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Hi i can read from above that you give good support. Leak of good support sucks.

Is your Gantry all in or is it a strip down version of Gantry.

I like when i can set menu color, copy text and so on in the framework. Gantry and Warp is the best framework in my opinion but i like it when it,s has several of settings, like Arrowteam build on Warp.

How is this template? It,s look very nice and have a very good balance.

Kindly Regards – Mikael A – Vallagruppen Sweden.

Hi Mikael,

Thanks for stopping by :) Yes, we use the fully featured Gantry Framework. It means that all option that are available in the default Gantry are also available in out templates. Some of the features are unlimited colors, 500+ Google Fonts, Dark and Light Menu Styles, etc. Let me know if you need anything else.

Regarding the support – yes, we believe we provide a really good support ;)

Hello I bought this template and have not been served. The joomla installation runs without problem but the template does not load and the page is blank. I tried with joomla 2.5 and 3.0 with the same result. I tried installing from the quickstart the full package, and from the backend install the template only and does not work. Please help me urgently Link:


Hi Marcelenda,

Thanks for purchasing GossipFX :) I suppose you have not checked the Documentation. There is a special chapter called “White Screen after Installation” which explains that this is a simple server related issue. You just need to increase the “memory_limit” in the “php.ini” file. If you do not know how to do that just contact your hosting support and they will do it for you :) Let me know if you need anything else.

well, after check the documentation of the template I contact my hosting provider and the problem was solved. Thank you very much for your prompt response and effective help. Greetings from Colombia.

Thanks a lot for the update Marcelenda :) Enjoy GossipFX and whenever you have a problem or question, just open a new discussion in the forum. Have a great evening ;)

Hi I have a question Could I change the font size of the main menu and submenu? How come? thanks

Marcelenda, you already have an account for our support forum, please post all your questions/problems there :)

Yes, you can. You just need to open “variables.less” (root/templates/purityfx/less) file and edit the ”@menuFontSize” variable on line 50. If you need to make any other changes in the menu, you need to edit the “menu.less” file ;)

Almost finished the design of my page with this template, only when I try to enter the settings in the template manager I get an error saying: “An error has occurred. 0 HTTP response code not found.” How should this error is and how I can fix? thanks

Hey Marcelenda, please see my response on your previous post ;)

When you are opening the forum discussion please send me the following information as well:

1. Your URL 2. Admin username and password

Send it in my Inbox (Private Message) in the forum.

The issue is resolved, check your email ;)

this template is very nice, the design is very nice, but not very stable. I have had many mistakes in the process of designing my website. The last error was in relation to Hot Stories module, to amend any information in the module css is damaged and is irreversible, so you have to remove the installation and start over. I think I want a refund of my money.

Pablo, I really do not know what to say… really man, I do not know if you are doing this on purpose or you really do not understand :)

Honestly man, this is the forth time you are writing here and since the beginning you have an account in our support forum (where is the one and ONLY place for support). Pablo, as you probably realize NONE of your four issue are related to GossipFX, NONE. Still, I solved all of them and of course you will agree with this. Here is what you said the last time:

“You really helped me thank you very much for this. I appreciate the support you give to your creations. Again thank you very much and let me congratulate you for this amazing template. Greetings from Colombia.”

Pablo, I respect a lot all of my customers and of course I will always try to help them. You just need to open a discussion in the support forum, where (as you know) I respond in minutes, except on the weekend when I respond in few hours.

So, as you can see GossipFX has more than 130 happy customers. The template is simply perfect and there are no bugs at all. Of course if somebody finds a bug I will solve it as soon as possible.

I would love to refund you (even if there is absolutely no reason for this) but this is NOT something that I can do. If you really think that you deserve a refund (it means that the template does not work as it is supposed to) you can always contact Envato Support. They will do some tests and if there is really something wrong with GossipFX, they will refund you and they will also suspend my template.

This is all I had to say!


I bought this theme a couple of months ago, and coming from a Wordpress background I had a few problems in makign the transition.

I’d just like to say that the support I have received from Joomfx has been phenominal. Sometimes the reply to fix the problem has come back to me so quickly I thought it must be an automated ‘out of office’ reply.

I managed to get the few little customisations sorted out very quickly and I’m delighted with the theme.

Nice one!


Thank you very much Shaun, it is really much much appreciated !! Thank you for the great comment and for being my customer :)

Hi, Thank you for this great template, I’m about to buy this one, but I want to know the following answers : 1) Is it support multi-language (English – Arabic) site ?

