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does the demo content and the backgrounds come with the theme?

I was going to say yes, until I just realized I forgot a step! DOH ! :) yes, i will have to place an update in the q immediately, but yes, everything will be in the xml. if you buy the theme before the update gets approved just contact me via my profile and I will email the xml to you directly!

thanks for you quick update : )

:) it was definitely a total duh moment! the new package is in the q now.

Thanks for bringing this up or I wouldn’t have realized at all!

This is so nice Jonathan! Great work, best of luck with sales ;)

:) thanks man!

Great job Jonathan! i really love it. one of the best designed themes ive seen in a while! Gook Luck man i might have to buy this just for the hell of it.

;). Thx man! I really appreciate that!

wow, this is not your style, Jonathan :p But it looks great! I think harmony is the word for this one :) Good luck!

Thanks man! I like to keep thigs switched up now and again :)

Awesome work, GLWS Jon! ;)

thanks man!

Yes, Harmony…
Very nice job, great work here, congrats :)

thanks ! really appreciate it!

congrats, nice one, different from your others but i like it ;)

thanks – really appreciate the kind comments

nice work Jonathan ;). Especially the backgrounds are a great choice, they blend in really nice.

thanks man! i appreciate the kind comments!

Hi Jonathan, great looking theme!

i just wanted to ask if there are other color styles for this theme, or only the blue one that i see in the Demo?

thanks, andi

Greetings! Only the blue, but in all honesty they use a single image flipped (header and footer) – swap that out and it’s the only piece that is blue.

Many thanks


Very nice looking theme!

thank you very much for the kind comment! :)

Will the main slider play videos?

Hi and thanks for the comment – no the slider will not play videos but it is linkable to any page, post or URL link.

Many thanks



Ivor Envato Team

Holy cow! This looks gorgeous Sir.

haha many thanks Ivor – it came out really nice we think also and the features list is insane.


Hello! I LOVE your theme. But (there’s always a but…), I don’t need a full-fledged site. Just a blog with homepage (I really like your home page with scrolling images! Thinking I can use this area for scrolling Scripture).

I am not a CSS guru (not even close!!), would it be easy enough to limit how many pages (homepage, blog, about me) and to remove some of the features that I don’t need?

Also, I read that the blue header and footer aren’t really changeable, what about the cloud image in the middle?

If this is possible (i.e. a no-brainer for someone like me), I would love to buy your theme.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and thanks for the comment – the live demo is just that, an example setup we created to attempt to show off different features – if all you want is a homepage that’s all you need to create, or you want a home page and a blog, then that is fine – wordpress enables you to create however many pages (or as little pages) as you wish – the world is your oyster :)

Hope that helps and we do provide full detailed documentation with screen shots showing how to set things up and can always offer advise along the way.

Many thanks again for the comment and I hope this answers your questions – if not then simply post some more and we will be more than happy to help.


This is great news… Thanks, Jonathan! I am waiting on a URL , but hope to come back and get this theme. :)

:) thanks very much for the kind comments!

GREAT SITE : Absolutely love it. One question. I know that our church does live streaming services. Would like to know if there is an option in this site for a count down clock that shows when the next service will start.


NEXT EVENT 5 Days | 10 Hours | 9 Minutes | 31 Seconds

Hi and many thanks for the question – there is no “countdown” but rather the event management that details your events with integrated maps / details etc which then can drop off the list once complete or setup as recurring etc etc – if you want to place a countdown there are many options with free wordpress plugins for simple countdowns you can just insert on your page or widget areas.

I hope that helps and many thanks for the question


Good work, Jonathan.

I have had many problems downloading this file. This is the 8th time and it is always corrupt. And no, I am not using a download manager :(

That’s terrible – unfortunately though I am pretty sure Envato will tell you it’s your internet connection / computer as the servers (which I believe are amazon cloud servers) are very very fast and of course thousands of downloads a day.

Please contact me via my profile page contact form if you can’t get the download worked out and maybe there is something we can do to try and fix things.

Many thanks for the purchase and I hope you get your download issues worked out.


Thanks Jonathan! After a couple more times downloading, I decided to try another archive software i.e. 7zip and it extracted neatly. I think it was a WinRAR issue all along.

Great job :)

Great theme & great support! My bible study group is using this theme and we love it! We were using a Joomla site, but prefer how light-weight and responsive this is.

Good job guys! Keep ‘em coming!

We really appreciate that you took time out of your day to let other users know your experience with our theme – we really enjoyed creating this particular one so it’s especially nice to hear that you and your Bible Study Group are enjoying it!

Thank you so much!


I’m very interested in this nice looking theme. I was just trying out the demo on iphone and when screen is rotated to horizontal the site popped out wider than the screen. It kind of hesitates for a split second at the right size then increases to wider than screen.

Would it be quite easy for me to make the header (just the area above menu) deeper? My client’s logo is very vertical and needs more depth. Thanks!

I’m very keen on this theme for a client project however this view issue is real – I’ve tried on two iPhone 4S and new iPods – all present the horizontal view off the screen (needing a double tap to fit screen). This is what I’m seeing: I know my client will check this so it’s my only issue before purchasing. If you could check it further that would be great. Thanks, Michael

ok further investigation on this Michael shows this handy post about a viewport scaling bug in mobile safari

- not sure why I do not see it (maybe upgrade your iOS?) but anyways seems there is a simple fix of sorts – however please note the fix for the safari bug stops pinch zoom on your site so I do not want to replace files here at theme forest (some users may want the zoom / pinch function) but after you purchase just contact me via my profile page and I will send you the fix in the header directly to you – I have just added the extra snippet of code to the existing media query so you can test – please let me know

Many thanks and sorry for your trouble but at least we know what it is now ;)


Great, thanks Jonathan! Sorry to be a pain – glad we can sort it out. I’ll be in touch when I purchase.


Just purchased,

How do you get the slider to work?

Greetings and many thanks for the purchase – we provide full instructions in your documentation on how to setup and use everything – please refer to your PDF documentation and contact us via our profile page if you continue to have difficulties and directed in the instructions also for support – thank you!


In your demo, your “News” section has a thumbnail and a excerpt for the Standard Post Format.. I am not sure how to get this feature to work?