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To be clear.. the image is NOT wrapping around the text.. its just showing below like an after thought…

Greetings and thanks for the purchase!

Yes you are correct and it does it automatically out of the box – no settings, nothing required just set a featured image and bam it’s there on the front nothing to style so I am a little confused unless you made some template or css changes as to why yours would not be doing this – however, the first thing would be a link to your site so I can see what you are describing :)

As your instruction manual asks could you please use the form on my profile page (click my avatar – form is on right of the page) and send me your details to your site and I can take a look for you to see what is different from the default.

If you did alter any css the styling for the image in the style.css is line 502:

home_content img { border: medium none; float: left; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-right: 20px; }

You can see the float left we set there.

Many thanks


Pre-purchase question: Can different pages have different sidebar content or do all the pages have to have the same sidebar content? How flexible is the sidebar area?

We have many different sidebars throughout – you should have plenty enough for your needs – we don’t just have one set of sidebars we also have 6 for the home page (if you choose that template) – regular page – blog – contact and 3 footers – and you can have as many widgets as you want of course inside those registered ones – if tall that doesn’t meet your needs you can try the unlimited sidebars plugin.

If you browse the live preview you should be able to see the different sidebars on different pages etc

I just re-read your question – I guess yes all “pages” have the same sidebar yes – in that case you’ll want to find a plugin. Sorry :)

Many thanks


Great theme. Seriously – very well done.

One question – when I create a recurring event each event listing shows the original date on the little calendar graphic. So the event for, say, August 5, shows June 8 (if June 8 was the original date) and it says “Next date is June 8” on the August 5 listing.

Am I doing something wrong? I hope this makes sense!

Hi and many thanks for the purchase and kind comment -

unfortuntely the event system is a plugin and that’s how they have it coded – we don’t like to edit and hack away at 3rd party plugins because when you update the changes would be lost – seems like a bit of a missed bit they may of done there and obviously the only thing you can do is edit the event (each month / week / day whatever the reoccurring schedule is) and change the date I am afraid as it’s obviously coded to display the first date set only by the looks of it – not the best answer but unfortunately the way it is with this plugin.

You could report as an issue with the plugin authors..


does this item come with mp3 sermon support and color customization?

Hi – as wordpress automatically detects mp3 format files and we supply a browser based player it can accept any mp3 file – if you want something more specific I believe there are several sermon plugins you can use – but we show examples in the blog under the category of audio (which could be sermons or anything else) – as for color customization – we use a header and footer image and then you can upload backgrounds per page or post – have it anyway you wish really. Apart from that you have a css override panel in the admin also or edit the style.css direct – again your choice :)

Hope that helps


Hi I’m having trouble getting the middle box on the home screen to fit. Can you help me with this?

Hi -

it looks like you have a extra HR in your content….

Please use the contact form on my profile page for support as directed in your documentation on the first page so we can better assist you if you could please.


hello! Is there any option to quick change home-loop template from three to two columns ?


edit: ah ok, i done it ;) great theme!

:) Thanks for your purchase – glad you got it all working!

I was wondering how do I create the Free Community Newsletter widget on your theme?? I can’t figured out, so please help.

Many thanks!

Using contact form 7, create a new form – in our live previews we only using the email address input text field. Then save that form – at the top of the contact form 7 page there is a brown box that contains your shortcode for your new form, copy that and go to WP admin Appearance / Widgets and drag and drop a text widget to the position you want the newsletter to appear (we use Footer Three) and paste that shortcode inside that text widget and save and you should be good to go then.

Thanks for your purchase! :)

Hello. I love your theme!

I had a question though! In your live preview, it shows that you have a separate section at the bottom of the page where it has links to youth group, bible study, etc.

I was wondering how it was possible to use that section for something similar to yours? I was having trouble figuring that out. On the template you can see a line that divides that section, but I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to use it to add info.


No worries and thanks for your purchase. To get those 3 images at the bottom like Bible Studies, Youth Group etc, go to Appearance / Widgets and place your image wrapped in your a link in the home 4, home 5 and home 6 widget areas.

Hi there. Great theme ! I am setting it up right now. I tried installing it a couple of times, but I keep having the same problem.