2) Can I fully-customize it ( changing the logo, setting the height of the header ? etc

3) Is it include quick-start for joomla 3.0 ? or I have to thank you in advance .

Hi binmosa,

Thank you for your interest and for the nice words :) Here are the answers of your questions:

1. Yes, like any other Joomla Site, GossipFX supports multilangual sites. It means that you can configure the site to have an option to switch between different languages. Regarding the Arabic language – GossipFX is not optimized for RTL sites.

2. Yes, you can fully custom,ize it. Everything is described in the Documentation.

3. Yes, both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x Quickstarts are included.

Let me know if you need anything else :)

Hi joomfx , thank you for your quick reply , OK in case of I want to optimize it to support RTL ( Arabic ) is it hard to do that ? Can you make that for me to support two languages ( Arabic & English ) ? because I spent a lot time to find the appropriate theme and find this is the best one :)

Hi binmosa,

GossipFX is built on Gantry Framework and by default Gantry supports RTL sites :) The problem is that some elements in GossipFX might be floating to the left which will not be perfect for RTL sites. Apart from that, GossipFX is ready for RTL sites. If you need to make some adjustment for the RTL version of your site you can always open a discussion in our forum.

Regarding making the site in two languages – this is something that you need to configure, you will find instructions in our Support Forum. I am a Jommla designer/developer and I just create the template. If you purchase it you need to install and configure the site on your own. Of course, if you have any problems or questions you can open a discussion in our forum :)

Hi there, I’m about to buy this one but I’m very new in web developer field so actually I dont know anything about Joomla, Gantry and something like that. Can you please tell what they are? Do I need to install anything in order to run the website properly? Can I pay for it by Visa Card directly instead of using any third party like paypal or Skrill? Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in GossipFX :)
You will need some basic Joomla Knowledge in order to be able to create/configure a website with GossipFX. Once you purchase it all you need to do is to install the Quickstart Package (clone of the demo). Then you just need to replace the demo content with yours.

Joomla is the Platform the site runs on. It is a CMS (Content Management System):

Gantry is a Framework. It brings additional functionality to the default Joomla:

Regarding the payment – I’m not quite sure, I think you can pay with Paypal and Skrill only, but I’m not sure about that :)
Have a great day!


I’ve tried creating a profile in your support group but it’s not working properly. I’ve tried creating pages and linking them to menu items but I’m still getting an error message that says No Input File Specified. Can you help me with this issue?

Hi there,

The Support Forum works perfectly fine and it is the one and only place for Support. You’ve posted this comment here and you have also send us an email regarding this issue when you know that the one and only place for support is our Support Forum, which works just fine :)

Anyway, here is the email I sent you before:

“Thank you for purchasing GossipFX :) This is most probably a server related issue or an issue caused by an impoper installation. In order to have the template as-in (clone of the demo) you need to install the Quickstart Package. This is what 99% of the customer do. Almost all customers install the Quickstart Package and then they replace the demo content with theirs. I couldn’t see the problem because the link you have sent me gives 404 error (Page not Found). Please make sure your server meets the Joomla Requirements and re-install the Quickstart Package. If you still have any problems or questions, please register at our Support Forum, where is the one and only place for Support. We do not provide email Support, and once you register at the Forum, you’ll love it :)”

As you see (and as you probably know) this issue is totally not related to GossipFX. Anyway, I would love to assist you with it and try to solve it for you but:

1. The link you’ve sent me is not correct
2. I have absolutely not enough information to troubleshoot the problem.

In order to find out what is wrong (again, I’m 100% confident it is not template related in anyway, as you can see here and in the forum nobody has experienced this problem) I will need the following:

1. The URL to your site
2. The Admin Username and Password
3. The exact steps to reproduce the problem
4. Screenshots with the error message

Please send all of the above information to my email (you already have it because I replied to your previous email) and also describe why do you thing that the Support Forum doesn’t work and attach some screenshots with the Forum problems you have. Please do descibe the problems that you have with our Forum because this will be the one and only time I will provide Support outside of the Forum, as an exception. Thank you for the understanding :)

Marcelenda, I have to say that I find your last post very disturbing. based on your questions you are obviously not very experienced as you needed help with very simple issues. This would be fine with the exception of the fact that you accused the theme of not being stable. NOT TRUE AT ALL! I have used it and it is very well put together. When modifying any theme it can become unstable but this is because you are doing it wrong. I really wish you would have apologized to the developer and from what I have seen he has provided you with good support. So far I have not needed any because it is well written and works the way it is supposed to. Posts like yours have the potential to damage sales and that would be a shame because this theme is a joy to work with. You need to practice and get a little better at what you do before saying such things. No offense but judging by your support requests you are not qualified to say what is stable or not. At any rate , JoomFX Thank you for the great theme! It was exactly what I needed and saved me allot of time in getting my client what he needed. It is extremely well built and VERY STABLE. A real pleasure to work with. You Rock!

