter caracter on the blog pages ? where can i find the list of possible letter fonts for this theme *?

Hi and thanks for the questions – it would be easier for us to help if you would please open a ticket at the support center listed in your documentation, the item description page, the support tab of the item or my profile page – here’s a link also for you :)

Many thanks



Great theme. I’ve just started working with it and I’m trying to set the demo content exactly the way the Live Preview is set up following the “Help Documentation” procedure on However, my Events section does not show up on the Homepage-Loop as yours does. Mine is blank with just the title of Events heading the widget, but no calendar. What am I doing wrong?


Hi and thanks for the puchase – I’m not sure tbh. Your best bet is to follow the documentation and possibly open a ticket at the support center which is detailed in your documentation.


I figured it out, thanks!

Also, is it possible to put a contact form in the header to replace the “Map & Directions” section? I would like to put an email box in that corner, much like the newsletter in the footer. Can you help me out with the CSS for that?


Hi as this is the comment area it would be best for you to submit a ticket at the support center which is outlined in the documentation please.

Also please note as stated support is only for issues in installing and using the theme and does not extend to customization work sorry.


Hi! I’m looking to buy the theme but i want to know if the main color can be changed.

Hi – all styling is within the single style.css file so you can alter the colors etc. of anything you wish via regular css styling.


Thank you.

I have set the Event Organiser plugin to ‘show past events’ but the date is missing on past events on the home page. Please see this screen capture for what I mean:

Hi please use the support link in your documentation for support and provide a live link to your site so we can better assist you.

Is the latest version of the theme current with Google’s new Mobile Optimization requirements?

Yes, the theme has been responsive since it was released.

Do you have a photo gallery widget or plugin?

We, personally, don’t have one, but I’m sure if you do a quick search you will find loads of free plugins out there.