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Thank you for the beautiful theme. I would like to have paragraphs in the welcome message on the home page
for example:
Dear Visitor

thank you for visiting.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Is this possible? And is it possible for it not to be all caps?

Hi and thanks for the purchase – you would have to alter the css to change the text-transform for the uppercase to remove – the message is simply set in the admin panel but is really only meant for a few lines of text only as per the demo, however you can use basic HTML in there to create paragraphs as you normally would.

If you require further help please use the contact form on my profile page as directed in the help documentation for support.



Thank you for the quick reply!

Home Four in our WIDGETS area is adding an UNDERLINE under the Header and is mis aligned but all the rest (EVEN WITH THE EXACT SAME CONTENT) align properly…

All 3 widgets have the EXACT same formatting, so why is the 1st one UNDERLINED but not the 5th and 6th?

NEVERMIND… I found the issue.. The prior tag was misformatted..

No problem glad you found the issue.


Just purchased and tried to upload theme to my fresh 1&1 wordpress 3.5.1 build and it doesnt accept the zip file… I assume I need to call 1&1?

I think you attempted to upload the ENTIRE download file you received – this has your theme, your photoshop files, your documentation PDF, your plugins, your supporting documentation text / pdf files also.

Unzip – extract everything, grab a coffee and open the help PDF file inside the help folder.

That should help – also this is a comment area and not support – please feel free to open a ticket if you need assistance.

you would be correct sir…

Are there any known compatibility issues with internet explorer 9 or any other versions. We have a client who is experiencing time out issues when trying to access this page:

No there are not. Maybe check with the hosting company?


Fantastic theme and well designed. However, I’m having trouble getting the slider to work. I’m adding images to “slider images” but they do not appear. I added more than one and I get the “bars” underneath letting me know its more than one but still no images. Please let me know so I can finish building my site. Thanks for the help

Hi and thanks for your purchase and kind comments. We are tying to midge ate to a dedicated forum, please use : with a li k to your live site.


Wow. Excellent response time. Thank you for that. =) I’m glad I checked because I figured it out by reading another post with my same problem. Works now and looks great. In addition, could you tell me the recommended size for the slider images? Thanks for your help.

:) Sure thing, 960 X 389. Glad you got it all sorted.

II am having issues with sliding window on the home page, I have created the the slides however when i try and view the slides they do not show. Can you please advise

Hi – you don’t have a purchased badge I’m afraid – please login using the account you used to purchase the item – also the support center would be the best place for assistance – here is a link for you:


I’m trying to link the homepage slider image to an inside page. Right now it opens up in a new window / tab. How do I make the link to the inside page in the same window?

Hi and thanks for the purchase, I’m not sure what homepage template you are using, so you will need to edit either the template-home.php or template-homewidgets.php.

Look for this:
<li> <a href="<?php echo $meta[ 'subtitle' ]; ?>" target="_new" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail('slide'); ?></a> </li>

Where you see target=”_new” you would remove that altogether and the slider will not open in a new window anymore.


Can I get a download to make the theme look like your example? I think it would be easier to edit everything when the pages are all built. Instead of me trying to start blogs and pages to find out where it links them. Make sense?

Yes – you already have this in your download it’s the xml data import and it’s all explained in your extensive PDF documentation on what to do and when and how to setup your theme, import data, settings etc basically a step-by-step walk through of the setup – make sure you download the whole package if you haven’t already.

Many thanks


Does this theme have WooCommerce Support? Thx

Hi, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by support unfortunately – as it’s a plugin the only thing that you would need to know is if there are conflicts with this plugin, there shouldn’t be, however it’s not tested and of course you would need to style the pages produced by the woocommerce plugin.

Many thanks


Jeez, you guys’ support is just as haphazard now as it was last year when I bought a theme from you. Not buying again

That’s odd – we have very organized support and many thousands of buyers that confirm we provide some of the best support available – however you asked about something we don’t make, therefore I cannot provide support for a plugin that I do not make, and I answered your comment within a few minutes of you posting it and gave you the only answer I could.

Also you haven’t bought this theme therefore you’re not asking for support, you’re asking a question about someone else’s product.


What font is being use in the logo of the template

Hi, I’m on my phone so I don’t have access to the PSD templates right now but try opening the PSD templates in photoshop to see if you can see what the font is by selecting that layer. If not, I will have to check my other files and get back to you on this.

AlexBrush Regular is the font used.

Is there a way to add more than two post on the front page.

Hi and thanks for the purchase. You would have to edit the homepage template in order to this. If you want to create a ticket at, we can send you a screen shot of what has to be changed or provide a quote for you to do this.

Thanks, I create a ticket.

Thanks for the speedy response.

Is it safe to update to Wordpress 3.6?

We don’t have any reports of any issues, and we have our live preview running on 3.6 without issues.



Hi! It’s a great theme. Congratulations! I’m just writing before to pay, but I wonder if I can have a tutorial explained about your theme. When we purchase, is there any kind of PDF Tutorial? Sorry, I’m new and trying to work hard. I would like to not have problems when I purchase your theme… So, do you have a tutorial (how to)?

Hi – yes we provide a very extensive PDF file with 50+ pages showing you how to upload the theme, activate, setup the theme options and also how to use the XML data file upload so you have everything setup just like the demo / live preview – we also provide a dedicated support center for support questions.

Many thanks


Thank you SO much Jonathan!

We know (easily) who works well! Many thanks!

Another question: Your theme (Gospel) has a model for Android and iOS?

Hi and thanks for the kind words – Gospel is responsive therefore it adapts to certain screen sizes for smartphones and tablets.


Hi Jonathan!

I’m here again. The theme is really good and works fine.