Thank you very much for the kind words FrictionWeb :) Your comment is really much much appreciated and customers like you motivate me do develop better and better templates :)

It is a great feeling when you see that your hard work is appreciated.

Thank you once again! You made my day :)

I recently just purchased your template. Today, I was starting the process of installing it. I installed your Quickstart Package and added in my information throughout the installation process. When I got to the ‘Configuration’ part of the installation, I couldn’t proceed any further. I would click ‘next’, it would load and keep me on the ‘Configuration’ tab. I was unable to get to the ‘Finish’ tab of the installation. I wasn’t sure if maybe it had something to do with the package, or I am doing something wrong. As I’ve tried doing the installation multiple of times prior to reaching out to you.

Thank you in advance for any additional help.

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing GossipFX :)
Please make sure you register in our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support.

Anyway, this is a server related issue. I mean there is something wrong with the server configuration. Please make sure you meet the Joomla and Gantry Requirements:

Joomla Requirements
Gantry Requirements

Please make sure you are using MySQL (not PostgreSQL or something else) because this is the only Database Engine that Gantry supports. You can read more about this here:

Gantry and PostgreSQL

If you want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with GossipFX you can try to install the default Gantry Template (RocketLauncher) and you should experience the same problem:

Gantry Download

So, as a conclusion, you need to make sure that you meet all Joomla and Gantry Requirements. You can also contact your Hosting Support and ask them to check the requirements for you and if the installation still hangs ask them why is that.

Another test you can do in order to make sure that this is a server related issue is to install the Quickstart Package on another server or on localhost (WAMP for example).

If you have any other problem or questions, please do not hesitate to open a new Discussion in our Support Forum :)

Nice Theme,

but i got a problem. Memory Size Limit.

Look at my page there you can see the problem.

How can i fix it?

Nice Regards

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing GossipFX :)
It seems that you have already increased the Memory Limit in your PHP Configurtion because the site loads perfectly fine.

Apart from that, there is a dedicated chapter in the Documentation (White Screens After Installation) which explains what has to be done.

Please register at our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support. Thanks :)

How can i fix the memory size limit problem?

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing GossipFX :)
It seems that you have already increased the Memory Limit in your PHP Configurtion because the site loads perfectly fine.

Apart from that, there is a dedicated chapter in the Documentation (White Screens After Installation) which explains what has to be done.

Please register at our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support. Thanks :)

Hi Joomfx,

so i got a qustion. I installed a template and edited it like i need. You can see it here:

i made backup via ftp and frome the mysql and installed it at another server. it is exact the same server with the same parameters but i got errors. the backup script with bugs you can see here:

So can you help me? can you fix it i don´t know how i can fix it.

Nice Regards

Hi there,

Everything is fine, don’t worry :)
When you have migrated the site it has got the “Default” Error Reporting level. When you install Joomla you are told that the “Error Reporting” must be disabled. It is a Joomla Requirement.
In order to solve the issue you just need to disable the Error Reporting>

1. Login to the Admin Panel
2. Go under System -> Global Configuration -> Server tab
3. Set the “Error Reporting” to None
4. Clear the Joomla Cache and refresh

That’s all. The warnings should be gone.
Man, please register at our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support. Thanks!

Purchased your attractive theme today and Ouickstart is missing Loader.php file and will not load. Is there a work around for this?

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing GossipFX :)
The one and only place for Support is our Support Forum:

Anyway, this is the first time a customer reports such issue. So I just tested the Quickstart and everything works just fine.
Most probably, your installation got corrupted (not all files were uploaded successfully) or there is some server related issue which is causing this problem.

Please re-download the Package from Themeforest, UNZIP it, re-upload the content of the Quickstart Folder to your server and perform the Installation again. You should NOT install the default Joomla first, it is included in the Quickstart Package. You will find the Installation Instructions in the Documentation :)

If the Quickstart is still not working, please open a new Discussion in the Support Forum and I will assist you as soon as possible :)

Hello, we bought your template for joomla but we have a little problem. When we modified some colors in the menu-0559b4cccb162057ee9e59f7f05d0275.css, 1 day after the css original comes back. But it still keeps images we have uploaded. Unfortunately that happened many times. Have we done something wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing GossipFX :)
Yes, actually you have done something wrong. You should never, absolutely never edit the files in the “css-compiled” folder. They are just temporary files and will be deleted whenever the Joomla Cache is cleared.
Please read the following Discussion, it explains everything:

The above link is to our Support Forum. The Forum is the one and only place for Support so please open a new Discussion there whenever you have a problem or question.