See how the top navigations is misplaced ? How do I fix that ? Another thing – When I put new events, the date doesn’t appear on the nice calendar graphic, but outside. The imag stays empty.. Any ideas why ?

Thank you for the great theme again !


Hi and thank you! It might be easier if you contact me via the contact form on my profile page and pass me your WP details so that I can have my programmer take a proper look.

Am I missing something with this theme – is it really not possible to change the header, footer or page background colours form within the theme options?

I can see that it is possible to apply a background image to each page but also surprisingly there is no upload option for this image on the page itself – I am having to go to upload in media then past in the link.

Either I am missing something or this is not up to your usual standard Jonathan!

Hi not sure where you got the impression you could do those things to be honest we don’t mention it anywhere and we have never done that for a theme – one image used for each of the areas specified so you just replace the 3 images in the IMG folder

There is no upload because we allow you to change the background per page or post which is far more than standard

Many thanks


I need help. I have a muti site… the events can only be created on the main site. I cannot create events on the other sites…is this events plugin network supported or is there a way around it?

Hi – not sure I’m afraid as we don’t create the event plugin – would be best to check out the plugin page on wordpress. Chances are it will not be multisite possibly as that is something rather specific and has to take in to account quite a lot of things including a different database structure obviously.

Also please not the regular license does not allow you to use a theme forest theme on multisite I am afraid. You would need to buy the extended license.



Hey! I just love this theme! it is absolutely amazing and i love that you can do so much with it. I do have one question, i tried reading through previous comments in hopes that I am not asking the same question twice but is there an area to change the background on the pages? i noticed that there are different colored sky pictures, just didnt know how to go about changing those. I didnt see anything in the theme options and i didnt notice the images anywhere. thanks so much! :)

Hi and thank you for your purchase.

In the Gospel Documentation – under Gospel Admin we discuss the background image for certain pages (Event background, Search Results background, 404 Page background and Main Blog Page background). Starts on page 8. If you follow those instructions the documentation will tell you how to upload a separate background image per each of these pages and how the other backgrounds for all other pages and posts not specified in this section will have a separate box inside the post/page. I apologize for any confusion.

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form on my profile page and I will put you in touch with my programmer.

Thank you for your purchase and good luck with the site!

Jonathan. Really like your theme. Nice work. I am having difficulty activating the theme in WordPress. After uploading via ftp, I activate the theme, and then get this notice:

Warning: require(/data/19/1/46/97/1861423/user/2021404/htdocs/dev/wordpress/wp-content/themes/gospel-wp/option-tree/index.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/19/1/46/97/1861423/user/2021404/htdocs/dev/wordpress/wp-content/themes/gospel-wp/functions.php on line 292

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/data/19/1/46/97/1861423/user/2021404/htdocs/dev/wordpress/wp-content/themes/gospel-wp/option-tree/index.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/services/vux/lib/php’) in /data/19/1/46/97/1861423/user/2021404/htdocs/dev/wordpress/wp-content/themes/gospel-wp/functions.php on line 292

Once I delete the theme, all goes back to normal. I am using the latest version of WordPress—any possible issues with the version? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sounds like you may of missed some files or something to be honest – either that or for some reason your host may not be running php5? Not entirely sure as I haven’t ever seen this error before..

Please use the contact form on my profile page as directed in the instructions for support also as this is simply a comment area.

Also a link to your site (wordpress admin login etc) in your reply via the contact form would be helpful – thank you.

Final question, you are trying to install in a self hosted live wordpress site are you?

If all else fails – revert back to a standard theme and then remove the gospel folder on your ftp and upload again – just may of had a bad transfer. But as for wordpress version, nope no issues we run all our themes on the latest versions as they come out.



Really appreciate the immediate response! You were correct. During extraction, all the files didn’t transfer. Second time was the charm.

I’ve been developing and designing church websites for nearly 15 years and was blown away not only by the elegant design of your theme, but more importantly, the page structures—ideal for the church environment. Great work!

Ah that is awesome news – thought it was odd with the errors :)

Also wanted to say a big thanks for your complimentary comments – much appreciated as we do work hard at our themes (and support) so it’s nice that it is appreciated – if you don’t mind I will use your comment as a reference to this particular theme.

Thanks again.


hi there! how i can display more post than 2, on the loop homepage ?