I would like to ask you some questions I got when I was working with your theme…

1) At your Home page (live preview), how can I put EVENTS Widget like yours? I mean, in your preview, there are a little Icon date (Month + Day). When I put it, this icon did not appear. What can I do? 2) In VIDEO Widget, did you use a plugin for it OR you just got Youtube embed? What is the prefect size if I “embed” a video? 3) Just below the three widgets (Events, News and Video), we can see three images. How can I do the same? These images are “Featured Images” from posts? 4) How (where) can I change the title “Map & Directions” to my Language? 5) In EVENTS, we can see (in your live preview) that there are images. These images must be “Featured image”? Is there an expected size for it?

Thank you so much Jonathan!!!

Hi your account shows no purchase I’m afraid if you would like to use the support center and use your license when creating your ticket please –


Sorry Jonathan! I forgot to say my client bought the theme. I will create a ticket. Thanks

1. I’m just curious… will you continue to update this theme or has that stopped? Reason I ask is because my client updated to Wordpress 6 and all of a sudden the secondary menu isn’t compatible with how it worked in the previous version. Instead, the primary all of a sudden shows up by default so a new secondary menu has to be created and assigned in wordpress 6. Seems that’s the only issue we’ve found.
2. I’m wondering if there is a way to stop wordpress from asking people to update on that header yellow bar on the back end. Frustrating because a client doesn’t know it could break the site.
3. Thanks for your help. Let me know if you continue to update this site to another version or something. Cheers.

Hi and thanks for the questions – yes of course we will be supporting our products and keep them updated :)

1 – WordPress is actually at 3.61 right now, the theme is tested and no issues – you’ve always had a secondary menu, and it must be created for it to not show the main menu in the bottom also, if you don’t want the menu there you should still create the secondary but don’t put anything in it.

2 – no, that’s a core feature of WordPress itself – nothing to do with the theme, there may be a plugin to stop this but always best to not make clients full admins, then they wouldn’t see the upgrade message or be able to upgrade.

3 – just make sure you click the ‘Get notified by email if this item is updated’ on your downloads page next to the items thumb and whenever we update you get an automatic email notifying you :)

Hope that helps! Don’t forget that we have a support center rather than the comments :


Hi Jonathan, I’ve really enjoyed using your theme for our website for the last year, but with the latest WP update, I think I just shot myself in the foot. The Event Organiser plugin is no longer working. Is there something I can do in CSS or somewhere else to change the calendar option?

Regards, Brad

Hi – the event organiser is a 3rd party plugin, you would need to contact the author of the plugin to ask for assistance with this functionality.

Hi I have noticed that you have not updated this theme in awhile. We are having issues with plugins that require at least jQuery library of at least jQuery 1.3 – looks like this theme has an older version. Just curious of you have plans for updating this theme and keeping it current so it works with the latest plugins on the market, love the theme but need it to work with plugins that require updated verions of jQuery, our plugins right now are not working because of this issue, thanks for all you do!

Yes, we are trying to get back to updating all of our themes as well as bring new ones out. Is it scheduled for update, unfortunately we can not give an ETA at this time.

Hi, what are the changes in the new update? I’d like to know before deciding whether or not to upgrade. Thanks

Thanks Pal, that worked like a charm! One last thing. How do I reduce the number of events shown on the Homepage Loop to 3 instead of 4 that is on display right now?

Hi again – you will need to alter the loop count on the home page template php file – we comment the code well so you should be able to find and adjust the count accordingly!

Fantastic! Thanks very mucho!!!

I’ve followed the instructions 3x over, but still having problems with the basic set up. I want my wp to look just like the demo….

1. I start with a clean install of wp 2. I upload the theme zip At this point, I have the blue/green background, and a cream text area. That’s it. 3. I make a new page called Home 4. I edit the page to be Home-Loop. 5. I set up the bg image for this page… a 1200×700 image 6. I save and preview it.

At this point the page is jacked. It looks completely wrong. the main part of the page is a transparent table with: “Recent Posts”,”Recent Comments” etc …. Far, way down deep below the main section is my welcome message.

So what happened? the instructions really don’t cover how to set up a page, and I can’t think it should be harder then I already described.

I want my site to look like the demo. Easy right? Well how do I get that faded look?

The background image, doesn’t fade into the bg color like in the demo. I see no reference for this in the instructions.

So question 1: how can I get a Home page set up with Home Loop, properly? Question 2: how can I get the look/feel to replicate the demo, i.e. the image fades into the background with transition?

Thanks Jonathan, just one last thing… I’m able to pretty much get it to appear as the demo, except the slider doesn’t render on the home-loop templates. it does under full-width. It seems to not just be the slider, but anything I add in the page (i.e. images, text, featured image) doesn’t appear in the page if it’s of template home-loop. The xml that loads in the demo content, also isn’t loading any content for home-loop pages.

Hi – I would open a ticket – sounds like something just isn’t setup correctly tbh as we would of had everyone have the same issue – you can open a ticket and make it private and supply your login details here:

Many Thanks


I just replied to your ticket, it was purely a matter of following the setup instructions a little more – I’ve setup most of it and given direction to the buyer and all should be good moving forward.


Hi, Under the news column my two blog posts are are there but it is showing the full blog posts, which are really long. I want it to look like your preview page, just part of the post, then by clicking on it you will go to the full post. How do I do this and why are both posts showing the full post? Please help!

Please use the account that paid for the item and post your question to the support center using your license code

Many thanks


I’m working on someone’s site. what account are you talking about and where’s the license info?

The license you get with your download – support is offered only through the support center once your license code is verified – support link is in your documentation, the item description page, the support tab, and my profile also.

Many thanks