Have a great evening :)

Excellent Job !! I like it !! GLWS

Thanks mate :)


I’m having difficulty getting the menu bar to line-up correctly, the search widget to show and the social icons to display properly. . I’m not clear what settings I am missing. Any idea how I can fix this? Much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi there,

Thank you for using our GossipFX Template :)
Please have in mind that the one and only place for Support is our Support Forum:

Anyway, your Menu is not published in the same position as it is in the Demo. The best thing you can do (and actually you must do) is to install the Quickstart Package and see how everything is configured. By the way, 99% of the customers purchase Joomla Templates because of the Quickstart Package – they just install it, replace the demo content with theirs and the site is ready.

Regarding the Menu – go in the Template Manager -> Menu Tab and set the Menu is “Menu-a” position.

Regarding the Social Icons – you need to disable the Joomla Editor. Then copy the Social Icons code from the Documentation and paste it in your module.

Then clear the Joomla Cache and refresh.

Once again, please register at our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support. Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback. I looked at but it required registration, so I skipped back here. My bad. Apologies.

Your tips fixed everything. The Joomla Editor was removing the span tag after saving the CustomHTML module content. The menu was also in the wrong position. Fantastic!

Hi there,

Thank you for the update! I’m glad the issues are resolved :)
Please take your time and register at our Support Forum because it is the one and only place for Support. You might also find some helpful information in the already existing Discussions :)
Have a great day!

I bought this theme and I am absolutely satisfied with it. It is a high quality template, very well made. This template also comes with a quickstart package – meaning that you get the demo/dummy content presented here on the theme which helped me a lot, to understand how the modules work and how i can build things up on the template. I had some questions about the template and JoomFX has responded to all of them super fast and always provided a solution – absolutely super level customer support. I can recommend JoomFX to anyone looking to have a high quality piece of work with a good support. Thanks JoomFX!

I don’t know what to say man :) This comment makes me proud of what I do and the customers I have.

Thank you very much punkel !! Thank you for this amazing words and for being one of my customers. Have a great evening my friend :)

Hello. I haven’t bought your template yet, but i am really interested for. I want to ask you if it is seo optimized, I run a test on gtmetrix and the results were disappointing. Will i expect something else if i run it on my own server?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in GossipFX :)
Our templates are perfectly coded with the latest Web and SEO standards. You can check our ratings and compare them with the ratings of the other authors on Themeforest :) It should give you a quick overview about our products.

Regarding the gtmetrics results – I never use this results as a valid feedback about a site’s performance. I just do not think these results are adequate. I will give you few examples:

1. GossipFX is built on the Gantry Framework. Please test the default Gantry Framework with gtmetrix and you will see similar results.The page speed grade is F:

2. Please check – the page speed grade is F (the same as GossipFX). This exact test should tell you a lot

3. Please check The page speed grade is B, but the YSlow grade and the load time are worse than GossipFX.

The list goes on and on…

Now, let’s discuss the exact GossipFX’s results – as you can see the “bad” results comes from:

1. Specify image dimensions – totally unadequate. Joomla is a CMS, it is not a pure HTML website. You do not specify the image dimentions with “width” and “height” properties, it is dynamically generated based on the particular module settings.

2. Leverage browser caching – it is not enabled on the demo site. Once your site is ready to go live you can read more about “Leverage browser caching” on Google and enable it.

3. Enable gzip compression – it is not enabled on our Demo Server. As you can see it is also not enabled for If you want you can enable it.

4. Defer parsing of JavaScript – since it is not a pure HTML site, not all JS scripts are loaded at once. Some Joomla Extensions are adding their JS script, if enabled.

As a conclusion, if you run GossipFX on your own server you can expect both – much better and much worse results :) It all depends on your server configuration, site’s configuration (the extensions you are using, the content, etc) and other factors.

I hope the above information helps. Let me know if you need anything else.

one more thing yet please. Can i use it with greek language? Because i had bought a joomla template from an other author and i was viewing squares, questionmarks e.t.c. I never took help for this. I was only tols i have to make html codes… Ok. Just a bit difficult for me.

Yes, you can use GossipFX in Greece language without any problems :)
If you have any problems or questions you can always open a new Discussion in our Support Forum, where is the one and only place for Support: