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hello, It’s a really cool template. First, I don’t speak English well. hope you understand.

I have a question before buy.

Question 1. Portfolio.

(1) Can i create two separate portfolio pages to post different content?

(For example, two portfolio pages are created and diffrent contents are uploaded each other.)

(2) Upload YouTube

When updating a porfolio, can i upload youtube(source code) to a content instead of photo?

Question 2. Blog.

(1) I wonder if I can create two pages with different styles. (For example When I create total two page, one in the long-cards-style and one in the cards-style, can I upload different content to these two blog pages?)

(2) Upload YouTube

When updating a blog, can i upload youtube(source code) to a content? (I think it is possible)

Questions 3. Contact

(1) Can I add an item to the Contact page? I’d like to get customer’s phone number.

(2) Can I insert a contact form at the bottom of the process page?

Everyone seems to be possible, but I want to know for sure. Please give me a quick and detailed answer. Thank you.

Thank you and glad you like Gotham Theme.

1a. Hmm, I’m confused, what do you mean by this question, could you explain more?
1b. Yes, Gotham Theme allows you to embed video (YouTube, Vimeo…) or multiple videos in portfolios.

2a. Could you explain that one too?
2b. Yes you’re right, Gotham Theme allows you to embed videos (YouTube, Vimeo…) in posts.

3a. Yes, you can add the phone number to the contact form.
3b. Yes, you can insert a contact form on the process page and on other pages.

i really appreciate your kindly answer. I’m gonna explain more detail.


[1] Portfolio

I need 2-depth-category in portfolio. But it seems impossible. Therefore, I try to do the following method.

I want to make two portfolio pages. The two portfolios have different topics, so contents is different.

For example, i create a portfolio page called fruits and the subfilters are apple, banana, and so on. Of course, only content related to fruit is uploaded.

i also create another portfolio page called vegetable, and the subfilters are carrot, potatoe, and so on. Of course, i only upload content related to vegetable.

As such, I want to create two portfolio pages and run independently. (with the portfolio-filter style in the demo) Is this possible?

[2] Blog

The demo site shows two blog styles with one content. But I want to make two blogs with different styles and content.

For example, i create two menus and pages(notice and news). And notice page is made long-cards-style and only post notice-contents. The news page is made in card-style and only posts news-contents.

As such, I want to create two blog page that has different styles and runs independently. Is this possible?


Eventually, i hope that the portfolio should be made up of two independent pages in a single style (portfolio-filter style), blogs should be made up of two independent pages in two styles (long-cards, cards style).

I wonder if this is possible.

I am sorry that my english is immature. i will purchase multiple licenses. Please give me quickly answer.

Thank you.

Hi kminetjo,
Yes, your requests are possible.
Once you bought the theme, please submit a ticket and I’ll give you the way to do that.
See you soon :)

Good morning.

Is it possible to sort the portfolios?

Thank you

Hi sira2008,
Yes you can and by the way i have just answered your ticket.
Have a nice day!

hello I installed the theme and imported the demo data. By the way, when I connect home-slider page, the following phrase appears. “Revolution slider error: slider with alias gotham not found”

What should I do? I want to use the same as the home-slider page of your demo. please help me quickly. thanks.

Hello kminetjo,
I have just answered your ticket, you’ll find the informations to install the Home Slider.


really thanks, crispy!

when you have a small selection at your homepage from your portfolio, is it possible to add some ‘see more’ button?

Hi neildehaas,
Thank you for your interest in Gotham Theme.
Yes it’s possible. There is an option to display the “load more” button in Portfolio Settings.

Hello, before buy this theme, i need to know if it is a one-page site also. Thx for your reply. Good job!

Hi ygesit,
Thank you for your interest.
Unfortunately that feature is not available at the moment.
Let me know if you have an other pre-sale question.

Hello i need more help about line break for portfolio description box.

Thank you

Hi koraygulturk,
To add a line break use the

<br />

tag in text field “About this project’’.
If you need more help, please submit a ticket.


Only 12 items are visible in portfolio. How can I show more portfolios?

I think there should be a ‘see more’ button or additional loading.

This is a very serious problem.

Please answer.

I applied the ‘load more button’ but it does not load.

Hi kminetjo,
There is an option load more button in Portfolio Settings.
You can see a preview of the load more button with portfolios in links below:

Portfolio 1 column
Portfolio 5 columns

If you need more help please submit a ticket.

Hello, I can’t install demo file properly. All done but when I try to set the menu i have no voices. Plus I can’ set primary page and blog page. Can you please help me?

Hi Giudenapoli,
Congrats for your purchase.
If you encounter any issues, feel free to submit a ticket right here.
Thanks. See you soon :-)

Thanks but ticket website seems to be down.

Hi there, I was wondering how did you use an svg file for the logo? I tried uploading one for my logo and for some reason it wouldn’t display.

Hi blakeacosta,
thank you for your purchase. Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress.
If it doesn’t work please submit a ticket here.
I will help you asap :-)

I didn’t have time to work with this theme and the support has expired which left me helpless. I hope you can answer these for me. 1. HOME – I created home page in menu, but the logo / site title on top of menu is linked to a totally random page, I can’t find out how to make them all link to my HOME page

2. FONT – in customise, there’s only option for main font and body font. But I’d like to set font weight /sizes for H1,H2,H3,H4…how do I do that?

3. Footer – current gotham footer isn’t enough for SEO optimised site. Is there a way to customise this?

Thank you.

Hi therushinghour,
If you want support, please submit a ticket.
Thanks :)

Hi I have tried to submit a ticket. but it doesn’t let me. The support was expired by few days because I didn’t have time to work on this. Can you please help anyway regarding the above questions? Really really appreciate it.

Support expired? You can renew your license above. Its fast, easy and secure.

hello can you send the slider link to download the demo for this slider; i didnt find it on the forum.

Yay I added it, you’ll find it on the support ;)

Hello! I bought the theme a while ago, but since 6 months ago there is an error, when you scroll down it get stuck for a few seconds; also once I write a entry I can´t make changes in the colors of the title, I mean, the changes don´t seems to be made.

Hi ivettemolina,
If you need any support, please submit a ticket.
Thanks :)

Good job! When are you planning to update the theme? For example, WooCommerce templates are outdated, most probably many other items, but I’m no expert. Thanks for a fast response. Kind regards, Mont.

I am happy, still, it feels like an update is needed. Plus responsive menu.

Any chance for an answer regarding an update?

Hi WeBurntChrome,
If you have any requests or if you need any support, please submit a ticket.
Thanks :-)


dalit_ca Purchased

hi when uploading xml file i got “Gateway Timeout The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.”

Hi dalit_ca,
Congrats for your purchase.
If you encounter any issues, feel free to submit a ticket right here.

Really like this theme, but I’m concerned that there hasn’t been any updates to it since 2016. Why is that?

How do you update the revolution slider?

Hi Lance_Everett,
Congrats for your purchase and by the way i have just answered your ticket.
Have a nice day!