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Thanks :)

Hi joomfx,

I’m a real fan of you, again a great theme.

Thanks a lot ThemeHippo! I’m really happy you like my works :)

Great theme joomfix GLWS :)

Thanks a lot Bilbo! ??? ??? ;) Hmm, it seems I cannot write in Bulgarian :)

I am interested in your template, however, I have never purchased one before. If I buy your template, do I just need to install a fresh Joomla 2.5 on my end and then install your template and that gives me all of the module/components listed along with this template?

Yes, exactly. It is a normal Joomla site so you can publish the modules in different positions, install new components/modules, etc. You do not need to keep anything, you can totally change it. I just create it and configured it as I like it most but of course if you do not like something you can easily change it :)

Perfect! Thanks so much for the quick responses! Makes me wanna buy even more because how helpful you are. I don’t have any clients currently but may have a couple lined up and could def use this to speed up deliverables. So, if I have 2 clients that need 2 seperate websites. Would I need to purchase 2 templates from you, one for each client?

Thanks for the nice words :) Yes, as per ThemeForest Licensing rules you need to purchase a new license (buy the template again) for each domain you want to use the template on :)

Oh boy :) A while ago I bought your EliteFX template and I’m really happy with it but this one… this one is really one of the best Joomla Templates here on Themeforest. I wish you a lot of luck and you definitely deserve many sales :)

Thank you very much for the amazing comment :) You are one of my best customers!

On some servers/hosting providers you might get a blank screen after installing the Quickstart. All you need to do is to increase the “memory_limit” variable in the php.ini file to a higher value, for example:

memory_limit = 128M

still white …

I have not received your message. Please send me email from here (bottom-right):

Sorry, I do not know what’s wrong. I have not received anything. I also checked the Spam/Junk folder. This is the first time such thing happens. Anyway, please me an email directly to so we can continue our discussion :)

Thank you for the great theme joomfx! This is exactly what I was looking for. Works perfectly :)

Thanks a lot for your comment Antony :) I’m glad you like it!

Are you going to make this 3.0 compatible? Thanks!

Hi Janell and thanks for your comment. I do not think I will make a Joomla 3.0 version. Actually, it is very simple to do that but I do not want to provide my customers with a website that is not stable and still in testing/development mode.

Once Joomla 3.5 is released (J! 3.0 is a short term release and J! 3.5 will be a long term release) I will update all my templates so they can be Joomla 3.5 ready.

So, as a conclusion, I will not make any of my templates Joomla 3.0 ready and I will make all of them Joomla 3.5 ready :)

Sounds reasonable! Thanks so much for your quick reply.

actually, Joomla 3.1.x turned out to be a quite stable release so I decided to release a Joomla 3.1.1 version of GossipFX ;)

just wondering if i buy this template do i get everything which is shown in the demo, i mean all the ready content and picutures… Just curious because i have seen many templates after download and setup there will be no database file and no content after all we have to setup all the style sheet and have to add all the module and content and that is no good when you buy templates Just a friendly question thank you

Thanks i am just going to buy it….

hy i got the following error after setup plz help me to resolve it Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/mystarho/public_html/libraries/gantry/core/utilities/gantrylesscompiler.class.php on line 2874

Thanks for purchasing my item :) please register to our new support forum and post a discussion there. From now on this will be the only place we will provide support – nice and centralized support board, i hope you understand us :) Regarding the issue – it is a server related problem which you will solve easily. I will give you more details in the forum :)

Amazing template Joomfx! One of the best I’ve seen around. Thank you so much :)

Thanks a lot for the nice words Gregory, I’m glad you like it :)

Hi there,

great template and really easy to work with! So far everything went smooth but now I have a little problem:

Is there a way to prevent html-tags from beeing stripped from the intro text in the k2-category item list? I’ve tryed the k2 settings for content and it doesn’t make any difference whether stripping of tags is turned on (and I exclude tags like br or p) or turned off. Tags are just ALWAYS stripped. The intro text will only display correctly if I do not limit the number of words but of course then it’s no intro text but the whole article. I’ve also tryed to set the “read more” manually but then the whole formatting of the article itsself gets screwed up, although the intro text is ok in that cae.


Hi Tina, thanks for the nice words and for purchasing my template :) Please register at our support forum and post a discussion there (copy paste the above message). Also, please include some screenshots of the “read more” issue and anything that you think might be helpful. Thank you very much :)

Bonjour, Je n’arrive pas à installer votre thème sur mon site.