Hi and thank you for your purchase. Please use the contact form via my profile page as per your instructions for any further assistance. But saying that, to do this, you would need to add some code to the homepage template used.

Open up template-home.php and find the loop (it’s commented out) “This is the 2nd column loop”.

Copy everything from around line 398 (the starting hr) to wp_reset_query (around line 479) and paste this directly under the wp_reset_query (line 479) but change the &offset=1 in the $featured_catnews2 loop to &offset=2. Basically that &offset=<number> tells the loop which post should I start with – so every time you copy and paste that code, you need to change your position on what is the next article the loop should display.

Hope that helps.



Nice theme. I love the textures and colors and that it is easy to navigate. I was wondering if you might be able to help. I have two quick questions:

1. When the slide on my home page is clicked it opens a new window. How do I make it link within the site and not open a new window?

2. I changed the background colors of the header and footer. But the only thing I couldn’t find to change was the small divider line in the footer above the copyright info. Where do I go to edit that.

Any way you can help with those? Thank you!

Hi and thank you for your purchase.

To remove the slider image opening your link in a new window you will need to open template-home.php and template-homewidgets.php (since I don’t know which homepage template you are using) and find this under the comment “This is the slider”

<a href="<?php echo $meta[ 'subtitle' ]; ?>" target="_new" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail('slide'); ?></a>

Just remove the target=”_new” from that string above and save and each slider image will open within the same window.

As for your 2nd question, you would need to open style.css and find this class ” .copyright_message ”. There is a top border and a box-shadow that makes up that divider line.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with the site!


I would like to ask how do I increase the amount of words shown from a post in a column? As it cuts off my text in the post and I do not want that. This is a link to the website for you to have a look if you do not understand what I’m saying hahas.


Hi, to do this you would need to open the template-home.php and find and replace the_excerpt with the_content. Then when doing your posts you would need to use the “more” tag to control where your text stops on this page.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your purchase and good luck with the site.

Hello very nice theme. Got a few questions.

Can I make the following changes by editing the css and html files with dreamweaver and upload to Wordpress? 1. Change the header and footer to another color. 2. Remove the map and directions and change Sunday services to a date that changes daily. 3. Change the sky background to a different background.


You can make any changes you’d like once you buy the theme, the choices are yours. And uploading – these files that you change will need to be uploaded to the wp-content/themes/gospel-wp folder for them to be active.

Hope this helps.


I just purchased your theme and think its great. I have a few questions. 1. How do I change my current home page which is a blog page to the home page similar to your demo home page? I have links for reference. – My current home page – The page that needs to be the home page. (I set this up by editing the home page inside the pages section)

2. You will notice a green base line in the footer. How do I change that to purple or remove it? I tried to change it with the css code but could not figure out how to do it.

3. How do I remove the links from your demo? Ex. If you click on the home link it goes to your demo page.

4. I tried to reduce the footer’s height but it left a space below the footer. Is there a way to reduce the footer’s height and remove the space?

Please help and Thanks in advance.

Hi, many thanks for the purchase – support as per your instructions is provided via the contact form on my profile page on the right hand side – if you could please use that as the comment area is not the best way to handle support in case we need to send screen shots to show you how and where etc. :)

As for your first question however we explain how to setup your pages / menus and reading settings in wordpress to set your home page and your blog index page – please refer to your instructions.

As for css changes – they are customizations and of course are up to you – however if you launch firefox browser and install firebug plugin you can easily select any element on your page and see it’s line number in the style.css and even make temporary alterations in the browser to see your changes before committing them to your style.css.

As for linking of menu items – again we explain this in your documentation – please refer to that section.

As for the footer – again firefox and firebug will assist you in the makeup of the divs in question for sure.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to complete the contact form as stated above on my profile page (simply click my avatar to get there)



I have downloaded your theme, but when i try to install on wordpress it always fail. I suspect the file is too big. Please advise on what should be done.


Hi Carl and thank you for your purchase. Can I ask when you downloaded the theme files, did you unzip the download? And did you read the help documentation? It sounds like your trying to upload the entire download instead of just the theme files as mentioned in your documentation.

I did unzip the download, which zip file should i upload? The

Please open the help document and start to read as we detail everything for you – many thanks