Est-il possible de m’aider ?

Merci à vous, Théodore Germain.

Hi there and thanks for purchasing my template :) As far as I understand you cannot install GossipFX. Please do the following:

1. Upload the content of the Quickstart folder to your hosting

2. Open your URL –

3. Follow the installation procedure.

If you have any problems please register at our new support forums and I will assist you as soon as possible :) Also, if you are still not able to install it, please open a discussion in the forum and post the error message you get or some screenshots describing the problem :)

Hello, I have purchased this template, it is great. Can you please tell me how to increase the width of the Mainmenu item ( Sub menu items), which i write i menu title with more than 3 words it goes into two lines, So I wish to increase the width to be in one line. thanks

Hi there and thanks for purchasing my template. You simply need to go Admin Panel -> Menus, select the top level menu and set the “Drop-Down Width” and “Column Widths” to whatever value you need, for example 250. As written in the GossipFX documentation I would like to ask you to register at our new Support Forum where you can attach images, write detailed explanations, etc. When posting in the forum the other customer can benefit as well. Thank you in advance :)

Hi,, I have enabled the font sizer in the K2, but in the item view, the + and – is blank, I mean not visible ( only font size text appears), it is full functionality but the only issue is they are not appearing ( When I save linked image over these blank images it gives ( Balnk.gif) . I can send u screen shot if you have any emails. Again thanks for the great template

Hi again :) Please register in the forum and open a discussion for this. Also, please attach a screenshot. I will write the solution there. It is actually quite simple ;)

i love your work, and i bought this new template after almost 3 months from buying the v1.0 all the best

Hi Melachi,

Thanks a lot for purchasing again! We are very happy to have you as a returning customer and as part of our small community (Support Forum) :)

Joomla now recommends 3.0 as the stable version for new sites. With that announcement on their home page, are you still waiting for 3.5 to release an update?

I purchased this template thinking it would work with 3.0 (my fault for not reading the description properly) and I really do not want to have to purchase a different template as I really like this one.

Hi Goanna,

I do not know where you have seen this message, it is not important anyway. Joomla 2.5 is the Long Term Release and will be supported until the end of Spring 2014. Regarding Joomla 3.x series – this is a Short Term Release which main goal is to make the migration of Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.5 smoother. I really do not advice you to use Joomla 3.x Series yet (I would never use a Short Term Release).

Another reason of not releasing a Joomla 3.x version of GossipFX is that not all module/components are supported on Joomla 3 yet.

Anyway, now to your actual question – I need to make a Joomla 3.x version of my templates in order to move to the Joomla 3.5 later on. I will release (include in the download package) these versions but I will not be any time soon – I’m planning to start migrating my templates in the beginning of September so the earliest date you might expect a Joomla 3.x version of GossipFX is about the end of September.

Please have a look at the current statuses of the Joomla 3.x series and the Joomla 2.5 version here:

I hope I answered your question. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything else :) I would also like to invite you to join our new support forum:

the Joomla 3.1.1 version of GossipFX is now available ;)

hello … I bought your template. I love it. To create sections within my site, I created at position “top-to” main menu guide you to the different sections. At position “menu-a” want it to be the menu of the corresponding section. The problem is that I get the menu vertically. I would like your help in a horizontal position was similar in appearance to the main menu. You see what I mean if you enter user: demo passw: demo thank you very much

Hi ideasymedios,

Thanks for the nice words :) I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean. Also, I’m not able to login with these username and password (this must be an Admin user so I can login). Anyway, we provide support only in our support forum. Please register and open a new discussion there. Also, please describe the issue with as much details as possible, attach a screenshot explaining what you need to do and also send me the username and the password (the user must be Administrator) so I can have a look (send me the username and the password in my Inbox in the Support Forum ) :)

Support Forum:

Hi, I have just installed your great template from the quickstart package.

I have run into a slight issue. I replaced the logo and changed the link colour and after that the dropdown menu styling has gone to pot.

Any idea how I can fix? Really looking forward to personalising your template.



Hi Tom,

Thanks for purchasing GossipFX and for the nice words :) This seems to be a cache issue – I checked your website with Firebug and the styling for the menu and for the footer is not loaded at all.

Please register at our support forum and open a new discussion for these issues. Then please send me the admin username and password (in my Inbox in the forum) so I can login and have a look :)

ok. will do. Thanks

The footer has changed colour too. url is

see your previous comment :)